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With time and tide, the music listeners are growing. People have been inclined more towards live music fests than any other event. The trend of music is set to grow. So if you are a passionate American who is looking forward to a guide to know about all the events in the US, then congratulations, you have stopped by the right place. We are here to guide you about live music events in Boston.

Since the psychedelic wig-outs of the ’60s, music events have come a long way. Nowadays, there are music festivals for everyone. May it be rock music or disco, there are many different music genres that are being conducted by live festivals all over the US. And to everyone’s surprise, people are still not getting enough of the music fests.

They want more of it, but the only issue is they are not able to track these events. Well, if this is the case, EventsFY has got everything sorted for you. To know about all the live music events near you, all you have to do is stalk our website and know about the schedules of every event.

At EventsFY are a team of passionate believers that every individual who loves music deserves seeing their favorite artists in real life. We love connecting people through our arrangements of different live music events, comedy, and art shows. There was a time when none of us used to have any idea of the ongoing events around us.

All those living in the US had no clue back then about the live events in the US or even just a street away from us. If we had to know about an event, seeking information from different websites and then booking tickets from some other site was quite common. We have been continuously working towards stitching together the different live events of America to serve the Americans and other tourists with the best of music fests.

Talking about the live music events in Boston, there is a huge collection of fests to explore. Boston was founded in 1630. It is said to be home to many popular universities and technical colleges. One of the best ways to explore the best of Boston is by traveling on foot. And in case you are still confused about attending a live music event, then here’s why you should go for it.

  • The live music events in Boston have a touch of 40s and 50s music. This gives a glimpse of traditional and rock music. Something like this is enough for catching the attention of the audience.
  • The next best thing about live music events in the US is their heavy metal music. Metal music has heavy vocals and loud tones to keep the audience engaged.
  • The third has to be the rap music of Boston. Rap, as usual, holds a particular rhythm that attracts the audience and makes them dance their hearts out. As the musical genre in the US is full of hip hop culture, rap music always remains in demand.

Join us today and be a part of various live music events in Boston through EventsFY.

Fun is Back! How to Safely Find Live Events Near You

Live Events

The COVID-19 pandemic had put people behind their home doors for several months, but humanity came out as the ultimate winner. Although we haven’t beaten the deadly coronavirus completely yet, we are on the right track to victory. If the fear of the virus has kept you awake for several nights, it’s time to bring some positivity back to your life. To begin with, how about finding and attending live events near you

When going out only to gather information on events near you is risky and tiresome, we’ve brought an easy and straightforward way to find all types of events near you, and the way is the Internet. Just a few clicks on your phone, and you are all set to join a great event near you.

A Dedicated Platform for Events 

Although you can go to Google and type ‘events near me’, there are possibilities that all of the events aren’t mentioned there. Usually, only the major events are there over the search engine. Apart from that, it is complex to look for events in a region other than your own city.

When you are looking for all big and small Live events in the United States, reach a website like EventsFY, which is dedicated to events. Such a platform allows you to search for events anywhere in the US. You can locate events near you from your favorite genre.

Use Filters

A good platform provides users with a wide range of tools to look for their types of events quickly. It offers filters, which can be applied to shortlist events according to their types, their locations, dates, etc. For example, if you are searching for live events near you for New Year’s Eve, select a particular date and region. The results will show only the events that match your query.

Apart from events near you, the platform can be used to find events anywhere in the US. It is a helpful tool when you are traveling to another city for an event.

Book Online

You may come across dozens of websites that offer information on events near you, but EventsFY is among those handful of platforms that let you book your tickets online. When you have found the right live event, you can book your tickets on EventsFY. You don’t have to switch between websites or look for another platform just to book tickets. In addition, it saves you from the hassle of visiting an event’s crowded ticket-window for the ticket.

How to Attend an Event Safely

Although we have found the vaccine for the virus, there is still time to call it safe to mingle. When attending an event, ensure that you follow all the guidelines strictly to enjoy the show without putting your health at risk. Also, wear your mask and ensure handshake-free meetings. 

Now, you are all set to have fun! Come to EventsFY, find live events near you, and book your tickets for your favorite event! 

Live Events in the U.S. Greeting Audience with Joy This Holiday Season

Live Music Events

Essence of Music

Music is a key part of our life. We desire music when burdened with work, even when nothing to do. It’s one of the beautiful art that just takes the heart of millions. Many believe that it’s a source to connect a person with the inner self. 

The music industry has gone through a tremendous change. There are several genres of music that contain in-depth artistic research. Do you know American music has two regional styles- Country & Western music? The music with simple tunes & fewer musical instruments refers to country music. Whereas big bands are part of western music. 

Short-Divine History of American Music

America is famous for jazz, rock, pop, blues, and country music around the globe. The live music events in the U.S. are remarkable as the audience just enjoys to the core. People from different countries attend events organized in the U.S. because of the aura & flavor the music band delivers. 

Native American have played a pivotal role in the history of American music. Their music was generally based on religion. Once America colonized from European countries like Spain, England, Ireland, France, etc., the music started advancing by introducing polyrhythms & call-and-response style vocals.

What’s Special About the U.S. Music Events

➤ Touch of the 1940s & 50s

When the bands touch the roots of the 40s and 50s, that just adds a creative glimpse to the event. The 1940s was the period of rock and roll music, which was just the beginning of western rock music. Till the 50s, rock music reaches its peak of popularity, which include popular cowboy songs. Artists add the layer of well-known traditional rock music stars like Bob Wills and burn the stage by capturing the audience’s attention. 

Heavy Metal Music

The U.S. events also include heavy metal music that creates a hangover for the people attending it. The pioneer of heavy metal music is Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath (famous British Band). The music often has a menacing tone and heavy vocals that influence the audience. The music was recognized from the 1970s, and musician like David Bowie was everyone’s favorite because of the costumes & themes. 

Rap Music Beating the Floor

Rap music holds the rhythmic beats & speech that make the audience dance until they don’t give up. It’s a style of African-Americans and gradually become sought-after throughout the world. The genre is composed of hip-hop culture, including DJing, scratching, beatboxing, and instrumental tracks. In various New York live music events, rap music is a demand, especially trap & mumble rap subgenres. Eminem, Drake, Snoop Dogg, etc., are admired rappers turning the live events into memorable. 

➤ Fervent Punk Rock Style

Punk rock is becoming the show limelight of the night events in America. This genre of music is fast-paced and has a hard singing style with high pitch melodies. The style has become so trending as musicians make punk rock music, including political or anti-establishment lyrics. In the 1980s, the British band called Clash threw attention to this music style, which was applauded by the fans. Later on, it becomes one of the leading music styles in America. 

Time For Yourself

2020 is a drastic year for the world because of the deadly virus. Music freaks are dying to attend the events and ensure to come back to everyday life. Book the live music events near you and build new moments of joy. In short, this holiday season is the time to flow with music and stress out the negativity. 

4 Things To Do When In Houston

Things to Do in Houston

Houston is the city with a sprawling metropolis. Apart from adding a jewel to Texan crown, Huston has many inciting things to offer to its visitors. Whether you are looking for night events in Houston, upscale restaurants or swanky bars; the place has it all.

With infinite nightlife scenes for every taste to other honky-tonks, Houston is the place that has a lot to do after dark. So if you are looking for fun activities in Houston, then you have stopped by the right place. This article is all about how to make the best of your visit when you are in Houston.

Travel in the Double-decker Bus

Exploring Houston from the vantage point of a double-decker bus after it gets dark is quite popular. Whether you are already in Houston or planning your trip, this is the season to travel. And by this season we mean the winter holiday season. It is not only the best time to explore night events in Houston but also witness the 90 minute city lights tour from City Hall to other famous spots.

While riding, you get to see colorful light displays along with engaging live commentary all along. You can also enjoy the complimentary hot chocolate and festive music on the ride, all you have to do is book the tickets at the earliest. But in case you fail to do so, the ride takes place daily for 90 minutes so you can try your luck the other day.

Do Not Miss Out on the Houston Cocktail Bar

If you are someone who loves getting under the skin of a city, Houston cocktail bar is the place for you. You can hang out there with your favorite people or even go there and make locals your favorite. The bars at Houston are a combination of classic fare and energetic people. You will get everything from local chatter to never-ending flavors of cocktails at the bars of Houston. The people over there are incredibly welcoming. Once you know them, they will not make you feel any less than home. Do try the homemade bread at the bars of Houston before you sink in different house cocktails.

Have a Walk Through the Zoo Lights

Houston zoo is another name for a winter wonderland at Houston. For the months of November to January, the place gets transformed into a zoo with over two million lights radiating the night sky. You get to see colorful light displays, festive music, night performances and much more.

To know about the particular event happening there, take help from Google. Find night events near you and insert the exact location, and that’s it. You will get to know what’s happening in advance. The best part about the wonderland is its 33 ft decorated Christmas tree. So click as many pictures as you want and make the best out of your holiday season.

Sink in Music and Comedy Shows at Houston

Events in the US are one of the most known attractions. There was a time when Houston was popularly known as a comedy mecca. Although recently the reputation waned, there are many groups that still prevail in Houston with a commitment of performing and entertaining visitors. So if you are a fan of such quirky performers, then you should check them out.

With that being said, we hope the above things help you in making your Houston trip most memorable.

How to Find Night Events Near You Online When Travel

Night Event

People keep talking about how important it is to travel, and there are reasons behind that. Traveling improves your health, adds freshness to your life, makes you smarter, improves your understanding of other cultures, and lets you expand your social network.

However, a trip is incomplete without attending events. For example, if you are in Denver, you cannot afford to miss night events in Denver. The city’s nightlife is filled with wine, dine, and events. 

When it comes to the best night cities in the US, Denver is on the list. During the daytime, the city offers adventure activities like biking and hiking to try, while it has a host of ways to fill your life with fun once the sun sets. They include gobbling on some sumptuous dishes, catching a midnight flick, and attending events. How do you find these events:

Where to Look for Events

Go online! Before you start Googling ‘night events near you’, there are very good chances that many of them aren’t available on Google. It means you may never know about all of them. The best way to discover all the events in Denver is to reach a platform like EventsFY. It provides you with access to events throughout the city, including free ones. 

One of the most amazing things about platforms like EventsFY is that you can filter the results based on your requirements. For example, you can sort events by name, time, and trends. In addition, you can look for events on specific dates. It means you don’t have to go through events throughout the state to know which of them are going to be held in Denver on dates when you are in the city.

What to Do After Finding an Event

Finding events near you during your trip to Denver is one thing, and attending them is another. Once you’ve discovered night events near you, the next step is to book tickets for it, which is a complex process. 

A good platform like EventsFY not only makes you aware of events near you but also allows you to book a ticket for them. You can confirm the dates of an event near you and book tickets for it online. 

Why use EventsFY to Find Events and Book Tickets

EventsFY is an online platform that allows artists to use the website to list their events. In addition to information around the event, they can also add time. Also, the platform can be used to allow people to book tickets. You can use it to explore events, collect information about them, and book your tickets easily. 

How to Book Your Ticket

It is a simple and straightforward process, which you can follow online. You can use the online platform to find events near you. You can filter events based on their date, time, and trends. After that, you can collect information on the events and figure out a night event you would like to attend. Once done, you can proceed to book your tickets. It’s as easy as it seems. 

Browse EventsFY to find night events in Denver to discover an event you want to attend. Book your tickets and have an unforgettable experience. Enjoy!

Best Night Cities In The US To Feel The Glow Of Happiness | Fun Guide

Events cities

All for your best memories on the best nights!

Having a whale of time under the shine of the moon and sparkles of stars is something we all dream for. Where the amusing moments spent in the sunshine set your hearts on delights, experiencing the nightlife in the US lets you embrace the lovable memories for life. Be it the cheerful Christmas, dazzling New Year, humorous Halloween, or other, the US never fails to present the bundle of blissfulness to its citizens and trippers. 

Thus, if you are in awe of whimsical nightlife and wishing for fantastic moments with your friends or family, here we present the list of best night cities in the US. Have a look at all of them to have barrels of laughs!

1. New York – The City Of Frolics

New York is about vibrant culture, delish food, blasting events, flourishing fashion, and much more. In case you are yearning to relish the beauty of the world and frolics of booming events, go nowhere else but New York. You can have the full feast of life by being a part of some of the popular New York’s night events and activities such as Broadway shows, Ice Skating, night boat tours, and others. In other words, NYC is a spot where one can cherish the moments of charms and make crazy memories.

2. Las Vegas – The City Of Clubs

Are you sighting at the best night events near you for the best of your heart? The events of Las Vegas are all that you are looking for. Known as one of the best parties cities, it can let you have full-pack entertainment with countless night clubs and hotels. Besides, some of the thrilling events in Las Vegas like The Bunkhouse Saloon, Mystere, Absinthe, party at Tao Nightclub, and a lot more can make you go crazy like a happy camper.

3. Chicago – The City Of Culture

Chicago is a place where you can embrace the beauty of distinguished cultures such as Italian, Polish, Greek, Irish, and Jewish. If you are desiring to be all footloose and fancy-free, experience the late-night concerts, restaurants, and city festivals in Chicago. In addition, the adventurous river cruise and eye-feasting beaches are great to be full of the joys of spring in summers.

4. San Francisco – The City Of Fun Rides

Be it your wish of enjoying the boat tour or cable car ride, San Francisco is one you need to cherry-pick for your pleasure. It is yet another wonderful site to enjoy night events in the US. Other than the amusing events like Alcatraz Night Tour, Orpheum Theatre Show, Comedy Night Tour, San Francisco also let the visitors go gaga over its delicious cuisines and top-notch restaurants.

At A Glance

The moments of merriness out of the life of hustles are something that we all deserve. After all, life is meant to live, enjoy, and have fun. Therefore, don’t let your leisure time go in vain and visit the aforesaid cities of your choice in full swing to experience the best nightlife in the US.

Top Fun Things To Chill Out In San Francisco In Night | Tourist Guide

Events in US

All you need is a fun night time in your life!

Have you ever felt a strong desire for having a whale of time under the shine of stars and the brightness of moonlight? Night events in San Francisco are all you need to be a part of. From music to the deliciousness of the food, the city is all about fun and frolics that will let you embrace the best moments of your life.

There are plenty of other things that you can count on your bucket list other than club nights and bar scenes. In the other words, San Francisco is a store of blissfulness that will feast your eyes once the sun goes down.

Jump in and delve into the top five fun things that you can try in the city of delights!

Catch A Glimpse Of Bay Lights On Bay Bridge

There is no more beautiful scene than a sky covering into the hues of yellow and red when the sun is about to set. Being in San Francisco, you cannot miss the world’s most eye-catching sunset at the city’s Bay Bridge.

The computer programs and LED light sculpture set at the venue makes the bridge look all shiny and sparkling in the evening. You can enjoy such an alluring sight either from the Ferry Building or from the top of Telegraph Hill’s Coit Tower.

Have The Time Of Your Life With Comedy Tour

Comedy events in the US fall under the category of best events that are worth giving a shot for extra cheerfulness in life. If you are in San Francisco, you have the opportunity to go on a happy ride with the original San Francisco comedy tour. As a part of the tour, you will be taken to the beautiful places in the city where the local comedian on board will make you roll on the floor laughing.

Chill Out In Chinatown

Be it your wish to enjoy the world’s flavorsome Chinese cuisines or do crazy shopping, Chinatown is the perfect place to explore at night. From the assortments of unique items to a bunch of popular restaurants, the place is people’s most favorite in San Francisco. Besides, you will surely be full of the joys of spring after catching the colorful and bright streets of Chinatown in the evening.

Go With Bells On For Alcatraz Night Tour

San Francisco events are all about fun and unique activities to be enjoyed to the fullest at the most popular tourist location, Alcatraz. What’s special about this place is the hues of history that you can experience the most of it at night. It’s a unique island where the notorious prisoners were captured. Grabbing the tickets for Alcatraz’s night tour can let you enjoy those stories and have little scary moments by accessing the areas of prison in the dark.

Dance Your Heart Out With Cabret And Drag Show

Just like the amusement of music, the thrill of Cabret and drag shows are highly popular in San Francisco. You can experience the world’s best Cabaret performances along with some delish meals and cocktails at popular venues. Some of these include Oasis, AsiaSF, The Stud, and Beaux.

Live In The Moments Of Fun & Frolics With Live Music Events Near You

Live Music Events

It’s time to dance to the tunes of life 🙂

Plugging in the earphones and listening to the symphonies of music at the comfort of the couch soothes the soul. After all, music has the power to heal and to change the world. It is even more delightful when we get the chance to be part of a live music concert because that energetic performance adds springs to our steps. 

To a little more surprise, most part of the world has begun organizing live music events near you after a long standstill moment of lockdown in 2020. And, soon after the normalization of the situation, the entire world will be full of joys of springs with plenty of events in your store. Doesn’t this sound fantastic to you?

Now since your hearts are full of enthusiasm and desire to experience the fun part of life, here we present some top reasons to attend live events near you with friends and family to double your joy. Have a look at the entire picture!

Discover The History And Culture

One of the studies reveals that music is associated with the essence of culture because everything from structure to context and instruments of music is all learned. When you attend live music, it is not only the songs or lyrics that you listen but also gets to grab the history behind the play.

This is because live music always comes up with something extra that we cannot enjoy with one behind the scenes. In addition, it also reflects the glimpses of the medieval period making us hunt the adventure as a live audience.

Get Wings To Your Imagination

If you yourself are a big follower of creativity, live music events can help add wings to your imagination. Though you can also watch the clips of the live concert online, attending one as a live audience helps to learn the undiscovered part of the field. This gives fuel to the passion of young artists or musicians and they wish to perform spectacularly in their career.

Knock Down Stress And Boost Mood

When normal life is full of hustle and bustles, amusing music events in the US can be the solution. You will be astonished to know that music got the power to reduce the stress hormone known as cortisol. Thus, you should definitely mark the date for a live concert in your calendar and be a part of the entertainment with your loved one to experience the bundle of blissfulness.

Chance To Meet Your Favorite Performers Live

If you are big-time music enthusiasts, then the news of a live concert by your favorite singer or band must surely make you feel on cloud nine. After all, who would like to miss a chance meeting and watching the performance of favorites in front of the eyes? In case if you will be lucky enough, you may get the chance to enjoy a fan-moment with that performer in the form of a selfie or autograph.

Scope Of Socialization

Since the pandemic has compelled us to be in our shells and to maintain social contact, the lives of so many people have hit with mental disturbance. Amazingly, appearing at night events near you provides you the opportunity to meet new people and feel like a social animal. This isn’t just delightful for your heart but also boosts your overall confidence as an individual of the society.

In A Nutshell

Having barrels of laughs in boring routine life is the desire of all of us. But that isn’t something that we cannot fulfill. All we need is an eagle eye to know about the arrangements of live music near us and an amusing companion to double the joy of the occasion.

Therefore, take no time and look in on our website, EventsFY to discover the live events near you for an entertaining engagement.

Where to Attend Live Music Events in Chicago This Weekend?

Chicago Events

Did you know that Chicago has got the prestigious recognition of the Best Big City in the country by Conde Nast Traveler’s Readers’ Choice Awards 2020? The city has gained the same honor for the fourth year in a row. What makes Chicago the best city in the U.S. is its mind-blowing music events. People in the U.S. are fond of these music festivals. 

Whether it is a weekend or a weekday, the live music events in Chicago can boost your day in the end. Here is the best part- there is no particular season for these music events. Chicago is the city of celebration, and you will get to attend these celebrations now and then. Are you looking for recent events that you can attend? Here’s some help. 

Chicago events and fun concerts are coming back with lesser crowds and more significant safety measures. Get your tickets soon so that you can get all soaked in the rain of music. Find all the events near you happening In Chicago and experience what the city is famous for. 

Here is the List of Live Music in Chicago for a Perfect Break


Nothing can be better than listening to music in the sky. Now you can feel it by catching outdoor concerts at the open-air spot, Lakeshore Drive-in. It is located right in front of the Adler Planetarium and welcomes a large and diverse crowd. The place offers a series of national and local comedy and music as well. The show has space for at most 200 cars, so you can book your tickets to feel fun.

Kaiser Tiger 

If you are on a staycation in Chicago, do not forget to visit this famous beer garden on Thursdays. Located by the West Loop, the garden offers a great hangout with live blues music. You can make your reservations online to get yourself a seat. Get to attend the live music events in the U.S. without any hassle for the bookings. 

Celeste & Disco

One of the popular River North locations in Chicago which host music series every weekend. They launched their Summer Music Line-up in August, where they feature popular D.J.s from the corners of the world on weekends.

Get a unique concert experience with a three-hour available bar and seasonal dishes in its private lounge. Your live music events in Chicago experience can be iconic with this venue. 

The Wild Hare

Are you a party animal with very active taste buds? This place is perfect for you! Satisfy your food cravings with live music as a side dish at The Wild Hare & Singing Armadillo Frog Sanctuary. This spot at Lincoln Park offers a revamped Caribbean menu with live reggae music. 

Finding live events near you in Chicago is no trouble. Endless spots are offering you even more than what you expect from live music. 

Chicago puts gigs in the hands of music professionals and gives Chicagoans a reviving experience of live music. The live music events in Chicago blend local talent and national leaders to create a unique experience. After all, the city’s music, art, and culture are of their kind. Pre-purchase your tickets to avoid any interaction or any hassle to book tickets. 

Enjoy The Night Event in the US With EventsFY

Night Events

We know how much everyone likes to attend live events. This is the time when enjoying with friends with some crazy music, and chilled beer. This is why we at EventsFY organize the best events keeping in mind the requirements of the attendees. We make sure that the event is a big success. Our team members spare no effort to meet the expectations of the customers. This is one primary reason we are a trusted name for many, especially when it comes to the US’s night event. 

Top Notch Services

Now that the entertainment industry is slowly preparing for the new normal, we as a reliable company have started ramping up our plans when it comes to organizing the Night events in US or performing live. We have noticed the new rules and regulations and have prepared accordingly. We will sure that the event is a successful one and the customers will come back to us the next time for sure. 

Time and time again, we have worked wonders for most of them by offering top-notch services. Customer satisfaction is our main priority, and we do not take it for granted. Everything we do is up to the mark. We take pride in delivering the services our customers expect from us. The best part about us is that we are not limited to one location. We serve various areas and have left an impression on the attendees.

Buy Tickets to a Live  Events Near You

Let’s say you have a live event near you. All you have to do is get in touch with us and take care of the rest. From the booking to the formalities, we will make sure that the staff members take everything proper supervision. With us, you need not worry about anything as our staff is highly qualified and talented.

We have the expertise and skills to get the work done in the right manner. Hence, with us, you are for sure in the right hands and can expect a wonderful experience in all. The entire procedure is hassle-free, and we keep you at ease. What else could you have asked for?

Post Your Live Events for Free

If you are an event company and are organizing an event, we will let you post about the same on our website. This way, people worldwide will get to know about your event, and you will have more attendees at the event. Isn’t it great? EventsFY is the best platform to post about the events that too for free on our site and be exposed to thousands and thousands on our multiple platforms. Speak to any of our professionals and we will make sure that all the information regarding your event is on our website live.

This way, not only will help your business climb the ladder of success, but people around will also get to enjoy the event that happens once a while. In addition to this, we also let you promote your business. Thus, if you are new to the entertainment industry and want people to know about your organization, we have covered it. We will make sure that more and more people reach out to you and get all the success you deserve.