g. Love & Special Sauce rock the Crocodile

g. love & special sauceRon Artis II & The Truth open at The Crocodile Cafe

Eventsfy and friends caught up with g. Love & Special Sauce for night 1 of their back to back performances at Seattle’s iconic Crocodile Café.  The show began with some funk, a little bit of soul and a lot of blues by music act Ron Artis II & The Truth – pure feelgood music setting the vibe for the evening. To see upcoming west coast show dates for Ron Artis ii & The Truth, click here: Ron Artis II

g. Love & Special Sauce headline the night

Headliner band g. Love & Special Sauce was greeted by a café populated with energetic fans ready to jam.  The bluesy, R&B trio from Philly is headed by guitarist Garrett Dutton, ‘aka g. Love’ and accompanied by drummer Jeffrey Clemens and bassist Jim Prescott.  The band that formed in 1994 is on tour celebrating 25 years together.

The Band continues well into the night

g. Love captivates his audience effortlessly with his unique style from his wine-colored suit and hat accessorized by his harmonica to his seated, nonstop dance moves. The band’s authentic artistry and love for performing and crowd pleasing was apparent throughout the 2 hour plus performance.  They played 2 sets highlighted by g. Love on his harmonica.  Towards the latter half, G. Love invited Ron Artis ii back on stage to jam alongside. 

More on g. Love and the Croc

The trio will be back tonight at the Crocodile ready to rock and roll with a second set of faithful fans.  To find out more about this dynamic alternative hip hop blues band and to see upcoming show dates, click here: g. Love & Special Sauce To see upcoming shows at the Crocodile, visit: The Crocodile Cafe

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