Long Grove Apple Fest

The 2019 edition Apple Fest will take place in historic downtown Long Groove for the 28th consecutive year. The fest hosts visitors from all around the country. and guarantees ounces of fun. The apple orchards become home to dozens of local merchants with baskets of freshly picked apples along with other original Long Grove products. As always the Long Grove festival showcases music on the festival’s three stages.

The heart of apple festival includes local made, apple-inspired cuisines with countless of handmade options including items like chocolate caramel apples, apple wine, hard apple ciders, spiced apple lattes, apple pie, apple cheesecake, apple sugar cookies, apple crisps and much more.

Apart from the Apple Fest, you can also enjoy various other activities along with your friends, kids, and family. The event features live entertainment, music, shopping, fine dining, as well as exciting games for children such as pony rides, kiddie rides, face painting, etc. Welcome the three-day annual festival with great enthusiasm and participation.