Live Events in the U.S. Greeting Audience with Joy This Holiday Season

Live Music Events

Essence of Music

Music is a key part of our life. We desire music when burdened with work, even when nothing to do. It’s one of the beautiful art that just takes the heart of millions. Many believe that it’s a source to connect a person with the inner self. 

The music industry has gone through a tremendous change. There are several genres of music that contain in-depth artistic research. Do you know American music has two regional styles- Country & Western music? The music with simple tunes & fewer musical instruments refers to country music. Whereas big bands are part of western music. 

Short-Divine History of American Music

America is famous for jazz, rock, pop, blues, and country music around the globe. The live music events in the U.S. are remarkable as the audience just enjoys to the core. People from different countries attend events organized in the U.S. because of the aura & flavor the music band delivers. 

Native American have played a pivotal role in the history of American music. Their music was generally based on religion. Once America colonized from European countries like Spain, England, Ireland, France, etc., the music started advancing by introducing polyrhythms & call-and-response style vocals.

What’s Special About the U.S. Music Events

➤ Touch of the 1940s & 50s

When the bands touch the roots of the 40s and 50s, that just adds a creative glimpse to the event. The 1940s was the period of rock and roll music, which was just the beginning of western rock music. Till the 50s, rock music reaches its peak of popularity, which include popular cowboy songs. Artists add the layer of well-known traditional rock music stars like Bob Wills and burn the stage by capturing the audience’s attention. 

Heavy Metal Music

The U.S. events also include heavy metal music that creates a hangover for the people attending it. The pioneer of heavy metal music is Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath (famous British Band). The music often has a menacing tone and heavy vocals that influence the audience. The music was recognized from the 1970s, and musician like David Bowie was everyone’s favorite because of the costumes & themes. 

Rap Music Beating the Floor

Rap music holds the rhythmic beats & speech that make the audience dance until they don’t give up. It’s a style of African-Americans and gradually become sought-after throughout the world. The genre is composed of hip-hop culture, including DJing, scratching, beatboxing, and instrumental tracks. In various New York live music events, rap music is a demand, especially trap & mumble rap subgenres. Eminem, Drake, Snoop Dogg, etc., are admired rappers turning the live events into memorable. 

➤ Fervent Punk Rock Style

Punk rock is becoming the show limelight of the night events in America. This genre of music is fast-paced and has a hard singing style with high pitch melodies. The style has become so trending as musicians make punk rock music, including political or anti-establishment lyrics. In the 1980s, the British band called Clash threw attention to this music style, which was applauded by the fans. Later on, it becomes one of the leading music styles in America. 

Time For Yourself

2020 is a drastic year for the world because of the deadly virus. Music freaks are dying to attend the events and ensure to come back to everyday life. Book the live music events near you and build new moments of joy. In short, this holiday season is the time to flow with music and stress out the negativity. 

Young the Giant w/ Fitz and the Tantrums

Alternative/Indie rock band Young the Giant headlined at Marymoor outdoor amphitheater over the weekend along with Fitz & The Tantrums with support from Coin. The coheadlining summer tour was inspired by the meaning of Young the Giant’s hit ‘Superposition’.

The California quintet started off by performing many of their well-known songs from the album ‘Mirror Master’ released last fall – below you can listen to ‘Oblivion’ and ‘Master Mirror’.  We are in love with every song on the track – which are both smart and catchy.

It was their singles ‘Cough Syrup’ and ‘My Body’ both released in 2011 that made Young the Giant close to a household name.  But it’s their current album and stage performance by Sameer Gadhia that will keep them rising. The crowd loved the vocals and electricity radiating from the lead singer. 

To catch Young the Giant on tour, visit

Tripwires & T Minus 5 @ Seattle’s Tractor Tavern

Tripwires, the Seattle-based rock group that is known for making old music sound new, opened for T Minus 5 at Ballard’s Tractor Tavern. 

The Seattle supergroup Tripwires includes John Ramberg of T Minus 5 and Model Rockets, Jim Sangster of Young Fresh Fellows, Mark Picerel of Screaming Trees and Johnny Sangster. 

Pop band T Minus 5 headlined the sold-out show at the Tractor. Lead Scott McCaughey (of Young Fresh Fellows) wrote songs for the album ‘Stoke Manor’ after suffering a stroke in 2018.  The band also includes guitarist Peter Buck of R.E.M. 

The videos below include Tripwires followed by T Minus 5.

The Beth’s at Chop Suey

The Beth's

New Zealand Indie rock band The Beths stopped by Seattle’s retro Chop Suey nightclub last night as part of their 2019 North American summer tour in support of their album ‘Future Me Hates Me’. The album has been noted as one of most impressive indie-rock albums of the year. Which likely attributes to their sold-out shows. Last night the Seattle venue was packed from wall to wall, and from front to back with hot, sweaty fans anticipating the band’s entrance.

The pop-punk band members, including lead singer and guitarist Elizabeth Stokes, boyfriend and guitarist Jonathan Pearce and bassist Ben Sinclair met in college while studying jazz. They describe their music as ‘guitar music’ and it’s very apparent in the unique sounds and performances. Guitar music is just what they like. Stokes writes most when she’s feeling emotional – either super stoked or super upset. Many of the lyrics on their latest album reflect Stokes feelings about romance and all the self-doubts and over-thinking associated with it.

This New Zealand band is making headlines worldwide. To catch a live performance visit

Ormao Summer Dance Cs 2019

Ormao Summer Dance Camp 2019

Ormao Dance Company & School is a resident professional dance company since 1990. With the goal to bring premiere, challenging modern dance performance and classes to Colorado as a whole, the school includes open-to-the-public dance classes for ages 3 and above. It is an innovative, exclusive, and non-competitive home for dance and arts in downtown Colorado Springs.

The dance school got its name “ORMAO” from an ancient Greek term signifying ‘movement with force’ and reflects the diversity in the company’s contemporary dance. Having a two-decade history of excellence, the award-winning modern dance company performs in collaboration with other artists as well. The school offers original performances with classes ranging from ballet, modern, and hip-hop for children and adults.

Enjoy the Ormao Summer Dance Camp for students aged from 3 to 11 on June 11, 2019, at the Ormao Dance School, Colorado. The dance camps at Ormao nourish the imaginations of children, empowering learning and creativity through movement, music, and crafts.


Brooklyn Bowl

Brooklyn Bowl is a complete 16 lanes bowling experience to have a wonderful and elevated experience sitting at the best of the seats in the house. It is an ecstatic family experience which is better understood by the event name itself- Family Bowl.

To watch the show from the best seats in the Bowler’s lounge you need to fill out the form and book your tickets well in advance. One of the most incredible places on Earth offers bowling at its finest with large leather Chesterfield sofas and food by Blue Ribbon along with other local brews and much more.

Try and reach the venue: Brooklyn Bowl, 61 Wythe Avenue, Brooklyn, NY on time (12.00 PM onwards) as the event follows first come first serve policy except for the already booked ones and have a fantastic bowling experience.

Following are the rentals of bowling:
Monday- Sunday- $25 per lane per half hour up to 8 per lane
Shoe Rentals- $4.95
Socks @$5.00 per pair



The Fancy Feet Dance Academy offers an environment where ages two through adult can express and grow through music and dance with a wide variety of classes to choose from. Founded in 1992 by Emily Kay Tillman, the professional and talented staff at the studio bring variety and creative artistry to the school. They are focused on the principal ethics of teaching children and adults alike to perform from the heart.

The studio provides both a competitive as well as a non-competitive environment where the dancers are encouraged to open their minds and hearts to dance. It is a proud home to over 300 students inspiring them to become a well-rounded dancer with opportunities to perform at various events.

Fancy Feet 27th Annual Recital “Be our Guest” is held at Santa Monica High School in Barnum Hall on June 8th, 2019. Do not miss the chance to view the dance recital and meet the director of the studio who has forty-two years of teaching experience, thirty-seven years in business and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Dance, Drama, and Theatre.

BOOKCon 2019

BookCon 2019

BookCon 2019 is an annual fan convention where storytelling and pop culture collide and bring your favourite stories to life. It was established in 2014 in New York City and took the idea for the name from other fan conventions such as Comic-Con.

BookCon is an immersive experience which lets you experience the origin of the story in all its forms by interacting with authors, publishers, celebrities, and creators of content that influence everything we read, hear and see. It is run by ReedPOP who is the organiser of New York Comic Con, Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo, Star Wars Celebration, and other events.

BookCon is the ultimate celebration of books where consumers and brands learn the origin of their favourite stories brought to life. The show includes Q&As with the hottest talent, autographing sessions, storytelling podcasts, special screenings and so much more.

Visit BookCon 2019 at the Jacob Javits Centre in New York on June 1st to the 2nd, 2019, if you are a book lover and have a passion for reading, and meet your favourite authors in person.

Shear Madness


Shear Madness is an interactive comedy whodunit delighting audiences night after night with its spontaneous humor. This unique comedy takes place in the Shear Madness hair salon in which the landlady, Isabel Czerny, who lives above the salon is murdered. The audience gets involved in the action by questioning the actors and thus attempting to solve the crime. The outcome of the play is never the same which further attracts attendees to see the play multiple times.

Shear Madness has been voted the “Best Comedy of the Year” seven times by the Boston Globe, was recipient of the title “Best Play of the Year” by both the Chicago Sun-Times and the Philadelphia Enquirer, received the Raven Award from the Mystery Writers of America and has been inducted into the Comedy Hall of Fame, the first play ever to receive that accolade. 

The comedy has also been listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the longest running play in the history of the USA.

The show appropriately engages the audience as detectives to spot the clues, question the suspects, and solve the funniest of mysteries. Do not miss the opportunity to watch this comedy which has been translated into 23 foreign languages.


My fair lady

My Fair Lady is an entertaining musical based on George Bernard Shaw’s Pygmalion, with book and lyrics by Alan Jay Lerner and music by Frederick Loewe. The story is about a flower girl named Eliza Doolittle who takes speech lessons from professor Henry Higgins so that she may pass as a lady. The musical opened on Broadway in 1956 and in 1957 won six Tony Awards, including Best Musical.

This 1956 production was a notable critical and popular success which set a record for the longest run of any show on Broadway up to that time. My Fair Lady has been called “the perfect musical”.

The musical was followed by a hit production in London, a popular film version, and many revivals. It’s a biting satire that makes both the most egoistic snob and the “lowliest” street person treat with gentle humour and respect. The musical does include one shot of the tipsy bridegroom on the way to his wedding, and one main character smokes a cigar depicting scenes of moderate drinking on social occasions.

Do not miss out on the ‘Perfect Musical’ and book tickets to My Fair Lady at The Main Street Theatre in downtown Columbiana, Ohio from June 7th to the 16th, 2019.