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About Detroit

Detroit is the biggest town in Michigan and also falls in the top 50 largest cities in the country. Today’s Detroit attractions are the reason for the rise in Michigan’s tourism. This bustling city was once a French fort. The people of France built the fort on the Detroit River in 1701. In 1760, it was captured by the British during the Seven Year War. Finally, in 1796 the Americans took control of the fort, and in 1802 it was established as a town. 

Undoubtedly, the history of the city is packed with a climax, so you need to invest time to catch the fascinating facts. Furthermore, the city has been given another name, the “Motor City.” It’s because Henry Ford introduced his unforgettable first model T in 1908, which became a hot topic amongst western nations, and now Detroit’s auto industry is famous worldwide. 

Other things Detroit is famous for? The lively town is much more than simply cars. Art, music, sports, and nightlife are the core ingredients that grab the attention of locals and tourists. The weather is partly cloudy year round. Nevertheless, the best time to explore the popular spots of the city is March to October, as winters are pretty cold, snowy, and windy. Moreover, if you are a football fan or a music lover, then this time period is perfect for visiting.

Stay in Detroit

Luxury Stays 

  • Atheneum Suite Hotel: It’s one of the amazing luxury hotels downtown Detroit that allow you to quickly reach “The Ford Field Stadium” and “Greektown Casino.” Each room features elegant furnishings, marble baths, soaking and whirlpool tubs, coffeemakers, and complimentary Wi-Fi. You can choose to upgrade to rooms with kitchenettes and dining spaces.
  • Greektown Hotel: Modern, convenient, and near to the city’s historical places & Greektown districts. Every suite comes with amazing amenities, including big flat-screen TVs, walk-in showers, floor-to-ceiling windows, free Wi-Fi, and the choice to upgrade to marble bathrooms and couch beds. 
  • The Inn at 97 Winder: Luxury and comfort can be found in abundance at this outstanding vacation hotel. You can use their resort’s garden, patio, and concierge services while staying. Along with basic amenities, excellent features include luggage storage, self-parking, laundry, and a business center open 24 hours a day.

Affordable Stays 

  • Hilton Garden Inn Detroit Downtown: This inexpensive hotel in Detroit is in a fantastic location already. The Ford Field Stadium and the Cadillac Center People Mover Station are within walking distance. Greektown Casino, Detroit Opera House, and Music Hall Center are some additional venues that are accessible by foot. The amenities of this Detroit hotel are designed with your comfort in mind and include a fitness center, high-speed Wi-Fi, a 32-inch flat-screen TV, and bathrooms.
  • Hotel Indigo Detroit Downtown: It’s hardly surprising that Hotel Indigo Detroit Downtown is regarded as one of the best affordable hotels in Detroit, Michigan, given its close proximity to the city’s top attractions and public transportation. With 241 rooms and suites, this hotel has a huge selection to fit any budget. Additionally, your dogs are welcome to accompany you as well!
  • Viking Motel Detroit: Budget tourists who want to try their luck at the casino might choose this motel since it is only a five-minute walk. The Masonic Temple Theater, the Fox Theater Building, Comerica Park, and more are nearby destinations for tourists to explore. Additionally, the furnished rooms include the necessary conveniences. 

Things to Do in Detroit

There are endless activities & fun things to do in Detroit for couples and families. Make your trip the most memorable by going through the list mentioned below:

Techno Music: In Detroit, techno music has long been a favorite musical style. As a result, a brand-new subgenre of techno music originated there. This brand-new genre of techno music, known as Detroit Techno, was first developed by regional musicians in the 1980s and became more popular in the 1990s. Detroit Techno pioneers expressed their ideals of a new society through science fiction. Be a part of the live Techno music concerts and experience the unusual energetic vibes. 

Fox Theater: It’s a preeminent performing arts center in the city and a national historic landmark. It features a wide range of highly regarded programs and activities that have won hundreds of thousands or even millions of fans. Broadway musicals, NBA contests, NHL games, concerts, and interactive stage performances are some examples of these events. 

The Riverwalk: It extends for about 3 miles beginning from Rose Parks Boulevard up to the Belle Isle Bridge. When you visit this gorgeous spot at night, when the city lights are lit up, you’ll experience the breathtaking sights. It’s one of the few places to visit in Detroit where you can enjoy by doing nothing. However, you can walk, jog, run, have bike rides, and have delightful coffee and snacks at nearby restaurants and cafes.

Detroit Arts Institute: You can browse through collections of art made by artists dating back to ancient civilizations. Over 60000 collections were sourced from a wide range of regions, including Oceania, Medieval Europe, the Near East, Africa, and the Indigenous Americas. Well-known painting artists such as Matisse, Rembrandt, Picasso, and Matisse’s works are on display. 

Guardian Building: One of the outstanding buildings that add to Detroit’s gorgeous skyline is the Guardian Building. It is a renowned landmark, and the construction features renowned Mayan Revival architecture. Since it was built by the Detroit-based Union Trust Company, it was formerly known as the Union Trust Building. Wayne County (administrative headquarter) now owns the building.

Why to Visit Detroit

Detroit is drawing new creative enterprises as new hotels and restaurants are opening up all across the city. As mentioned above, it’s known as Motor City calling big automobile industries to set up here. In terms of where and what to eat, all you need to do is to reach downtown, where you will discover the baggage of restaurants and coffee shops. 

There are plenty of fascinating things to do in Detroit, just like there is no shortage of good cuisine! Belle Isle, Z Parking Structure, One Campus Martius, Corktown, and many more tourist attractions are the top talks amongst travelers.

This city has always extended a warm welcome to the artistic community that you will catch in various spots. Motown Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit, etc., are some of the locations to find unbelievable sculptures, paintings, and jewels. 

Furthermore, it’s a perfect destination for the shoppers as the city is accompanied by thousands of retail stores located Downtown. Lastly, every year the city is jammed with entertaining events that you can find by browsing our website! 

Have fun on your next trip!

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