Nightclubs in Portland

Explore the pulsating heart of Portland’s nightlife scene through its diverse range of nightclubs. Each venue, from the Forbidden Club PDX with its exclusive appeal to the vibrant beats of Nightclub Stratus Pdx, promises unique experiences for every partygoer. Whether you’re a fan of lively dance floors, intimate urban speakeasies, or clubs with a sustainable veggie menu, Nightclubs in Portland has something special in store for you.

Forbidden Club PDX

With a rating of 1.8, Forbidden Club PDX might seem like an underdog in Nightclubs in Portland scene. Despite its limited reviews, this club piques curiosity with its intriguing name and the mystery surrounding its offerings. Opening its doors at 11 am on Tuesdays, it presents an unconventional timeframe for nightclub operations, suggesting it might cater to a niche audience or host special daytime events. Though details are sparse, Forbidden Club PDX stands as a testament to Portland’s diverse and sometimes enigmatic nightlife landscape.

The Aura Lounge

The Aura Lounge scores a respectable 3.6 rating, indicating a solid presence in Nightclubs in the Portland scene. With a price range of $20–30, patrons can expect an upscale atmosphere without the exorbitant costs. The lounge provides a refined setting for nightlife enthusiasts, boasting dine-in, takeaway, and even delivery options, a rarity among nightclubs. Its closing time of midnight suggests a more relaxed evening out, perfect for those seeking a sophisticated ambiance coupled with the convenience of early hours.


Rated 3.1, Candy offers a lively nightspot ambiance complemented by a unique veggie menu, catering to the growing demand for healthier and sustainable options in the nightlife realm. This nightclub’s commitment to providing a diverse menu sets it apart in Nightclubs in Portland scene, ensuring a memorable experience for those who prioritize both vibrant entertainment and dietary consciousness. The $20–30 entry fee promises an accessible yet exciting outing, perfect for the eco-conscious reveler.

Playa Azul Nightclub

Boasting a 3.9 rating, Playa Azul Nightclub stands out as a favored destination among Nightclubs in Portland. Its draw lies in the authentic atmosphere reminiscent of a coastal getaway, offering a temporary escape to a beach-like party environment within the urban setting of Portland. Emphasizing a dine-in experience without delivery, Playa Azul encourages patrons to fully immerse themselves in the club’s lively ambiance, promising a night of dancing, socializing, and thematic enjoyment.

Kasa Nightclub Portland

Kasa Nightclub Portland shines as a beacon in the city’s nightlife with an impressive 4.6 rating. Its high score speaks volumes of the club’s ability to deliver unmatched night-out experiences, emphasizing quality entertainment, service, and ambiance. Opening at 9 pm on Fridays, Kasa invites partygoers into a world where cutting-edge music and tasteful decor converge, crafting nights to remember. It’s a must-visit for those looking to delve into the quintessence of Portland’s vibrant nightlife culture.

Club Element

Club Element, though lacking in reviews, still intrigues with its potential as a hidden gem in Portland’s bustling nightlife scene. The absence of feedback could imply a relatively new establishment waiting to be explored or a niche venue known only to certain circles. With dine-in options but no delivery, Club Element invites curious locals and tourists alike to discover what might be Portland’s next favorite nightspot.

District Nightclub

District Nightclub scores a strong 4.2 rating, positioning it as a sought-after locale for nightlife adventurers. Its categorization as a ‘₹₹ night club’ hints at a mid-range price point, offering excellent value for its cocktails and snacks served in an urban speakeasy setting. Opening at 9 pm on Wednesdays, District Nightclub is an ideal midweek escape for those looking to unwind in a place where modern flair meets the mystique of traditional speakeasies.

Elevate Nightclub

Elevate Nightclub, with a 3.4 rating, promises a straightforward nightclub experience at an affordable $10–20 entry fee. Opening on Fridays at 9 pm, it positions itself as a welcoming weekend destination for those in search of a no-frills, engaging night out. Despite its modest rating, Elevate offers the fundamental joys of clubbing—dancing, dining, and socializing—within an unpretentious setting.

Calle 6 Night Club

Calle 6 Night Club impresses with a stellar 4.7 rating, one of the highest among Portland’s nightclubs. This rating reflects the club’s commitment to delivering top-notch entertainment and service. With a reasonable price range of $10–20, Calle 6 stands as an exemplary choice for those seeking high-quality nightlife experiences without breaking the bank. Its reputation for engaging music, friendly staff, and a dynamic atmosphere ensures a memorable night for everyone who walks through its doors.

Nightclub Stratus Pdx

Rated 3.6, Nightclub Stratus Pdx offers a fresh perspective on Nightclubs in Portland with its modern approach to clubbing. Opening at 8 pm on Wednesdays, it extends an invitation for early-bird party enthusiasts to kickstart their nightlife experiences ahead of the weekend rush. It is a rating that points the way towards a holistic experience where all styles of music, innovative concepts, and a friendly setting are all brought together into an evening that is as rejuvenating as it is enjoyable.


The Nightclubs in Portland reflect the city’s peculiar and ambitious nature, and it is with no doubt that they host a wide range of night spots that match the different preferences and tastes of people. Whether it is the mysterious and sexy Forbidden Club PDX or the colorful and inclusive Nightclub Stratus Pdx, every club contributes to the unique vision of nightlife in Portland and ensures an unforgettable experience for anyone who ventures into its dark wonders.


Nightclubs in Portland is as diverse and colorful as the city itself. Each nightclub discussed, for example, the secretive Forbidden Club PDX and the electrifying Nightclub Stratus Pdx, is a stand-alone unit that provides its distinct flavor, making it possible to satisfy the needs of diverse audiences. If you are vegan and vegetarian and want to try Candy, or you are a fan of beach clubs and want to hang out at Playa Azul Nightclub, or you like high-energy music and would love to go to Kasa Nightclubs in Portland, you will find what you are looking for in Portland. The club is not only the place where you can dance all night long, they are the place where communities meet, where the music and culture flourish, and where memorable events occur. 

Even though some Nightclubs in Portland like Club Element are still largely unknown, the likelihood of them becoming once-in-a-lifetime experiences in Portland’s Nightclubs is evident. The city of Portland demonstrates that whether you are heartbroken, want to have a night out with friends, or simply enjoy your own company, you are bound to find a place that makes you feel at home. Therefore, when you are in Portland and the darkness comes, try to go out and see the vivid, wonderfully different, and always friendly nightlife that Portland has to offer.