6 Inspiring Things to do and see in Los Angeles

Los Angeles city is recognized across the globe – with its Hollywood glamor, multicultural demography and stunning beaches just to name a few. Most everyone wants to visit this city at some point in their near future. It is the second-highest populated city after New York that runs day & night with the same speed. First time visitors will want to plan out their visit since there are an overwhelmingly large number of events, activities and adventures to enjoy. If you are considering a visit to this city, the following information can help in planning out your days. 

6 Top Things to Explore in Los Angeles for New Visitors

Party at Sunset Strip

For party lovers, Los Angeles is a heaven because of its world class pubs and clubs. To see and experience the most happening place in L.A., we recommend visiting Sunset Strip. This mile and a half long strip passes through the West Hollywood area. Concert clubs, chic restaurants, dance clubs and boutiques are the main attractions here. This iconic place is the top district for music and entertainment lovers year-round. 

Experience an aerial view of the city at Night

Los Angeles is a city of lights that looks more beautiful at night than day. Experiencing an aerial view of the city at night is a site not to be forgotten. There are private helicopter tours that offer flights over the long beach area. Griffith’s Observatory, Vista Hermosa Natural park and Echo park also provide amazing aerial views of the city. 

Travel Tip:- Don’t forget to carry a high definition camera for recording the magnificent aerial view

Join Popular Live Shows Shooting

As we all know, many television shows are filmed in Hollywood. These famous TV shows that you watch from home can often be experienced in person at the physical shooting location of the show. Often, advance ticket purchases are necessary. 

Watching your favorite personalities in real life can be an unforgettable experience.

Spend an Evening at Santa Monica Pier

If you want to experience all that the Los Angeles area has to offer, consider visiting the Santa Monica Pier either at day or night. The Pier has remained a popular amusement place for people since its development in 1906. Carnival games and the giant ferris wheel are a couple main attractions, but the pier and the area are filled with excellent restaurants and entertainment. If you are traveling with children, keep this place in mind. 

Try Authentic International Cuisine

As mentioned earlier, Los Angeles is a city of cultural fusions. Thus, you must try some exotic cuisines at some of the finest restaurants. Foodies can try Moroccan, Japanese and Nigerian dishes for the best cuisine experience. We recommend exploring both popular and unique restaurants!  

County Museum of Art

Art lovers shouldn’t miss the opportunity to see some magnificent masterpieces at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. They have an official website where you can check the upcoming exhibitions of arts in Los Angeles. Tickets are also available at their website. Go through their curatorial area to navigate through the work of globally renowned artists. 

To summarize, we hope you consider a visit to this well-known city full of opportunities and experiences for any age traveler. The above are just a few of the top sites to see and explore.