"Alice in Wonderland: The Musical"

Alice in Wonderland is an all-together entertaining, enchanting, and brilliant production with undisputed success. It is a story of wonder and nonsense, of questions with no answers, of riddles and games and above all of magic and adventure to which everyone, young and old, can be immersed.

It’s a family-friendly musical which presents a modern take on Lewis Caroll’s timeless story. In other words, the musical is a punchy and stylish fairy tale with a modern twist. Alice in Wonderland is a well-loved story of little Alice Liddell who rushes after a White rabbit dressed as a gentleman and enters into an incredible world of adventure!

The musical comedy is now playing at Glendale Centre Theatre. Do not miss the universal tale of Alice in Wonderland. Alice meets a number of familiar characters including Tweedledee and Tweedledum, the Mad Hatter and of course the famous Queen. The spectacular musical comedy will entertain families with beautiful music, amazing dancing, and pure magic.