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About Seattle

Seattle is a multifaceted city in the Pacific Northwest, an area that has become more popular over the last 20 years. Seattle is known as the “espresso cart capital of the world,” but it also has a great dining scene with well-known chefs and food from all over the world. Seattle is home to many successful new businesses, like Microsoft, Starbucks,, and REI. Freshwater and saltwater are everywhere, and the city’s maritime history locations are easily accessible.

Many people think it’s always raining in Seattle, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Even though it does rain in Seattle in the fall, winter, and sometimes spring, the summers are usually warm and dry. 

Today, Seattle is a place where the arts rise, and outdoor activities are a big part of everyday life. Moreover, there are several places to visit in Seattle. The only thing that keeps people away is the terrible traffic jams, which signify how popular the area is getting. With 4.02 million people, the Seattle metropolitan area is the 15th largest in the United States. With a development rate of 21.1% between 2010 and 2020, it is one of the largest cities in the country with the fastest growth.

A Seattle tour wouldn’t be complete without trying their best Chinese food. There are various best restaurants in Seattle that sell delicious seafood. If you are obsessed with finding the best hotels and restaurants in Downtown Seattle, keep reading!

Stay in Seattle

Seattle is a dynamic, imaginative city, making it the best location to visit on the West Coast and in Washington state. To be sure you have a wonderful time while you’re here, you need to pick the best places to stay in Seattle.

In Emerald City, not all areas are suitable for everyone. Depending on your preferences, you may want to go out at night, relax with the locals, or maximize your money’s worth. 

Here is the list of top hotels where you can stay.

Warwick Seattle

This 18-story hotel with an on-site restaurant is just a seven-minute walk from Seattle’s famed Pike Place Market. In addition, there is an indoor pool and a whirlpool. The Warwick Seattle’s spacious rooms include floor-to-ceiling windows and individual Juliet balconies inspired by Seattle culture. 

At Margaux Warwick, you’ll find a varied menu described as “Norwegian cuisine,” combining local inspirations with products and techniques from the Northwest. 

A full-service gym is available to all hotel guests, including treadmills, an elliptical, a recumbent bicycle, and more. 

Hyatt Regency Seattle


Hyatt Regency Seattle is located 1.2 kilometers from Pike Place Market and 1.7 kilometers from Space Needle. It features a fitness center and a bar.  It is the best state hotel in Seattle because of its affordably priced. Every morning, guests can choose between an à la carte and an American-style breakfast at the lodging. The hotel is 12 kilometers from Boeing Field/King County International Airport.

The Mediterranean Inn

The Mediterranean Inn is just a 10-minute walk from The Space Needle and has a rooftop patio with sweeping views of the Seattle skyline, the Olympic Mountains, Mount Rainier, and Elliot Bay. 

The Mediterranean Inn has a front desk open 24 hours a day. This hotel is 2 km from Pike Place Market. 

Things To Do in Seattle

Even though Seattle is known for its rain, it is not a place to stay inside. There are so many outdoor things to do in Seattle that even people there often find new things. A perfect day in Seattle must, of course, begin with coffee. Even though it’s the home of Starbucks, there are also a lot of great small coffee shops that Starbucks doesn’t own. After that, you can visit popular places like the Space Needle or Pioneer Square, museums, gardens, markets, and other places. You’ll have to work up a real hunger to eat at Seattle’s best restaurants. No matter what you like, Seattle has something for you on the list of things to do.

Space Needle

What is it?

This Seattle landmark was built for the 1962 World’s Fair and is considered one of the most famous. The attraction gives great views of downtown and the Puget Sound, the Cascades, and the Olympic Mountains.

Why go?

 Skyrise has tilting glass walls that make it look like you’re floating in the air. 

Pike Place Market

What is it?

You should visit a well-known market no matter how long your trip is. Even though it’s a market, it’s Seattle’s most-visited landmark, which is pretty cool, right? It’s also a perfect place for foodies to try exotic cuisine.

Why go?

Explore Pink Door, a hidden local favorite that serves fresh, tasty Italian food. Pike Place Chowder, which has some of the best clam chowders west of Boston. If you go to the other side, you’ll find The Crumpet Shop, another hidden food spot in Pike Place. However, they have been known to run out of food by lunchtime.

Pop Culture Museum

What’s that?

The collections here concentrate on the most significant eras in popular culture, such as science fiction and rock music, amongst a wide range of other examples throughout the pop culture spectrum. Several cutting-edge exhibitions and interactive installations bring these periods to life.

Why go?

The exhibition space is wrapped in a fluid design by Frank Gehry. It is about pop culture and science fiction. You can play in your virtual rock band and learn about the area’s long history of rock music, or check out the Science Fiction and Fantasy Hall of Fame.

The Smith Tower

What’s that?

Smith Tower was the first Seattle skyscraper and the tallest tower west of the Mississippi River. It has been a symbol of the city’s culture for more than a hundred years, thanks to its breathtaking views and beautiful architecture.

Why go?

Check out the Smith Tower if you want to see Seattle from a view similar to the Space Needle but without all the tourists. If you wish for amazing things to do in Seattle at night, The Smith Tower in Seattle’s Pioneer Square is the best option, and it is a great place to eat or drink. Even if you only stop by for a quick cocktail, you should check out the bar’s speakeasy vibe.

Now that you have discovered its most popular tourist destinations, it is time to organize your trip to this wonderfully enjoyable city. Take a holiday from your daily responsibilities to plan an ideal vacation with your dear ones.  

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