As an engineering post graduate, my love for programming is not as old as it is for different cultures, their dialect, food, languages, customs and rituals. World is full of wonderful people and places. Music has always played an important role in my life as I admire music for mental peace, mood relaxation, hobby and learning new aspects of life through inspirational and motivational songs. As I come from India, which is a country of 28 states and 8 union territories, I have seen various cultures, languages, customs and traditions, when I started making friends in school and college. After my engineering, when I started working as a software developer, I got to know about overseas culture and arts. Eventsfy gave me a life time platform to connect with like minded people, where I not only groomed myself technically by working on challenging technologies, but also I came to know about various music and theatre artists and shows happening in every part of USA. It helped me developing my interest in US culture and I got know it better. My life’s philosophy is - If you love something, you will always admire and respect it. It gives you a great strength, inner peace and curiosity to know more.

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