Hopscotch Music Festival

Hopscotch Music Festival returns to downtown Raleigh to celebrate its tenth-year annual three-day music festival. It was founded by Greg Lowenhagen and Grayson Currin with the first festival held in September, 2010 which featured 130 bands across 10 venues. The Hopscotch festival is known for its adventurous lineups, memorable performances, and a fan-friendly atmosphere.

It has been a signature event for the creative community of Raleigh, North Carolina where 25% of the festival’s performers hail from in-state. Hopscotch is a city-wide celebration for locals and fans with live shows that stretch across 12 walkable venues. The festival performances highlight diversity by featuring almost every genre imaginable i.e. rock, hip-hop, metal, folk, electronic, experimental, and others.

The show hosts day parties where the record labels, local promoters, bands, and art organisations book their own shows that happen throughout the city each afternoon of Hopscotch.

In addition, the Hopscotch Design Festival is a gathering of designers, thinkers, and makers who work across graphic design, architecture, user experience design, technology, food, film, music, and more.

Do not miss the amazing 2019 edition of the festival and book your tickets soon!