Have A Whale Of Time With Fun Night Events

Mesmerizing music, dazzling dance, and contentment of culture are all we need for a delightful life. And, what’s better than embracing it all together in a sparkling night events held especially for filling the hearts with joy? 

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Spending a night event full of fun and thrill with loved ones is no less than seventh heaven. Probably, that is why the cities of the United States are known for the best nightlife. Do you like to know what the US has in its store for your bliss? The bar life of Las Vegas, the New Year Eve of New York City, the live bands in New Orleans, and much more. Amazingly, there is no end to entertainment when you attend night events in the US

Are you enthralled with the nightlife of the world’s amusing country? You can also experience the same joy anytime. All you need is to boost up your spirit for a happy go lucky night. Be it the occasion of fests or just a thought to enjoy a music concert, you can easily delve into the night events near you online. So, let’s enjoy it like never before!

Jump in and know why you should be part of the best night events!

To Dance Your Heart Out

Since we have got only life to live, it is good to feel all its hues. No doubt, all the work and responsibilities are meant to be fulfilled but a little fun is always allowed. Therefore, attending the events and parties by ditching the normal routine life is so needful to dance your heart with happiness. Because, ‘if you days are sunny, nights can be chilled.’

To Bond With Your Buddies

In a normal hectic life, some moment with friends is a joy to behold. Nothing is better than living your leisure time lavishing by planning for a night event with your friends. Not only this will make you feel delighted, but also blossom your bond with your buddies. So, what is holding you back from grabbing the ticket to the next bash organized in night time for a little shiny moment?

To Enrich Your Life

If you are a high school student or an employee working day and night, a night event is good to have the time of your life. We all dream of enjoying new adventures, acquaintances, and traveling feels. An entertaining night full of music, dance, and embellishment is perfect to fulfill your dreams. Events in the US are the top example of this. You can feel like a happy camper by being in the moment of fun and forgetting the hassles for a while. 

To Feel The Motivation

Do you feel like you have lost motivation in life? Maybe it’s a bell of your heart ringing to ask you for a little break from tiresome life. You can plan to go for an event with your family and friends for refreshments. Besides, this will also boost your confidence and morale. Because events are not only about music and fun but also about the fountainhead of inspiration. This especially holds true when you attend events like TED talks and storytelling. 

To Know New Ideas And Trends

Life is a long journey where every day is filled with surprises and new changes. It is always wonderful to behold the new ideas and trends that the world is blessing us with. What’s better than making it true in an entertaining way? You should go for a night event like a music concert, fashion show, art exhibitions, and all to fill your heart with amusement. Such types of events give fuel to your passion when you too are involved in creative endeavors.

In A Nutshell

Truly, a night full of pleasure and recreation is all we wish to behold the memories for a lifetime. So, why leave the heart craving for all the fun and warm fuzzies? You can fulfill your fascination by planning to attend a rocking event nearby you. After all, we all are allowed to treat ourselves with the sparkling night just like night events in the US

Let your entertaining night events last forever in your heart!

Why You Must Attend Live Music Events

The music concert in Dallas happens almost every night. People love to attend live music events, especially if it is their favorite band playing. It can turn out to be a life-altering experience. Just imagine being in that crowd, away from the outer, real-world, and enjoying the music.

Well, attending a live music event is not all about enjoying and dancing. No doubt everyone attends music events to enjoy, there are other benefits as well. Attending live music events can be beneficial for the overall well-being of a person. 

If you are wondering about what could be the probable benefits of attending a music event, check them out here! 

Benefits of attending live music events

You burn calories

When you go to a concert, it is likely to happen that you will dance a lot. Now, who loves to enjoy music concerts by standing still, right? One of the most amazing benefits of attending a live music concert is that you burn a lot of calories without actually feeling it. The high-energy shows usually allow people to burn at least 400 kcal in an hour. So, you get to lose those extra calories without even hitting the gym. Now, who won’t love this idea of losing calories? We all do. 

Aids Ability to Alter

Along with stimulating the release of feel-good hormones and providing the much-needed distraction away from any unrequired thoughts, music also has the ability to alter one’s breathing patterns and heart rate. So, what are you waiting for? Go out and enjoy a live music concert!

Help reduce stress

We all live in such a fast-paced world that it is impossible to pass a day without stressing over one thing or the other. Well, constant stress can lead to many health problems, including high blood pressure, and many others. One of the most significant benefits of attending a music concert is that you get rid of the stress, and end up chilling your mood for a change. Thus, attending a music concert will help you enjoy some time out and stay stress-free. 

You feel a sense of belonging

Those who visit clubs and concerts understand how it feels to not know anyone in the crowd but still enjoy that sense of belongingness. One thing that unites people in the concert is that they all are at the same place for one common reason. If you have never attended an event before, you must consider to attend one anytime soon and feel that sense of belongingness in a room full of strangers. 

Release Dopamine 

Music is known to release mood-enhancing chemicals or otherwise known as feel-good hormones called dopamine in the brain. These hormones have a key role in setting good moods. A study by McGill University in Montreal had tested the response of music in administering these hormones into one’s brain and found it to be in fact mood-enhancing. 

Improve your general sense of well-being

Many studies have found that people who regularly attend music events enjoy a better sense of well-being and live a happy life. If you wish to enjoy life at best and have no idea about where to attend the music event, simply type a live music events near me, and you will get a list of all the events happening in your locality. 

Provides Distraction

Music acts as a distractor and helps in focusing the attention away from any negative stimuli to something far more pleasant and encouraging. This needed distraction can help heal one’s inner being as effectively or far more than any kind of medication. Live music events act as a barrier, keeping unpleasant emotions at bay and significantly occupying one’s mind with a sense of soothing.

Wrapping it up

Music is fun, and there is no person in the world to say no to music. With so many music events happening almost every day, you get a chance to enjoy life. So, consider attending the live music concerts near you and make the most out of it. 

When word fails, music speaks!

How To Find Exciting Events Near You

events near you

Whether you are a traveler or recently moved, the best way to get familiar with a locality is to attend events near you. But wait, how can you find such exciting events? 

The best way is to ask your friends or new neighbors. 

Have no one around to ask? Well, in that case, it’s better to do some research yourself. Below we have given the easiest, accurate, and popular ways to find event near you: 

Use Google 

You all know how good Google is at answering questions. Why don’t you try to google your queries too? If you want to know about all the ongoing and upcoming events near you, all you have to do is: search about it on your browser. Here are some points you can search for: 

  • Events in the US
  • Things to do around my location
  • Exciting events near me
  • Local events this weekend near me
  • Events nearby
  • Things to do near me this weekend
  • Events near me today
  • Events near me to hangout 

When you search the above points, you will see a complete list of all the upcoming events. Now the final step is choosing the event you wish to join. Moreover, Google has so many amazing features that you might not know. One of them is the google discover feed. With this feature, information about all those topics you have searched the most starts appearing on your home tab. This way, if you search for the event near you, you will automatically start getting the latest updates on this topic. This feature saves your time as you don’t need to search for the same thing again.

Event Listing Sites

There are lots of event listing sites available online. Their job is to post information about all the events going around in the country. So, if you want to know about the events near you, simply visit an event listing website. 

Let’s explain it with an example: suppose you live in NY or just shifted there and want to know about all the events in the US near NY. The easiest way to find it is: to visit an event listing site like eventsfy.com, and there you will see a list of events near your place. Also, such sites offer you the facility to buy the tickets for the events on the go.


Facebook is among the most popular social media platforms in the world. It has almost 2.45 billion active users per month. But why are we telling you all these? It’s because Facebook is not just a social media platform, also a great way to know what’s going around you. With Facebook’s help, you can get all the information about the event going on around your place. Not only near your location, but Facebook offers you the list of all the global events too. So, how can you use Facebook to know about the event near you

For this purpose, Facebook has given a separate feature. Facebook users might have guessed what we are talking about. But to all those who are still scratching their head, this feature is known as “Events.” Where will you find this feature on Facebook? To know about it, follow the steps given below:

  • Open the Facebook application. 
  • Now you will see a hamburger icon [ ] on the top header.
  • Click on it and scroll down till you see the “Event” heading. 
  • Again click on it. You will see the list of all the events going on near you. You can filter them based on categories like art, comedy, dance, and many others. 

This way, you can know about all the events happening around you and all over the world. Now your part of work is left. Choose the event and book your tickets from eventsfy.com and enjoy.


These are some ways to find information about all the event near you. We hope you like reading this blog. If yes, then don’t forget to share it with family and friends. 

Top 3 Tips For Beginner Event Planners

Every event planner wants their event to be successful. And for this, they do everything they can. In the events organized by the experienced event planners, every piece of work is up to the mark. From event venues to decorations, they do everything just perfect. Of course, it is because of their experience and exposure to the industry.

But what about beginners? Can they organize a successful event? Yes, they surely can, as experience is not the only thing that makes you succeed. If you know some tricks and tips, no one can stop you from planning a top-class event. Let’s see what those tricks are:

#1 Budget

If you don’t know how much money you can spend on an event, then your budget will definitely exceed your pocket. We are sure you don’t want this to happen. Most newcomers have limited funds, and they must know how to get the best value from it. For this to happen, we have a plan for you:

The first thing you need to do is make a spreadsheet. Add every vital detail on which you will spend your money. Also, mention the payment deadlines along with them. Leave some space empty in the sheet, in case your expense gets increased, you can specify “additional costs” there. Now calculate an estimate of the total amount of expenses. Similarly, estimate the profit you expect from the event. Then try to figure out some ways you can decrease your costs. 

Making a spreadsheet will help you to keep an eye on every charge. This way, you can avoid all the unnecessary expenses. Plus, you increase your chances of earning more profit. 

#2 Event Promoters

Have you thought about how the public will be aware of your event? The audience is the main factor that makes your event successful. If no one appears at the event, how can you earn a profit? 

So, the question that arises here is, how can you advertise your event? Event promoters are what you need. They will promote your event on their website so that more and more people can get to know about it. For example, If anyone wants to know about the coming events in US, they simply go to an event promoter website to see them. Most people use sites like ours for this purpose. Now, when a visitor scrolls down through the list of various events, your event will be on that list. If they like your event, they’ll straight away book the tickets. More the traffic on-site, more the people will know about your event. Hence, the chances of your event’s success will automatically increase.

#3 Make A Plan B

The probability of your event’s success and failure is 50-50. Either it will be a successful event or a flop one. However, inexperienced event planners only plan for the things they are completely sure about. In other words, the things that will lead to success. But what about failure? Do you have any plan B? What will you do in unexpected circumstances? In that case, you need a plan B. This pre-planning will save you from a considerable loss that may occur. Having a backup plan is one of the essential techniques for professional event planners. 


So, these were the most effective techniques to organize a successful event as a beginner. If you follow these tips, the probability of your success will automatically increase. Moreover, we suggest you make a checklist of all these tricks so that you don’t forget to apply them during your event planning process. Also, don’t forget to share it with your friends and knowns who are planning to step into this field. 

Flora Cash @Neptune Theatre

Flora Cash

Swedish-American husband and wife indie pop duo Flora Cash opened at Neptune Theatre last week in Seattle. The members discovered each others’ music on Soundcloud 6 years ago while living on opposite sides of the earth. They have yet to reveal the meaning of their catchy band name.

Their music which brought them together turned into a hit single (top 10 on the charts) ‘You’re Somebody Else’ and a sold out show. Their onstage chemistry captivated the audience. Watch their Neptune performance below.

Flora Cash @ Neptune Theatre

Lovelytheband @ Seattle Neptune Theatre


LA based indie pop band lovelytheband performed at Seattle’s Neptune Theatre on April 20th, AKA ‘weed’s’ birthday – so the lead singer declared, and went on to sing a birthday song. The night was monumental for the trio as it was their first ever sold-out headliner show. Lead vocalist Mitchy Collins engaged with the crowd throughout the night and was more charismatic than one might originally assume.

Watch and feel the packed crowd’s energy and admiration at the Neptune as the band performs ‘Make You Feel Pretty’ below:

Lovelytheband @Neptune Theatre

Lovelytheband is most noted for their smash hit single ‘Broken’ – a song about loneliness in our populated world.
“I like that you’re broken, broken like me/ Maybe that makes me a fool/ I like that you’re lonely, lonely like me/ I could be lonely with you.”

Broken Video

Lovelytheband’s music brings light to issues that so many can relate to such as depression and anxiety – which the band members have all said they too have each experienced.

In most recent news, Lovelytheband released ‘Maybe, I’m Afraid’ Video which raises awareness about LGBTQ discrimnation.

More tour dates which are likely to sell out can be found here:

LovelyTheBand Upcoming Events


The Mob Museum

The National Museum of Organized Crime & Law Enforcement: a world-class interactive journey through true stories.

The Mob Museum located in Downtown Las Vegas provides a deep understanding and the deep impact of past criminal records in the US.

Being a totally non-profit organization, it offers an authentic view of historic crime from Las Vegas to the back alleys of American cities. The exhibits at the museum involve a wide array of sections portraying the Mob’s involvement in the illegal activities as well as the law enforcement to eliminate such practices.

The Mob Museum located at 300 Stewart Avenue, Fremont Street is dedicated to featuring the artifacts, stories, and history of organized crime in the US. Visit the museum to learn about the general history of crime in America which is definitely worth the cost and time you spend there.

Citizen Cope @ The Showbox in Seattle

Citizen Cope

Blues, soul, folk rocker Citizen Cope played two nights at Seattle’s The Showbox At the Market debuting songs from his long awaited ‘Heroin and Helicopters’ album – (his first in 6 years) named after Carlos Santana’s advice to stay away from the 2 H’s. His moving performance was one for all his fans to remember.

Lead singer Clarence Greenwood sings from the soul and audience members feel his optimism and positive outlook on life. His band members accompany him beautifully. From his own words on the music he creates…..

“It’s just about dealing with your own personal struggles and what I feel the coldness of society does to your life, I think everybody feels like there are elements in this world that are not so fuzzy and warm, and we see the harshness in the reality of life. Life is not an easy thing, but we need to look for a commonality of love and empathy that can conquer even the worse situations.”

“I don’t want people thinking I’m promoting heroin or anything. It’s so prophetic how we’re in this huge epidemic of people overdosing and prescription drugs. And then with the helicopter reference, that indulgence of getting somewhere really fast in our society — with material wealth, with all the short cuts of the Internet. I don’t think we’ve had the same kind of authentic art and culture as other generations had; When you look at Martin Luther King or Albert Einstein or some of the great writers and painters who have come before us, and leaders and athletes and stuff, it seems like we haven’t had the same level of input from our fellow man. Everything has been on hyperspeed to economic empowerment as opposed to personal growth and actually questioning the ills of society, and that’s something I think we should correct”

To connect with Citizen Cope and see them live visit:

Citizen Cope Profile & Events

WWE LIVE at Moda Center (Portland)

WWE LIVE at Moda Center

James Kemp
Staff Writer & Photographer

Moda Center, Portland, Or – When you think of sustained global success in the Sports Entertainment Industry you think none other than World Wrestling Entertainment or WWE.
The WWE puts out several live versions of their show a week and travel all over the globe to do so. They strive to bring the best product no matter where they travel.
This past weekend WWE’s RAW Brand made their trip up to Portland, Oregon to preform a Live Event on the Road to Wrestlemanina.

Several of the brands top performers like Female Royal Rumble Winner Auska, Roman Reigns, RAW Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss, Raw Tag Team Champions The Bar, Finn Balor, Seth Rollins and Sasha Banks to name few. This show was nothing like what fans would see on TV, this version of WWE is much more stripped down, to the bare bones of the product.

WWE has their product and programming to a science that leaves the fans wanting more each time they come out to an event. Live wrestling events are the life blood of the industry and it is no different for WWE. Aside from TV tappings once or twice a week, WWE’s performers travel from city to city entertaining fans of all ages night in and night out giving them their moneys worth. Portland left feeling no different about this live event when it was all said and done.

Events Near You

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First Look Featuring Maiah Wynne, The Bar Pilots & Dj Oso Fresh (Portland)

James Kemp
Staff Writer/Photographer

In many communities, local music provides a rich environment for artists to grow, succeed and showcase their talents. One showcase that has taken the local scene by storm is First Look at The Analog Cafe, which is presented by Portland Metro Records and hosted by The Bar Pilots.

Each month First Look rolls out a unique showcase that helps promote local artists through many avenues in music. First is through Portland Metro programming such as TV appearances on Portland Metro Records’ Off The Record hosted by Rob Wessels; radio play on Fire Mondays as featured artists; professional photography; and a live performance at The Analog.

February’s edition boasted talent on the stage and off. DJ Oso Fresh spun his blend of hip-hop and rock-infused dance music. After, The Bar Pilots took the stage with their blend of high-energy hard rock and punk bass tones.

Once the crowd, which featured PDX’s own DJ LZ, heavy metal band Chemical Rage, cast and crew from TNT’s hit show The Librarians, and local artist Simran Gleason of SlowCamera Paparazzi was ready, on stepped Maiah Wynne. Wynne serenaded the crowd with two totally different folk sets that featured both full band and solo portions. She told a tale of life, love and struggle like that of Patti Smith while playing beautiful folk sounds through multiple instruments.

Events Near You

Each month First Look features something new from the local music community. Stay tuned for next month’s installment of First Look at the Analog Theater and Cafe!

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