Tripwires & T Minus 5 @ Seattle's Tractor Tavern

Tripwires, the Seattle-based rock group that is known for making old music sound new, opened for T Minus 5 at Ballard’s Tractor Tavern. 

The Seattle supergroup Tripwires includes John Ramberg of T Minus 5 and Model Rockets, Jim Sangster of Young Fresh Fellows, Mark Picerel of Screaming Trees and Johnny Sangster. 

Pop band T Minus 5 headlined the sold-out show at the Tractor. Lead Scott McCaughey (of Young Fresh Fellows) wrote songs for the album ‘Stoke Manor’ after suffering a stroke in 2018.  The band also includes guitarist Peter Buck of R.E.M. 

The videos below include Tripwires followed by T Minus 5.