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About Boston

Are you fed up with vacaying around over-hyped sea beaches? How about navigating through city water routes along with enjoying typical water sports? If yes, you have certainly got to visit Boston, whose inland water geographical conditions make its landscape unique and vacay-friendly.

Boston, located in Massachusetts in the northeastern United States, is a phenomenal blend of rich culture and modernity. Among the prime melting spots and tourist attractions, Boston art museums and historical places hold great significance.

Most of all, holding the fifth rank in “innovation” in the year 2017, the city of Boston is home to top-notch education centers, industries, cultural assets, and much more. In addition, thousands of digital startups and entrepreneurs have emerged from Boston in the past decade.

Attracting endless tourists every year, Boston has now become a well-adored tourist destination across the United States. It is advisable to visit Boston from late June to mid-September as the weather is pleasant and you can enjoy fun activities. To explore further about places to visit and hotels to stay in Boston, Massachusetts, keep scrolling along.

Stay In Boston

Along with decent accommodations, you can find a rich era of brimming culture even within the hotels in Boston. Made with contemporary style and unique luxuries, places to stay in Boston are a perfect combination to enjoy travel and leisure. Without further ado, let us walk through some of the budget as well as luxury hotels in Boston, MA:

1. The Whitney Hotel
The condo building of Whitney Hotel showcases large windows and blinking architecture, offering a wholesome accommodation experience. The property is situated near renowned tourist destinations, including The National WWII Museum and Charles River Esplanade. One of the most prominent features of The Whitney Hotel is that it is pet friendly and helps tourists & their pets with a comfortable stay.

2. The Newbury Boston
The Newbury is a Highgate property and was opened as the country’s first-ever Ritz-Carlton in 1927. It recently got redesigned into a facility with sophisticatedly rich colors and artistic detailing. Soon after its refurbishment, the facility has become a go-to place to stay for tourists.

3. Four Seasons Hotel Boston
Among the luxurious 5-star hotels in Boston, Four Seasons Hotel Boston holds a reputable place. It is widely popular for being visited by famous personalities as it is located in the Back Bay. The facility offers unparalleled amenities, including spa rooms, swimming pools, fitness centers, and much more, along with a swooning view of the Public Gardens.

4. Royal Sonesta Boston
This accommodation facility has emerged to be a perfect spot to stay comfortably with views of the iconic city skyline. The outdoor patio placement and indoor pools are absolutely amusing in such a budget-friendly hotel. In addition, downtown Boston is within walking distance of Royal Sonesta, so tourists can conveniently visit the Museum of Science and other highly adored tourist spots.

Now that you are aware of luxurious hotels falling within your budget take a look at some fun things to do in Boston, MA, to make your visit memorable.

Things to do in Boston

Exploring the city of Boston, where cultural artistry meets glass-enclosed shopping galleries, where theatre performances host equal audiences as nightclubs, is a never-ending conversation. Below listed are some fun things to do in Boston and cherish these moments afterward:

1. Faneuil Hall
Built in 1740-42, Faneuil Hall, also known as the “cradle of liberty,” showcases the meeting place of revolutionaries and, later, of abolitionists. The ground floor of the facility remains occupied by market stalls. In addition, tourists can learn about the rich history of Boston by visiting the facility’s fourth-floor exhibiting weaponry, uniforms, and paintings of significant battles.

2. Public Garden – Ride The Swan Boats
The Boston Public Garden lies in the heart of the city and is America’s oldest park. It is widely admired by locals as well as tourists to stroll around and spend some relaxing time. In addition, From November to the middle of March, you can rent skates to slide on the Frog Pond. While there, take in the spring blossoms and fall foliage colors that reflect on its surface; and during the summer, watch kids splash around in the wading pool.

3. Museum of Science
If you are tech-savvy, the Museum of Science is one of the exciting things to see in Boston. The facility encourages its admirers to learn through hands-on exploration of science and technology. The stage presentations and interpreters indulge the audience in various aspects of physics, biology, chemistry, ecology, zoology, astronomy, and computers. Museum is a fun place that represents laser and star shows to intrigue the interests of younger ones in science and technology (remember how Boston is giving birth to young and thriving entrepreneurs).

4. Boston Harbor and Whale Watching Cruises
Looking for cool things to explore with your partner/spouse in Boston?

Board the Odyssey to cruise through Boston Harbor and spend some special moments with your better half. After that, devour the delicious lunch and dinner with the views of the Boston skyline from the water. The skyline and moonlight are utterly romantic, especially while cruising through the city.

5. Symphony Hall
In the end, you can not miss The Bostom Symphony Orchestra at Symphony Hall. This is the iconic concert hall operating since 1900. The Symphony Hall hosts regular concerts as well as special events, including Boston Pop’s yearly performance. Isn’t this a good enough reason to pay your visit to this facility with your loved ones?

6. Samuel Adams Brewery
After visiting the rich architectural museums and art galleries, stop by Samuel Adams Brewer for some ales. You can take a tour around this lovely brewery to get insights into the brewing, bottling, and branding process.

While the guide has come to an end, we hope it was insightful and fed you with useful information. Plan your next staycation to Boston, MA, and rejuvenate your mind by visiting exciting places in the city.
Enjoy your vacation!!!

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