The Looney Lutherans in Young(ish) at Heart

Young(ish) at Heart with Looney Lutherans is all about celebrating getting older because age is nothing but a number. Looney Lutherans are a trio of crazy girls who share tips for aging humorously using comedy, music, and help from the audience. The storyline of the show is comedic and family-friendly and you don’t have to be Lutheran to love it.

The interactive comedy also includes a game show, WHAT’S IN YOUR LUNCHBOX, a musical and creative therapy for dealing with all those aches and pains as well as tips for keeping fit. Getting older may be a “pain in the neck” but celebrating old age with maturity and laughter is good medicine.

These girls love to share tips to a long and healthy life their way, the Lutheran way. The Looney Lutherans are the authors of the cookbook and lifestyle guide entitled Use Your Food: A Guide to Healthy Living Inside and Out, From Our Kitchen to Yours, Eat Like a Lutheran!

Celebrate being YOUNG(ish) at HEART with Looney Lutherans at The Black Box Theatre, Ames Center!