Ovation The American Music Theater

The American Music Theater presents “Ovation”, highlighting renowned singers, artists and the AMT orchestra and delivering high energy and entertainment on the show. Ovation is said to be a musical masterpiece by the AMT Pops Orchestra – a spectacular musical journey sure to bring audiences on their feet. This live music event features classic tributes to a myriad of music legends like Tony Benett and Frank Sinatra coupled with modern pop greats such as Michael Bublé and Adele as well as performances ranging from the Trans-Siberian Orchestra to Gershwin and more.

American Music Theatre include band members, singers, dancers, and composers who come together to create an energetic musical experience for every generation. The AMTs concession area also offers a wide variety of food and drinks including candy bars, popcorn, juices, chocolates, nuts, tea & coffee, etc. for purchase.

Come and join the Ovation at The American Music Theater on May 07, 2019 to witness a cutting-edge stage experience and an outstanding cast filled with some of the best voices and dancers in the nation. Join us as we take you on a breathtaking musical journey featuring your favorite songs including popular classical and contemporary musical hits.

Flora Cash @Neptune Theatre

Flora Cash

Swedish-American husband and wife indie pop duo Flora Cash opened at Neptune Theatre last week in Seattle. The members discovered each others’ music on Soundcloud 6 years ago while living on opposite sides of the earth. They have yet to reveal the meaning of their catchy band name.

Their music which brought them together turned into a hit single (top 10 on the charts) ‘You’re Somebody Else’ and a sold out show. Their onstage chemistry captivated the audience. Watch their Neptune performance below.

Flora Cash @ Neptune Theatre

Lovelytheband @ Seattle Neptune Theatre


LA based indie pop band lovelytheband performed at Seattle’s Neptune Theatre on April 20th, AKA ‘weed’s’ birthday – so the lead singer declared, and went on to sing a birthday song. The night was monumental for the trio as it was their first ever sold-out headliner show. Lead vocalist Mitchy Collins engaged with the crowd throughout the night and was more charismatic than one might originally assume.

Watch and feel the packed crowd’s energy and admiration at the Neptune as the band performs ‘Make You Feel Pretty’ below:

Lovelytheband @Neptune Theatre

Lovelytheband is most noted for their smash hit single ‘Broken’ – a song about loneliness in our populated world.
“I like that you’re broken, broken like me/ Maybe that makes me a fool/ I like that you’re lonely, lonely like me/ I could be lonely with you.”

Broken Video

Lovelytheband’s music brings light to issues that so many can relate to such as depression and anxiety – which the band members have all said they too have each experienced.

In most recent news, Lovelytheband released ‘Maybe, I’m Afraid’ Video which raises awareness about LGBTQ discrimnation.

More tour dates which are likely to sell out can be found here:

LovelyTheBand Upcoming Events



Sierra Madre Playhouse is presenting a show Stuart Little particularly for young audiences aged 4 to 10, but the entire family can enjoy it also. It has been innovatively staged with puppets, projections and original music. Stuart Little was E.B. White’s beloved fantasy for a mouse who became a part of the human family in New York.

The stage adaptation of Stuart Little was done by Joseph Robinette. Being inappropriately small in stature for a mouse, he displays much wit and intelligence to win the audience’s adoration. Stuart Little becomes engulfed into many adventures that explicitly bring his story to life to amaze and entertain the audience. Some of the adventures are winning a sailboat race in Central Park, befriending a beautiful bird and protecting her from a malicious cat, and learning to drive a car, etc. This stage adaptation delivers plenty of humor, heart, and action to attract a huge audience.

Do not miss the delightful experience of an unusual mouse on April 27, 2019, at Sierra Madre Playhouse.


The Louisville Orchestra

An orchestra with a reputation for innovation, creativity, and excellence is continually changing the thought of what a 21st Century Orchestra can be and do. The Louisville Orchestra is the primary orchestra in Louisville, Kentucky founded by Robert Whitney and Charles Farnsley in 1937.

Welcoming the new music director, Teddy Abrams, in 2014 brought the revival and re-engagement of Orchestra’s engagement with contemporary composers. He is strongly committed to providing a platform to young composers and to accomplish the mission LO offers a wide variety of concert series to the community.

The Louisville Orchestra performs concerts and provides educational programming including classical programs featuring world-renowned guest artists, lighter classical and pops performances, concerts with engaging themes in neighborhood locations throughout the city. The team under the guidance of Teddy Abrams has been constantly on its way of achieving the goal of ‘one of the most interesting orchestras on the world.’

Do not miss to be a part of such an ecstatic event and have a fun-filled evening on April 26, 2019, at Whitney Hall, Louisville.



One of the premier Los Angeles comedy events- The Rebels of Comedy have a class of their own. The events being organized put together finely curated comedy events for the pleasure of watching for the audience.

With headliners like Bryan Callen, TJ Miller, Gene Pompa, Darren Carter, Dwayne Perkins, and many more along with the hottest local comics in town- the Rebels of Comedy lets you find the best comedy in town.

If you are interested in attending the famous comedians performing live, simply check out the details of the event at Eventsfy where you can also book your tickets online as per your ease. Though tickets for every event are available at the venue as well but purchasing tickets in advance lets you reserve the best of seats for you and your guests. Also, you save on dollars sometimes when you book the tickets online.

Rebels of Comedy also calls for fresh talent who are willing to perform on their shows. The event is going to take place at The Federal Bar, Lankershim Boulevard on April 24, 2019.



A vintage and classic music experience by Glenn Miller Orchestra, one of the great bands of all time. The Glenn Miller and His Orchestra was formed in 1956 with its unique jazz sound and has been touring since then consistently all over the world. It was an American swing dance band formed by Glenn Miller Orchestra and arranged around a clarinet and a tenor saxophone playing melody. Miller was a renowned bandleader, musician, arranger as well as a composer who played trombone instrument.

The band gained huge success in just 4 years of origination by accumulating 16 number-one singles and 69 Top Ten hits.

The Glenn Miller Orchestra event is going to take place at the Paramount Theater and Visual Arts Center on April 23, 2019, at 1.30 p.m. Book your tickets online and listen to the famous band artists performing live:

Nick Hilscher – Band Director / Male Vocalist
Hannah Truckenbrod – Female Vocalist
Kevin Sheehan: Saxophone – Alto Sax 1/Clarinet/Flute
Alex Piela: Trumpet – Jazz/3rd Trumpet
George Reinert III: Trombone – Lead Trombone
Christopher Stein: Jazz/4th Trumpet
Byron McChord- Piano
Dean Schweiger- Drums
Aaron Krings- Bass

Citizen Cope @ The Showbox in Seattle

Citizen Cope

Blues, soul, folk rocker Citizen Cope played two nights at Seattle’s The Showbox At the Market debuting songs from his long awaited ‘Heroin and Helicopters’ album – (his first in 6 years) named after Carlos Santana’s advice to stay away from the 2 H’s. His moving performance was one for all his fans to remember.

Lead singer Clarence Greenwood sings from the soul and audience members feel his optimism and positive outlook on life. His band members accompany him beautifully. From his own words on the music he creates…..

“It’s just about dealing with your own personal struggles and what I feel the coldness of society does to your life, I think everybody feels like there are elements in this world that are not so fuzzy and warm, and we see the harshness in the reality of life. Life is not an easy thing, but we need to look for a commonality of love and empathy that can conquer even the worse situations.”

“I don’t want people thinking I’m promoting heroin or anything. It’s so prophetic how we’re in this huge epidemic of people overdosing and prescription drugs. And then with the helicopter reference, that indulgence of getting somewhere really fast in our society — with material wealth, with all the short cuts of the Internet. I don’t think we’ve had the same kind of authentic art and culture as other generations had; When you look at Martin Luther King or Albert Einstein or some of the great writers and painters who have come before us, and leaders and athletes and stuff, it seems like we haven’t had the same level of input from our fellow man. Everything has been on hyperspeed to economic empowerment as opposed to personal growth and actually questioning the ills of society, and that’s something I think we should correct”

To connect with Citizen Cope and see them live visit:

Citizen Cope Profile & Events

g. Love & Special Sauce rock the Crocodile

g. love & special sauceRon Artis II & The Truth open at The Crocodile Cafe

Eventsfy and friends caught up with g. Love & Special Sauce for night 1 of their back to back performances at Seattle’s iconic Crocodile Café.  The show began with some funk, a little bit of soul and a lot of blues by music act Ron Artis II & The Truth – pure feelgood music setting the vibe for the evening. To see upcoming west coast show dates for Ron Artis ii & The Truth, click here: Ron Artis II

g. Love & Special Sauce headline the night

Headliner band g. Love & Special Sauce was greeted by a café populated with energetic fans ready to jam.  The bluesy, R&B trio from Philly is headed by guitarist Garrett Dutton, ‘aka g. Love’ and accompanied by drummer Jeffrey Clemens and bassist Jim Prescott.  The band that formed in 1994 is on tour celebrating 25 years together.

The Band continues well into the night

g. Love captivates his audience effortlessly with his unique style from his wine-colored suit and hat accessorized by his harmonica to his seated, nonstop dance moves. The band’s authentic artistry and love for performing and crowd pleasing was apparent throughout the 2 hour plus performance.  They played 2 sets highlighted by g. Love on his harmonica.  Towards the latter half, G. Love invited Ron Artis ii back on stage to jam alongside. 

More on g. Love and the Croc

The trio will be back tonight at the Crocodile ready to rock and roll with a second set of faithful fans.  To find out more about this dynamic alternative hip hop blues band and to see upcoming show dates, click here: g. Love & Special Sauce To see upcoming shows at the Crocodile, visit: The Crocodile Cafe

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First Look Featuring Maiah Wynne, The Bar Pilots & Dj Oso Fresh (Portland)

James Kemp
Staff Writer/Photographer

In many communities, local music provides a rich environment for artists to grow, succeed and showcase their talents. One showcase that has taken the local scene by storm is First Look at The Analog Cafe, which is presented by Portland Metro Records and hosted by The Bar Pilots.

Each month First Look rolls out a unique showcase that helps promote local artists through many avenues in music. First is through Portland Metro programming such as TV appearances on Portland Metro Records’ Off The Record hosted by Rob Wessels; radio play on Fire Mondays as featured artists; professional photography; and a live performance at The Analog.

February’s edition boasted talent on the stage and off. DJ Oso Fresh spun his blend of hip-hop and rock-infused dance music. After, The Bar Pilots took the stage with their blend of high-energy hard rock and punk bass tones.

Once the crowd, which featured PDX’s own DJ LZ, heavy metal band Chemical Rage, cast and crew from TNT’s hit show The Librarians, and local artist Simran Gleason of SlowCamera Paparazzi was ready, on stepped Maiah Wynne. Wynne serenaded the crowd with two totally different folk sets that featured both full band and solo portions. She told a tale of life, love and struggle like that of Patti Smith while playing beautiful folk sounds through multiple instruments.

Events Near You

Each month First Look features something new from the local music community. Stay tuned for next month’s installment of First Look at the Analog Theater and Cafe!

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