Get Your Mojo (Inspiration) Back


Performing Arts

Inevitably—during our life—we lose inspiration due to the monotony of daily living.  We yearn for enlightenment but seldom obtain this broadening mindset in our ever-increasing busy lives.  As we place greater focus on work and family, too often our perspectives become continuously narrower and narrower.  We become more limited with our thoughts as we choose to surround ourselves with a smaller circle of people we ‘FEEL’ comfortable to be with.  However, by limiting the people you spend your time with, you limit your mind’s potential.  Many remedies exist to expand our thinking and avoid a debilitating myopic life.  Experiencing a Live Event may be one of those best remedies to inspire and expaistock_000010242601mediumnd your way of thinking.

Almost everyone has at least one person (several people for the lucky ones) that they share their most intimate feelings and passions with.  However, your overall understanding of others is still very limited from just the few like-minded people whom you know.  To obtain a broader and more rounded perspective of others (and ultimately, yourself), seek avenues beyond your “Circle-of-Trust,” as Robert De Niro pertinently stated in ‘Meet the Parents.’  Some of the most powerful experiences to expand your perspective, passion, and inspiration are through a Live Event—music, comedy, theatre.

If you listen and observe closely, Artists and their performances reveal everything to you unvarnished.  Musicians tell you their insecurities, their fears, and their dreams.  Comedians tell you all their shortcomings with self-deprecating humor; and Live Theatre takes you for a ride to experience a wide-spectrum of emotions.

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