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About the City

Music comes to mind when someone mentions Nashville. It’s because the history of Nashville is mostly outlined around music! People actually call this city “Music City.” Over 100 years, many live bands have been playing in various pubs and bars. The credit goes to Fisk Jubilee singers from Nashville’s Fisk and Queen Victoria universities. The band was formed in 1871 and built a way for country music. Their fame called them to the White House to perform live.

Furthermore, you will discover thousands of local bands performing pop, rock, country, blues, and numerous types of music in cafes, music halls, restaurants, and theaters.

If you are visiting Nashville for the first time, ensure not to miss the city’s famous cuisines. Hot chicken, southern barbeque, farm burgers, fried pickles, deli sandwiches, and classic pizza are the city’s luscious delights.

Another amazing fact about the city is the spectacular sports bars. Locals and tourists visit sports bars that usually have a lively atmosphere. People enjoy games on a large projection wall or LED TVs along with snacks and beverages. Wondering which sports the city adores? Well, there are two outdoor sports that people are crazy about – hockey and football.

Once you board here, you will experience southern culture as it has strong African American influences. Moreover, the best time to visit this music-enriched city is from April to October. It’s because the warm weather is open to big music festivals and events.

Stay in Nashville

Premium Hotels
Do you know where the celebs stay in Nashville? Hutton Hotel, Barista Parlor, The Palm, and The Turnip Truck are luxury hotels in Nashville. These hotels are known for their royalty interiors and services. Rejuvenating spas, private pools, natural sightseeings, exotic pubs, etc., are some of the elite amenities that make you feel special throughout the stay.

Affordable Hotels

Many tourists look for the best hotels in Nashville that are economical. Drury Plaza Hotel, Cambria Hotel, Sonder The Saddlery, Hampton Inn & Suites, and Fairfield Inn & Suites are some fair-price stays that you can keep an eye on. Basic amenities like wifi, restaurants, free parking, an outdoor swimming pool, and a fitness center are available to deliver your stay a comfortable indulgence.


Some travelers don’t want to end up within the four walls of a hotel. They want adventure and extraordinary amusement in their trip, which is possible by hiring RVs. Fortunately, there are plenty of RV parks and campgrounds in this music city. Nashville KOA, Safe Harbor RV Resort, Seven Points Campground, Two Rivers Campground, Nashville Shores, and a few more are open year-round. You will surely cherish the hospitality and facilities provided by them.
Things to do in Nashville
There are several fun places to see in Nashville, Tennessee, that take your trip to the next level. Some of them are penned down below:

➤Country Music Hall of Fame

A trip to the Country Music Hall of Fame is unquestionably among the top things to do in Nashville. Even if you are not a music lover, you will develop some taste for music once you visit here. It is one of the world’s biggest museums, accompanied by 2.5 million music treasures like timeless records, pictures, instruments, and much more. The name of the hall says it all; country music is given tribute while also emphasizing contemporary and crossover musicians.

➤ Game Point Cafe

Game Point Cafe is a lovely cafe in East Nashville where 400+ entertaining games are enjoyed. Also, order plenty of coffee, beers, and local food. The best thing about this cafe is that it doesn’t impose a fee for entry, unlike other game-focused cafes. During the weekday evenings as well as weekends, they provide game coaches. The entire setting is carefree and created to promote enjoyment.

➤ Parthenon

Originally constructed in 1897, the Parthenon serves as an art museum, displaying a collection of artworks created by American painters in the 19th and 20th centuries. Athena is a 42-foot-tall statue that serves as the structure’s focal point. Furthermore, it’s an uncommon sight in Southern America.

➤ Nashville Biscuit House
The pre-eminent delicacies that are served for breakfast, noon, and dinner are biscuits. Many people prefer to smother them in gravy. These light and flaky cookies can be enjoyed with nothing more than a layer of butter spread on top. Nashville is known for its abundance of eateries to have biscuits and gravy, a traditional Southern cuisine. The most well-known place is Nashville Biscuit House.

Do you know Nashville, TN, is loaded with Music Festivals?

As you know, the town is recognized for its music. So, every year the city’s calendar is filled with recurring music festivals. 2022 is packed with tons of top festivals like Pilgrimage Music & Cultural Festival, Moon River Music Festival, Imagine Music Festival, Louder Than Life, Mempho Music Festival, etc. Plan out your trip to relish these lively festivals and events.

➤Street Art
Street art is everywhere in Nashville and is considered a pleasing attraction in Nashville, TN. Murals and artwork are everywhere, under bridges, in parking lots, and in alleys. It’s like going on a treasure hunt to find them all throughout the city.

The “Wings mural,” painted by Kelsey Montague, is a well-known mural located in The Gulch. Visitors wait patiently for their time for a snapshot. Germantown and East Nashville districts are also notable places to view street art.

Why to Visit Nashville: Final Takeaway
Music, food, and sports are good reasons to explore Nashville. However, it doesn’t mean there is nothing beyond them. It’s the perfect place for couples to create memories. For instance,

  • Enjoy a carriage ride
  • Visit Love Circle for romantic evenings
  • Discover Cheekwood having 11 themed gardens with a variety of flowers and plants
  • Have an intimate and cozy atmosphere at Belcourt Theater

If you have kids on your trip, then the city has kids-friendly yet family attractions like Adventure Science Center, Tennessee State Museum, Treetop Adventure Park, Nashville Zoo, and Grand Ole Opry.

That’s all for Nashville that we think you must know about as a traveler. We hope you find the information useful!

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