SOLO- South Louisiana Songwriters Festival & Workshop

South Louisiana Songwriters Festival & Workshop (SOLO) is a unique event that brings professional, aspiring and local writers together to be inspired by each other as well as collaborate, create and mentor together. They will then debut their creations over the next two days of the festival. It is an intimate and creative songwriting process with a public-facing festival.

The goal of SOLO is not only bring writers together to collaborate, but to also find inspiration from the rich, soulful and authentic vibe of South Louisiana. Lafayette is known not only for its heritage but also for its inherited musical talent, engineers, and studios capable of inspiring and creating relevant music.

Have an intimate and enchanting evening with Nick Lowe as the opening program on May 22nd, 2019. It is a night not to be missed as Nick is one of the most prolific songwriters of the era.

SOLO will feature top local, national, and international writers, as well as those who participated in the workshop. Writers will debut their songs and the artists will perform individually with their collaborators.

Plan your visit to see the festival in the happiest city of America and be a part of South Louisiana Songwriters Festival.