LIVE Events – Music, Comedy & Art Shows In The US


With time and tide, the music listeners are growing. People have been inclined more towards live music fests than any other event. The trend of music is set to grow. So if you are a passionate American who is looking forward to a guide to know about all the events in the US, then congratulations, you have stopped by the right place. We are here to guide you about live music events in Boston.

Since the psychedelic wig-outs of the ’60s, music events have come a long way. Nowadays, there are music festivals for everyone. May it be rock music or disco, there are many different music genres that are being conducted by live festivals all over the US. And to everyone’s surprise, people are still not getting enough of the music fests.

They want more of it, but the only issue is they are not able to track these events. Well, if this is the case, EventsFY has got everything sorted for you. To know about all the live music events near you, all you have to do is stalk our website and know about the schedules of every event.

At EventsFY are a team of passionate believers that every individual who loves music deserves seeing their favorite artists in real life. We love connecting people through our arrangements of different live music events, comedy, and art shows. There was a time when none of us used to have any idea of the ongoing events around us.

All those living in the US had no clue back then about the live events in the US or even just a street away from us. If we had to know about an event, seeking information from different websites and then booking tickets from some other site was quite common. We have been continuously working towards stitching together the different live events of America to serve the Americans and other tourists with the best of music fests.

Talking about the live music events in Boston, there is a huge collection of fests to explore. Boston was founded in 1630. It is said to be home to many popular universities and technical colleges. One of the best ways to explore the best of Boston is by traveling on foot. And in case you are still confused about attending a live music event, then here’s why you should go for it.

  • The live music events in Boston have a touch of 40s and 50s music. This gives a glimpse of traditional and rock music. Something like this is enough for catching the attention of the audience.
  • The next best thing about live music events in the US is their heavy metal music. Metal music has heavy vocals and loud tones to keep the audience engaged.
  • The third has to be the rap music of Boston. Rap, as usual, holds a particular rhythm that attracts the audience and makes them dance their hearts out. As the musical genre in the US is full of hip hop culture, rap music always remains in demand.

Join us today and be a part of various live music events in Boston through EventsFY.

Fun is Back! How to Safely Find Live Events Near You

Live Events

The COVID-19 pandemic had put people behind their home doors for several months, but humanity came out as the ultimate winner. Although we haven’t beaten the deadly coronavirus completely yet, we are on the right track to victory. If the fear of the virus has kept you awake for several nights, it’s time to bring some positivity back to your life. To begin with, how about finding and attending live events near you

When going out only to gather information on events near you is risky and tiresome, we’ve brought an easy and straightforward way to find all types of events near you, and the way is the Internet. Just a few clicks on your phone, and you are all set to join a great event near you.

A Dedicated Platform for Events 

Although you can go to Google and type ‘events near me’, there are possibilities that all of the events aren’t mentioned there. Usually, only the major events are there over the search engine. Apart from that, it is complex to look for events in a region other than your own city.

When you are looking for all big and small Live events in the United States, reach a website like EventsFY, which is dedicated to events. Such a platform allows you to search for events anywhere in the US. You can locate events near you from your favorite genre.

Use Filters

A good platform provides users with a wide range of tools to look for their types of events quickly. It offers filters, which can be applied to shortlist events according to their types, their locations, dates, etc. For example, if you are searching for live events near you for New Year’s Eve, select a particular date and region. The results will show only the events that match your query.

Apart from events near you, the platform can be used to find events anywhere in the US. It is a helpful tool when you are traveling to another city for an event.

Book Online

You may come across dozens of websites that offer information on events near you, but EventsFY is among those handful of platforms that let you book your tickets online. When you have found the right live event, you can book your tickets on EventsFY. You don’t have to switch between websites or look for another platform just to book tickets. In addition, it saves you from the hassle of visiting an event’s crowded ticket-window for the ticket.

How to Attend an Event Safely

Although we have found the vaccine for the virus, there is still time to call it safe to mingle. When attending an event, ensure that you follow all the guidelines strictly to enjoy the show without putting your health at risk. Also, wear your mask and ensure handshake-free meetings. 

Now, you are all set to have fun! Come to EventsFY, find live events near you, and book your tickets for your favorite event! 

How to Find Night Events Near You Online When Travel

Night Event

People keep talking about how important it is to travel, and there are reasons behind that. Traveling improves your health, adds freshness to your life, makes you smarter, improves your understanding of other cultures, and lets you expand your social network.

However, a trip is incomplete without attending events. For example, if you are in Denver, you cannot afford to miss night events in Denver. The city’s nightlife is filled with wine, dine, and events. 

When it comes to the best night cities in the US, Denver is on the list. During the daytime, the city offers adventure activities like biking and hiking to try, while it has a host of ways to fill your life with fun once the sun sets. They include gobbling on some sumptuous dishes, catching a midnight flick, and attending events. How do you find these events:

Where to Look for Events

Go online! Before you start Googling ‘night events near you’, there are very good chances that many of them aren’t available on Google. It means you may never know about all of them. The best way to discover all the events in Denver is to reach a platform like EventsFY. It provides you with access to events throughout the city, including free ones. 

One of the most amazing things about platforms like EventsFY is that you can filter the results based on your requirements. For example, you can sort events by name, time, and trends. In addition, you can look for events on specific dates. It means you don’t have to go through events throughout the state to know which of them are going to be held in Denver on dates when you are in the city.

What to Do After Finding an Event

Finding events near you during your trip to Denver is one thing, and attending them is another. Once you’ve discovered night events near you, the next step is to book tickets for it, which is a complex process. 

A good platform like EventsFY not only makes you aware of events near you but also allows you to book a ticket for them. You can confirm the dates of an event near you and book tickets for it online. 

Why use EventsFY to Find Events and Book Tickets

EventsFY is an online platform that allows artists to use the website to list their events. In addition to information around the event, they can also add time. Also, the platform can be used to allow people to book tickets. You can use it to explore events, collect information about them, and book your tickets easily. 

How to Book Your Ticket

It is a simple and straightforward process, which you can follow online. You can use the online platform to find events near you. You can filter events based on their date, time, and trends. After that, you can collect information on the events and figure out a night event you would like to attend. Once done, you can proceed to book your tickets. It’s as easy as it seems. 

Browse EventsFY to find night events in Denver to discover an event you want to attend. Book your tickets and have an unforgettable experience. Enjoy!

Live In The Moments Of Fun & Frolics With Live Music Events Near You

Live Music Events

It’s time to dance to the tunes of life 🙂

Plugging in the earphones and listening to the symphonies of music at the comfort of the couch soothes the soul. After all, music has the power to heal and to change the world. It is even more delightful when we get the chance to be part of a live music concert because that energetic performance adds springs to our steps. 

To a little more surprise, most part of the world has begun organizing live music events near you after a long standstill moment of lockdown in 2020. And, soon after the normalization of the situation, the entire world will be full of joys of springs with plenty of events in your store. Doesn’t this sound fantastic to you?

Now since your hearts are full of enthusiasm and desire to experience the fun part of life, here we present some top reasons to attend live events near you with friends and family to double your joy. Have a look at the entire picture!

Discover The History And Culture

One of the studies reveals that music is associated with the essence of culture because everything from structure to context and instruments of music is all learned. When you attend live music, it is not only the songs or lyrics that you listen but also gets to grab the history behind the play.

This is because live music always comes up with something extra that we cannot enjoy with one behind the scenes. In addition, it also reflects the glimpses of the medieval period making us hunt the adventure as a live audience.

Get Wings To Your Imagination

If you yourself are a big follower of creativity, live music events can help add wings to your imagination. Though you can also watch the clips of the live concert online, attending one as a live audience helps to learn the undiscovered part of the field. This gives fuel to the passion of young artists or musicians and they wish to perform spectacularly in their career.

Knock Down Stress And Boost Mood

When normal life is full of hustle and bustles, amusing music events in the US can be the solution. You will be astonished to know that music got the power to reduce the stress hormone known as cortisol. Thus, you should definitely mark the date for a live concert in your calendar and be a part of the entertainment with your loved one to experience the bundle of blissfulness.

Chance To Meet Your Favorite Performers Live

If you are big-time music enthusiasts, then the news of a live concert by your favorite singer or band must surely make you feel on cloud nine. After all, who would like to miss a chance meeting and watching the performance of favorites in front of the eyes? In case if you will be lucky enough, you may get the chance to enjoy a fan-moment with that performer in the form of a selfie or autograph.

Scope Of Socialization

Since the pandemic has compelled us to be in our shells and to maintain social contact, the lives of so many people have hit with mental disturbance. Amazingly, appearing at night events near you provides you the opportunity to meet new people and feel like a social animal. This isn’t just delightful for your heart but also boosts your overall confidence as an individual of the society.

In A Nutshell

Having barrels of laughs in boring routine life is the desire of all of us. But that isn’t something that we cannot fulfill. All we need is an eagle eye to know about the arrangements of live music near us and an amusing companion to double the joy of the occasion.

Therefore, take no time and look in on our website, EventsFY to discover the live events near you for an entertaining engagement.

Enjoy The Night Event in the US With EventsFY

Night Events

We know how much everyone likes to attend live events. This is the time when enjoying with friends with some crazy music, and chilled beer. This is why we at EventsFY organize the best events keeping in mind the requirements of the attendees. We make sure that the event is a big success. Our team members spare no effort to meet the expectations of the customers. This is one primary reason we are a trusted name for many, especially when it comes to the US’s night event. 

Top Notch Services

Now that the entertainment industry is slowly preparing for the new normal, we as a reliable company have started ramping up our plans when it comes to organizing the Night events in US or performing live. We have noticed the new rules and regulations and have prepared accordingly. We will sure that the event is a successful one and the customers will come back to us the next time for sure. 

Time and time again, we have worked wonders for most of them by offering top-notch services. Customer satisfaction is our main priority, and we do not take it for granted. Everything we do is up to the mark. We take pride in delivering the services our customers expect from us. The best part about us is that we are not limited to one location. We serve various areas and have left an impression on the attendees.

Buy Tickets to a Live  Events Near You

Let’s say you have a live event near you. All you have to do is get in touch with us and take care of the rest. From the booking to the formalities, we will make sure that the staff members take everything proper supervision. With us, you need not worry about anything as our staff is highly qualified and talented.

We have the expertise and skills to get the work done in the right manner. Hence, with us, you are for sure in the right hands and can expect a wonderful experience in all. The entire procedure is hassle-free, and we keep you at ease. What else could you have asked for?

Post Your Live Events for Free

If you are an event company and are organizing an event, we will let you post about the same on our website. This way, people worldwide will get to know about your event, and you will have more attendees at the event. Isn’t it great? EventsFY is the best platform to post about the events that too for free on our site and be exposed to thousands and thousands on our multiple platforms. Speak to any of our professionals and we will make sure that all the information regarding your event is on our website live.

This way, not only will help your business climb the ladder of success, but people around will also get to enjoy the event that happens once a while. In addition to this, we also let you promote your business. Thus, if you are new to the entertainment industry and want people to know about your organization, we have covered it. We will make sure that more and more people reach out to you and get all the success you deserve.

Exploring the Most Happening Events in Austin With Us

Night Event

How do you book the tickets for events like concerts, art museums and stage theater etc. for weekends? Still, struggling in the queues and depending on the information on your friends? Finding a reliable source of information that is accessible conveniently is not difficult nowadays because you have internet connectivity options.

Austin is the state capital of Texas where obviously you can find countless options of entertainment. However, finding the most suitable event at your favorable location is tricky. Also, it is important to know that the event you are going to join is actually worthy enough to meet your expectations. Here we will explain how EventsFY can help you find the most happening events in the city.

What We Do at EventsFY?

This is an ultimate online platform to find live events across America. A vast search criterion is provided to search events of your choice from this website. For your convenience, the interface is designed to find events on the basis of suitable:-

  • Date
  • Time
  • Location
  • Distance

It is a customized GPS facility specifically designed to find the upcoming day and night events in the USA. Let’s understand in detail how it works. 

How to Explore Events With EventsFY?

1. After opening the official website, you will find events divided into five categories i.e.

  • Music
  • Comedy
  • Theater
  • Nightlife
  • Art

Click on the category of your choice to find out the list of all events. Information like genre, venue, discount and date are mentioned with every event thumbnail.

2. Click on “Choose City” and enter “Austin” as your location. Once you select the location, all the events of that particular area will appear on the screen. The website comprises a large database of all locations where you can expect any kind of event.

3. For more precision in your search results, select time and distance from your location. By default, all events within 50 minutes of the drive will appear on your screen. If your plan is to travel to some other city, just select the location, date, time and distance from the map mentioned in the website. 

4. When you get the list of desired genres within favorable location, date and time, get information about every single event. When you click on the event thumbnail, complete event information like venue, location, artists, images with exact address will appear. 

5. Along with timetable and relevant information, some events can also be booked instantly if the option of tickets is available. Just click on the tickets button, select a booking vendor and pay online. No need to struggle in the queues for hours to get a ticket. Just visit the location on the exact time, show your ticket on the window and enjoy your events in Austin with family, friends or alone.

Advantages of Exploring Events Online

1. Reliable and Precise Information:

The information available on our official website will be more reliable than the rumors in the town. Also, you will get precise information that includes address with geolocation. It makes the event easy to track even if you are new to that place. Actually, EventsFY is the best travel companion for the first time visitors in Austin. You don’t need someone’s assistance in finding the list of events and their exact addresses. 

2. Multiple Options to Choose

You will get the maximum possible options to choose from the given list. After selecting the location and other personal preferences, get information about every single event. Check what kind of venue they are offering, the list of facilities like parking, food and beverages. It will help in deciding the most favorable place to enjoy. 

3. Convenient to Make Your Future Plans

EventsFY is not just about booking the upcoming weekend events. Here you will find the dates of concerts, art exhibitions, music or comedy for the next month also. Make plans for the entire month in advance so that you never run out of entertainment! 

This is how EventsFY can help in booking events in Austin and other locations in the USA. Consider us as your local guide for assistance regarding every big and small event.  

How To Find Exciting Events Near You

events near you

Whether you are a traveler or recently moved, the best way to get familiar with a locality is to attend events near you. But wait, how can you find such exciting events? 

The best way is to ask your friends or new neighbors. 

Have no one around to ask? Well, in that case, it’s better to do some research yourself. Below we have given the easiest, accurate, and popular ways to find event near you: 

Use Google 

You all know how good Google is at answering questions. Why don’t you try to google your queries too? If you want to know about all the ongoing and upcoming events near you, all you have to do is: search about it on your browser. Here are some points you can search for: 

  • Events in the US
  • Things to do around my location
  • Exciting events near me
  • Local events this weekend near me
  • Events nearby
  • Things to do near me this weekend
  • Events near me today
  • Events near me to hangout 

When you search the above points, you will see a complete list of all the upcoming events. Now the final step is choosing the event you wish to join. Moreover, Google has so many amazing features that you might not know. One of them is the google discover feed. With this feature, information about all those topics you have searched the most starts appearing on your home tab. This way, if you search for the event near you, you will automatically start getting the latest updates on this topic. This feature saves your time as you don’t need to search for the same thing again.

Event Listing Sites

There are lots of event listing sites available online. Their job is to post information about all the events going around in the country. So, if you want to know about the events near you, simply visit an event listing website. 

Let’s explain it with an example: suppose you live in NY or just shifted there and want to know about all the events in the US near NY. The easiest way to find it is: to visit an event listing site like, and there you will see a list of events near your place. Also, such sites offer you the facility to buy the tickets for the events on the go.


Facebook is among the most popular social media platforms in the world. It has almost 2.45 billion active users per month. But why are we telling you all these? It’s because Facebook is not just a social media platform, also a great way to know what’s going around you. With Facebook’s help, you can get all the information about the event going on around your place. Not only near your location, but Facebook offers you the list of all the global events too. So, how can you use Facebook to know about the event near you

For this purpose, Facebook has given a separate feature. Facebook users might have guessed what we are talking about. But to all those who are still scratching their head, this feature is known as “Events.” Where will you find this feature on Facebook? To know about it, follow the steps given below:

  • Open the Facebook application. 
  • Now you will see a hamburger icon [ ] on the top header.
  • Click on it and scroll down till you see the “Event” heading. 
  • Again click on it. You will see the list of all the events going on near you. You can filter them based on categories like art, comedy, dance, and many others. 

This way, you can know about all the events happening around you and all over the world. Now your part of work is left. Choose the event and book your tickets from and enjoy.


These are some ways to find information about all the event near you. We hope you like reading this blog. If yes, then don’t forget to share it with family and friends. 

Best 10 Venues to see a Live Show

Best 10 Venues to see a Live Show

 The Gorge Amphitheatre, George, WA

The Gorge is considered one of the most scenic concert locations in the world. The venue offers sweeping and majestic views of the Columbia River. Upcoming shows @

Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Colorado

Red Rocks is a rock structure near Morrison, Colorado. There is a large, tilted, disc-shaped rock behind the stage, a huge vertical rock angled outwards from stage right, several large outcrops angled outwards from stage left and a seating area for up to 9,450 people in between. Upcoming shows @

Hearst Greek Theatre, Berkeley

The style of the theater is based on the ancient Greek theater of Epidaurus. The outdoor venue is becoming a top place to experience some of the Biggest names in music. Upcoming shows @

Severance Hall, Cleveland

Located in the University Circle neighborhood of Cleveland, Ohio, Severance hall has been the home of the Cleveland Orchestra since its opening on February 5, 1931. The Hall is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Upcoming shows @

Billy Bob’s Texas

Billy Bob’s is a popular country & western nightclub in the Fort Worth Stockyards, Texas. It promotes itself as “The World’s Largest Honky Tonk”. In addition to several dance floors, musical stages, arcade games, and billiards tables, Billy Bob’s is the home to a small indoor rodeo arena.Upcoming shows @

The Troubadour, West Hollywood

The Troubadour was a major center for folk music in the 1960s, and subsequently for singer-songwriters and rock. It played an important role in the careers of many prominent and successful performers, who played performances there establishing their future fame. Upcoming shows @

The Fillmore, San Francisco

The Fillmore is a historic music venue in San Francisco, made famous by Bill Graham. It is known as a hot spot with frequent shows. The Fillmore is also well known for its psychedelic concert posters by artists. Upcoming shows @

NorVa, Norfolk, VA

The NorVa building is often noted by its patrons to be charming and aesthetically pleasing due to its rustic and old-style appearance. Many bands have regarded the NorVa as one of the best venues in the United States, due not only to its great sound and intimate setting, but also to its many backstage amenities. Upcoming shows @

Ryman Auditorium, Nashville

Ryman Auditorium (formerly Grand Ole Opry House and Union Gospel Tabernacle) is a live performance venue in Nashville and is best known as the most famous home of the Grand Ole Opry. Upcoming shows @

Bluebird Café, Nashville

The Bluebird Café is famous for intimate, acoustic music performed by its composers. Some performers are established singer/songwriters, and others perform hit songs written by other artists. At fifteen years old, young singer/songwriter Taylor Swift was discovered at the Bluebird Café. Upcoming shows @

2012 Road Trip Recap to Spread America about Eventsfy

West-Coast Journey Begins

After six years in the ideas generation stage, we are FINALLY, REALLY embarking on this business endeavor that consolidates a comprehensive listing of “Live Arts Events” (Music, Theatre, Comedy, Art Galleries, Open Mic, Youth/Children) – we call it “Experience The Arts.”  So what’s in it for YOU?  Anywhere you are – whether traveling around the country or at home in your city – you can easily find each city’s art experiences at our website – Find Live Arts Across America Near You!

Aspiring Artists throughout the United States can list and promote themselves and/or their unique events at no cost.  We hope to increase awareness and exposure to aspiring artists so that we all increase our perspectives on life.

We want to increase attendance to all “Art Experiences” around the United States and we ask for your support to help us build this community that focuses on these experiences in the United States.  Everyone can help by encouraging your friends/relatives who want to perform but never had a platform to market themselves like Eventsfy.

Come to our site and help us build a Renaissance 2.0 –!

Stay tuned for our upcoming RV-road trip that will commence this Friday (Oct 23rd) along the West Coast to promote our company to the world – ending at the Seattle Times.  We’ll see if Seattle Times buys into our mission or not to run our story.  Please wish us luck and we so much appreciate all the support we have received thus far!

Til tomorrow,

David Richardson and The Eventsfy Team

Day One – Driving to Salt Lake, UT


Initially, the plan was to leave two weeks earlier; then a week ago; and then Friday (the 26th) at 9am.  Well…the journey was delayed once again.  We had a little bit of a Scooter issue.  Actually, a hitching of the scooter issue – trying to securely strap it down with the newly, hastily scooter-hitch purchase from Amazon.  After feeling a reasonable amount of confidence that the scooter wouldn’t fly-off and kill another motorist, we ventured off around noon.  First stopping at WrapJax in Tacoma to finish the front of the wrap of the RV.  Due to our late arrival at WrapJax (cause the scooter thing) and the good old Seattle rain, WrapJax was not able to finish the front wrap for us.  Instead, we were given the wrapping material to finish the front wrap, which we will attempt  once we settle in and get some good weather.

Even though we got off to a very late start, Moses (Operations Guy) and I were able to truck it all the way to Boise, ID – staying at an RV camp called Walmart.  Really!  Walmart allows RVs to stay for free in their parking lots.  I guess the purchases from all the stay-the-night RVers justifies this… In any case, thanks for the free-night of pavement Walmart!  Maybe I will shop there now.

Til tomorrow,

David Richardson and The Eventsfy Team

Day 2 – Going to Utah/Cal Football Game


Actually Marketing and Promoting begins. 

We started off early buying coffee from Starbucks and then driving all the way to the KOA in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Since this was our first RV trip, we had a lot to learn.  Last night we turned on the generator – only having it shut down after 15 minutes.  Today, we were determined to hook up the RV correctly so that we had electricity, heat, and water.  Arriving at the KOA, we asked for the maintenace dude to give us a RV-hook-up 101.  We had a brief black water incident (see video) – black water means shit water for those who were not familiar with the term.  We showered, organized our things, and then headed off to the Utah-California football game. 

We were unclear how to approach promoting Eventsfy at a college football game, but we had some thought in mind – beer pong, keg stands, tequila shots, labels out, etc.  We arrived at Rice Eccles Stadium at 6pm, an hour and a half before the game.  We immediately went to the least obvious place to go – the tailgating parking lot… OK, maybe it was the obvious place to go. 

Turing into the tailgating parking lot, we were met by two parking attendants who denied us access.  We pushed our luck a bit more but was still denied.  On we went to find alternatives….

We began driving around the stadium attracting attention to our moving billboard – the RV.  When I say attracting attention, I mean honking the horn multiple times.  We were determined to drive up to the front of the stadium and then to park there – kinda thinking that this wouldn’t be possible.  So after finally driving to the front of the stadium with thousands of people walking to the game, we were quite surprised that there was an area to park right in the front.  We were a little apprehensive at first to just park in the front of a “no parking” area…but we did it anyway. 

We were able to park and advertise Eventsfy for about a half hour in the front of the stadium handing out flyers to the masses – see video.  All-in-all, after an initially difficulty marketing day, it turned out to be a pretty good one.

We ended the night at Red Iguana Mexican restaurant.  A MUST GO if you ever visit Salt Lake City. 


David Richardson & The Eventsfy Team

Day 3 – promoting in Salt Lake, UT


This trip is a trial & error process – we try and we have many errors… But – and this is the most important point – we still try.  Our motto is adapting and progress.  If we improvise to the many challenges we face, we adapt; if we make any inroads with anyone, we make progress.  As David Spade’s “Joe Dirt” Character would say, “we keep on keeping on!” 

We got up this moring and embarked on visiting the many Art Venues in Salt Lake City, Utah.  We drove the mobile billboard (this would be the RV) to the city center; parked; unhitched the scooter; and then rallied off to the various venues to talk with venue directors – Moses on foot and I on the scooter.

So I got my hot-rod harley (actual an inexpensively bought scooter over the internet) down from the hitch on the RV, placed my iPhone in the make-shirt GPS/iPhone holder so that I knew where to go, and then drove off to the first stop.  Reazling early on that Sunday wasn’t going to be very productive day (we were in Mormon Capital for all – the city goes to church), I decided – instead of meeting with venue managers – to try to strategically place our beautifully designed brochures (designed by Imelda Loei!) on the right-side of the main entrace door (tapping them up) so that a venue manager may notice it.  With the maneverable scooter, I would drive on sidewalks, sidestreets, and other walkways with no problem.  We visited many venues this day spreading the Eventsfy name.

We keep on keeping on,

David Richardson & The Eventsfy Team

Day 4 – following up


Yesterday, we saw a lot of action as we went around SLC and passed out flyers to the local theaters and hotels.  We decided to make today a work-from-home day.  The first thing we did was follow up with various venue directors that we left brochures for the day before.  We emailed each of the venue directors and explained who we are and sent them a link of their venue that we had created on Eventsfy. 

Many venue directors wrote back to us and expressed their interest in Eventsfy.   After a morning filled with email exchanges, we drove to the University of Utah to meet with the arts department director.  We ended the night at a local sports restaurant called Maxell to watch Monday Night Football and had great service from Jill and Kirsten—however, we must admit, we were the only customers in the joint by 9pm. 

David Richardson, Moses Man & The Eventsfy Team

Day 5 – our long trek to Phoenix


Today we spent the majority of the day driving.  We got off to a fairly early start in Salt Lake but struggled to make the 15-hour trek to Phoenix—settling at a small town in Arizona called Kingman.  David had a battle with a fast-food-chain cheeseburger and lost.  Due to stomach issues and just being tired from driving, we spent the night at a truck stop on the side of the freeway.

David Richardson, Moses Man & The Eventsfy Team

Day 6 – going to Phoenix Sun’s game


I had a miserable night sleeping—battling food-sickness from yesterday’s cheeseburger.  In any case, I kept on keeping on… After waking up from all the truckers parked next to us at our hastily makeshift sleeping arrangements (basically, a open dirt area that truckers stop to sleep), we finished the remaining two hours to Phoenix to settle in at the Desert Edge RV Park. 

Upon arriving, we quickly freshened up at the RV-Park’s amenities and then headed off to do some work at a local coffee shop next to the US Airways Arena so that we could market to the crowd heading there later that evening for the First Phoenix Sun’s game of the season.

Quite surprisingly, the Phoenix Sun’s crowd was fairly sparse for the game-opener.  But, in any case, we handed out and spoke with many people.  We even met a character and talented musician—George—next to the Arena playing his guitar and singing.  He will undoubtedly be promoting his events on our website.  Good luck George!

Thanks for following,

David Richardson, Moses Man & The Eventsfy Team

Day 7 – logistical work in Phoenix


Building a Community for Live Arts!

Today was a work day of data entry and behind the scenes activity—we planned for our tomorrow’s plan of action with visiting the many venues in the Phoenix area….

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Day 8 – promoting Eventsfy in Phoenix


We embarked on an ambitious day of activity—meeting with 15 different venue directors in the heart of Phoenix.  Before exploring Phoenix, we just never knew how large the Live Arts community was.  There were about ten Live Arts venues within a miles radius.

With an ample amount of assertiveness, we bypassed many of the gatekeepers to the venue directors.  However, sometimes we weren’t successful and had to settle for only a business card—which, of course, we will follow up.

Moses and I had many differing strategies with our approach to the venue directors—many times leading to lively debates between us with no one else there to resolve which course to pursue…eventually, Moses and I built some compromises with our approach and we continue to try to refine our strategy.

After the long and productive day making contacts, we headed back to the Great Desert Edge RV Park.

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David Richardson, Moses Man & The Eventsfy Team

Day 9 – promoting in Scottsdale/Tempe/Mesa


Building a Community for Live Arts!

We stayed in Arizona for another day so that we could visit several more venues in the Phoenix area—Scottsdale, Mesa, and Tempe.  We found quite a bit more success with the many smaller venues for Live Arts as opposed to the very large well-known venues.  We also visited the Mesa Arts Center where a Youth Festival was going on and were able to hand out many fliers to the attendees—they are definitely one 0f our target markets.

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David Richardson, Moses Man & The Eventsfy Team

Day 10 – our trek to San Diego


Building a Community for Live Arts!

Today revolved around mainly driving from Phoenix to San Diego—pretty uneventful.  We did stop at several comedy joints in Scottsdale before our trip from Romneyland to Obamaland.

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David Richardson, Moses Man & The Eventsfy Team

Day 11 – stuck on public transportation


Building a Community for Live Arts!

Administrative day in sunny San Diego – we took the clean and impressive San Diego Trolley from our RV Park to downtown.  We found a gem coffee house—Lion Coffee—which had a dozen choices for coffee.  We followed up with the many places we visited in the Phoenix area and then headed back to our rig to watch Monday Night Football.  However, we ran into some major difficulties on the way back.  The public transportation (SD Trolley) that we were so impressed with broke down—causing an over two-hour trek back to our RV Park.  Needless to say, our newly high opinions of public transportation dissipated…

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David Richardson, Moses Man & The Eventsfy Team

Day 12 – visiting San Diego State University


Building a Community for Live Arts!

Election Day… Today, we briefly stopped by a Printing Shop on the San Diego State University campus to print a recently taken photo of us in front of the RV to hand out to the venue directors so that we hope to differentiate ourselves from others—photo above.  After getting our picture printed, we realized the vast traffic of college students going to class.  We felt compelled to illegally park our RV in the middle of the heavy foot traffic to hand out fliers and promote Eventsfy—place was a gold mine.  College students were quite receptive and engaged with what we were doing.

Later, we visited many venues in the San Diego and had many encouraging conversations and contacts.  We ended the night at Croce’s Jazz Club—where the manager got us in for free.  We watched and spoke with the Jazz singer/artist Steph Johnson, who thoroughly entertained us.  Until tomorrow…

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David Richardson, Moses Man & The Eventsfy Team

Day 13 – meeting drum lady


Building a Community for Live Arts!

Last night on our walk home back to the RV—parked right on the city streets—Moses went to buy some water at the store and I continued the walk to the RV with the RV key in my pocket.  However, I somehow got lost on the journey back to the mobile motel; meanwhile, Moses was left in front of the RV—locked out.  After 20 minutes waiting for my arrival with the key, Moses got impatient and made some aerobatic attempts to climb through the window—finally, achieving success at the expense of some bruised up knees.

We woke up several times in the night to some street construction—probably a jackhammer—and then ventured off to the San Diego beach area to visit more venues.  We visited The Comedy Store—the longest running show in San Diego—and then ended the night at Winstons watching a comedy show competition.  The show was entertaining and funny—we spoke with one of the comedians, Dawn B, and she was a riot.

We parked the RV along the street by the beach and we’re woken to a clinically insane (literally) lady banging on the RV.  I confronted her outside and divulged my dislike of her banging on the RV.  She said she was wondering who we were and that she is a drummer…I realized now that she was just trying to show us her talent…

There was a police officer driving by and he stopped as I explained what was happening.  He told me he could take the lady to the insane asylum but he preferred not to—apparently, this is a common scene with this lady.  He told me she was harmless and I agreed not to have him take her away.

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David Richardson, Moses Man & The Eventsfy Team

Day 14 – After fortnight…Sleep – so nice…


Building a Community for Live Arts!

Nothing to report – we got in some much needed sleep and it was glorious… inaudible

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David Richardson, Moses Man & The Eventsfy Team

Day 15 – visiting LA Beach Area Venues…tough


Building a Community for Live Arts!

After a good 15 hours sleep from last night, we ventured off to the LA beach area—starting in Manhattan Beach and ending in Santa Monica—visiting nearly 25 venues.  Through this trip, we’ve found greater success with connecting with venue directors later in the day—after 1pm.  Many of the venues have late shows; therefore, coming in early isn’t a priority for some.

We had good conversations with many individuals in charge of their respective venues.  Our favorite stop for the day was at the Highways Theatre in Santa Monica, CA.  The place is an intimate venue for experiencing new, innovative works of music, theatre, and art.  Leo Garcia, the artistic director, gave us a personal tour and we very much appreciated it.

At the end of the day, we were able to meet up with a great friend, Dan Miller, and had a few good laughs…

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David Richardson, Moses Man & The Eventsfy Team

Day 16 – This is LA!


Building a Community for Live Arts!

Today, we embarked on a very ambitious agenda—visiting over 25 venues around Los Angeles.  We realized going later in the day was more successful, but this required our having to be ever-more efficient since the workday has been condensed.

You really don’t understand how many Art venues/theatres there are until you seek them out—LA area has a plethora of them (and they’re very sprawled out!).  We spent a good amount of time in Hollywood—repeating endlessly the Pretty Woman quote “Welcome to Hollywood where everybody’s got a dream—HEY Mister, What’s Your Dream?!”

We fell short of finishing our list by two venues, but we still felt satisfied with what we accomplished.  After a very tiring day, we had a nice dinner with Moses’s cousin and her boyfriend—Christina and Theo—at a solid Thai restaurant.

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David Richardson, Moses Man & The Eventsfy Team

Day 17 – California Road’s are bankrupted


Building a Community for Live Arts!

Today, we left the LA area for San Francisco.  In an attempt to save money, the past two nights we stayed on the side of the streets avoiding the RV parks nightly costs.  We were definitely due for another RV hook up at the RV parks, so that we could fill up on water, charge up devices, and flush out any unwanted build up…

Driving on the California Freeway/Highway System from LA to San Fran had to be the worst driving experience we’ve had with the RV—newly named Shrek.  The roads are so poorly taken care of that we are quite sure we blew a shock or two.  Good grief…when people always say California is bankrupt, this is a tell-tale sign of the repercussions of how a great state deteriorates.

After a very rough trek, we made it into Pacifica’s RV Park (next to San Fran) and settled in.

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David Richardson, Moses Man & The Eventsfy Team

Day 18 – Beautiful San Fran!


Building a Community for Live Arts!

Yesterday, we settled into an RV park in Pacifica, California right next to San Francisco.  Today was supposed to be an uneventful day of hours upon hours of administrative work, yet the day turned out much more interesting.  After putting in a good 12 hours of tedious behind-the-scenes work, the coffee shop—Chit Chat—that we were working at, unbeknownst to us, became an impromptu comedy show that presented both aspiring and established artists led by ring-leader Lynn Ruth Miller (79 years old!).  See Lynn Ruth Miller on Britain’s Got Talent at

I watched the comedians hone their craft in front of a smaller yet intimate crowd.  Afterwards, the comedians sat down to discuss ways to improve their approach at their next show and we were fortunate to get an interview and exchange contacts.

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David Richardson, Moses Man & The Eventsfy Team

Day 19 – Meeting “Bush Man”


Building a Community for Live Arts!

Today consisted of our first day off to relax and enjoy San Francisco.  The highlight of the day was most definitely “Bush Man,” who hones his craft almost everyday at Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco.  “Bush Man” hides behind a garbage can and his own bush branches that he brings to the street, and then scares the passer-byers.  We were watching the “Bush Man” work the streets for an hour while having lunch and we were entertained the entire time.  See video for footage of “Bush Man.”

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David Richardson, Moses Man & The Eventsfy Team

Day 20 – Jamming in San Francisco!


Building a Community for Live Arts!

We started the day by visiting our new comedian friend, Lynn Ruth Miller (, whom we met yesterday at her house so that we could assist her registering and adding events on  She is quite interesting and entertaining—at age 79 she is doing stand-up comedy shows four to five times a week!!  Amazing how vibrant and sharp her mind is at her young age of 79.

After visiting our new friend, we headed off to downtown San Francisco to visit many venue directors/managers.  We initially got off to a late and slow start with our marketing, but eventually ended the day strong by visiting almost 20 venues around the city.  From our video, you can see that we were serious and focused the entire day.

We ended the night at Rassales Jazz Club on the inundated “cultural” Fillmore Street—listening and then later talking with the highly talented jazz musicians Rodney Byrd & Co. (see video for footage).

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David Richardson, Moses Man & The Eventsfy Team

Day 21 – Last Night…Time to Celebrate!


Building a Community for Live Arts!

Today, we got off to an early and fast start—making to downtown early.  We hit up the SF Symphony, Opera, and Ballet venues—quite large and wonderfully designed.  We stayed focus throughout the day so that we could head back home early tomorrow morning.

We ended the night celebrating with our new performer friends at Angelica’s Bistro in Redwood, CA—Lynn Ruth Miller was headlining with Heather Klein and Alan Schneider as the openers.  We had dinner with the three before their comedy/singing acts and had some lively conversations.  We really appreciated our time with them all and would like to thank Lynn Ruth, Heather, and Alan for the good times.

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David Richardson, Moses Man & The Eventsfy Team

Day 22 – Coming Home


Building a Community for Live Arts!

We got up before 6am to head back home to Seattle from San Francisco—a 14 hour trek.  We knew it was going to be a long and difficult drive but we were determined to make it.  We stopped in Portland, OR for an hour around 6pm so that the traffic could trim down, and then started again—making it to Seattle just before 10pm.  After over three weeks of sun, we were welcomed home—exhausted—to a showery rain… Ah, good-ole Seattle.  We missed you!

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David Richardson, Moses Man & The Eventsfy Team