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About Memphis

With the onset of the festive season, are you in the mood to enjoy a musical and cheerful vibe spread across the states? Well, then, it is time to visit the largest and most populous city in Tennessee. Yes, you guessed it correctly!! Memphis is a city that gave birth to the country’s influential music—appropriate to celebrate festivities and much more. 

In addition, the extensive production of cotton and lumber (for furniture) in Memphis, TN, US has made it very productive, thanks to its rich delta soil. If you love food, you cannot miss the native delicacies of Memphis. Devour the Memphis barbecue as you stroll through the city’s historical attractions.      

The recommended period to visit Memphis is from November to January. These serene winter months are best to enjoy Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve while also residing in luxe hotels. Yes, you read that right!! The hotel prices dramatically fall during these months, making it a pocket-friendly trip for budget travelers.  The city of Memphis dressed in the lights and colors will leave you mesmerized altogether during these times. 


If you are traveling to Memphis in the month of January or February, carry a lot of clothing layers to shake your leg in the snow. 

The winter season also brings along the grand celebrations of the King of Rock n’ Roll’s birthday in the second week of January. Visitors absolutely love joining the crowd and tapping their toes on the cultural music. Now that you have a fair idea of what Memphis has to offer to its tourists, let us explore the best hotels to stay in the city’s heart.

Stay in Memphis

Celebrated as the musical capital of the US, people who are a fan of rock ‘n’ roll love visiting. In addition, the modern franchise hotels being in the city’s heart makes it extra convenient for tourists to navigate comfortably. There are plenty of budget-friendly yet luxe staycation hotels in Memphis to make your visit worthwhile. Ranging from themed lodgings to historical delights, you can find the hotel of your taste in Memphis. Without further ado, let us walk through some nice hotels in Memphis:

The Peabody 

As elegant as it sounds, the hotel is highly talked about by its resident ducks. The thwacks of these ducks add to the property’s beauty with their twice-daily appearance to splash around in the lobby’s fountain. Being operational for more than 150 years, The Peabody has earned and retained its reputation consistently. As the hotel showcases a lobby bar along with ultra-luxe rooms and spas, many famous celebrities, including Oprah Winfrey and Stephen Fry, have stayed in the property. Isn’t this convincing enough to give it a try?

River Inn of Harbor Town

The most popular accommodation among couples (especially), River Inn of Harbor Town overlooks the Mississippi River, 5-minute drive. The one elegant and classy feature of the property is that it greets its new guests with a glass of champagne at check-in. Having a provision of 3 restaurants, guests love to explore different cuisines served during breakfast, lunch, supper, and dinner. The rooms at River Inn of Harbor Town feature a four-poster bed, 40-inch flat-screen TV, and refrigerator, all with a river view. The property is a 5–10-minute drive from Memphis Zoom, Orpheum Theatre, etc. – An added convenience for tourists.

 If you book a stay at this property, you must try the rooftop food and drinks with panoramic views.   

Hotel Napoleon

A leading accommodation in the list of chic boutique hotels, the Hotel Napoleon’s 1902 stone-veneer facade is absolutely breathtaking. In addition, the property’s deceptive historic exterior will leave you in its awe, making it one of the most desired places to stay in Memphis. The ultra-modern interiors and rooms feature tech designs that will give you a classic millennial vibe. 

Now that you have walked through the most comfortable and luxury hotels in Memphis in the city, it is time to check out the exciting places to visit in Memphis. 

Things to do in Memphis

With the presence of more than 55 unique attractions in the city, Memphis hosts endless tourists each month. Whether you are looking for relaxation, excitement or making memories, Memphis, TN, US is the ultimate destination for you. Here is the list of exciting things to do in Memphis to make your visit worth remembering:

The Memphis Pyramid

Formerly addressed as the Great American Pyramid, The Memphis Pyramid is a modernized equivalent of Egyptian pyramids. Nestled on the banks of the Mississippi River, The Memphis Pyramid features a Cypress Swamp with 36 fish varieties. In addition, you can also witness the tallest freestanding elevator in the nation along with an archery range, an outdoor observation deck for visitors and other fun things to do

 The Arcade Restaurant

Fuel yourself up while exploring the city by taking a break at the Arcade Restaurant. This cafe has been operational since 1919, serving generous portions of southern-style breakfast, lunch, and dinner prepared with flavorsome ingredients. The retro interiors and neon signage in and around the facility will drive you back to the 1950s. Devour the delicacies of everything ranging from pancakes to freshly made pizza country-fried steak to salads and sandwiches. Being featured in various movies and TV shows, the facility has become a hub spot for tourists and tops the list of places to visit for native food.  

Take a Ghost Tour

The haunted ghost tour in Memphis, TN, US is a true eye-opener, especially if you’re not normally drawn to the horror genre. This city, like many others, has experienced abstract encounters in the past. Witnessing these encounters influences those who may not have previously given much thought to their spiritual selves. This is one of the alluring tourist attractions for the ones who love doing quirky activities in new cities. 

Visiting the city, which gave birth to influential music, and not being a part of their musical events and concerts? How unjustifiable will it be? Here are some places to enjoy Memphis art and events around the city:

Current Memphis Events, Places to Visit and Tickets Availability

Whether you are visiting the city of Memphis to spend the weekend or staying for the whole week, you must book a slot to enjoy concerts, live music, and events.  Explore the below-listed facilities to make your time worthwhile.

Belz Museum of Asian & Judaic Art

Belz Museum of Asian & Judaic Art showcases a stunning ancient collection of Chinese art and an itinerary for art lovers. With 5 permanent exhibit galleries: 3 Asian, 1 Judaic, and the Holocaust Memorial Gallery, the collection includes:

  • Sculptures, 
  • Ivories,
  • Paintings,
  • Textiles, 
  • Intricately carved jades,
  • funerary art, and much more.

In addition, witness the heartwarming portraits of survivors in the Holocaust Memorial Gallery.

Sun Studio

Tourists who visit Sun Studio based at 706 Union Avenue are left astounded by its jaw-dropping rock-n-roll music. Being a parent recording spot for the famous Elvis, Roy Orbison, and Johnny Cash, these artists produced the top hit music of their careers here. Even the tour guides of the city never fail to make the tourists acquainted with the quirky and musically rich studio. You will most certainly have a rocking time visiting Sun Studio.

Memphis Orpheum Theater

Located at the intersection of Beale Street and South Main, Orpheum Theatre holds a position in the National Register of Historic Places. This glorious theater showcases various performing arts, inspiring youth to pursue their career in art forms.  

Overton Park Shell

This open-air facility gives wings to more than 45 musical performances, dramas, and dances under the glorious stars. The Overton Park Shell also became a stage for the legendary Elvis, who sang with Johnny Cash. The facility offers free performances and entertainment for the spectators, which is why tourists love to spend some musical moments here as they do in Boston.    

Events in Memphis – Current and Upcoming Events Calendar


Check out the current events happening in the Memphis area and book tickets now.

Events in Memphis

Sports Events in Memphis Today

Now that we have come to the end of this guide, we hope you enjoyed our selection of hotels, places to visit, and things to do in Memphis. Ensure to make loads of cherishable memories while visiting Memphis, TN, US, with your loved ones. 

Safe travels!