Sierra Madre Playhouse is presenting a show Stuart Little particularly for young audiences aged 4 to 10, but the entire family can enjoy it also. It has been innovatively staged with puppets, projections and original music. Stuart Little was E.B. White’s beloved fantasy for a mouse who became a part of the human family in New York.

The stage adaptation of Stuart Little was done by Joseph Robinette. Being inappropriately small in stature for a mouse, he displays much wit and intelligence to win the audience’s adoration. Stuart Little becomes engulfed into many adventures that explicitly bring his story to life to amaze and entertain the audience. Some of the adventures are winning a sailboat race in Central Park, befriending a beautiful bird and protecting her from a malicious cat, and learning to drive a car, etc. This stage adaptation delivers plenty of humor, heart, and action to attract a huge audience.

Do not miss the delightful experience of an unusual mouse on April 27, 2019, at Sierra Madre Playhouse.