Foy Vance

Foy Vance, the son of a traveling church minister is a Northern Irish musician who gave rise to jazz, blues, and soul in the South. Born in Bangor, United Kingdom in 1974, Vance developed a keen interest in music at a very early age exploring and traveling around the poor churches of the South. During the 90’s he naturally fell into the role of a singer/songwriter with the acoustic guitar.

The artist released his debut album, ‘HOPE’ in 2007 with Wurdamouth Records. The album obtained some critical acclaim in the UK with the album track “Two Shades of Hope” containing a hidden recording of his daughter Ella, singing at the end. Foy Vance toured in support of singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran. His music has also been featured on the numerous TV shows. He released his second full-length album on August 2013, ‘Joy of Nothing’, produced by Irish producer and arranger Michael Keeney. The album received critical acclaim and included vocal features by Ed Sheeran and Bonnie Raitt. In May 2016, he released his third studio album ‘The Wild Swan’ produced and mixed by Jacquire King.