A Guide to Visiting and Staying in Philadelphia

Known as one of the most beautiful places located on the East Coast, Philadelphia is a city that provides amazing employment and educational opportunities. In addition, the city has unique, historical and beautiful spots to visit, including museums and historical landmarks just to name a few. The city has more places to visit than one can see in one or two visits. Within Philadelphia there are around 150 neighborhoods and 100 suburbs just beyond. The following information discusses places and events in Philadelphia not to miss. 

The Best Time to Visit the City & What to Do

According to tourists and locals, the best time to visit Philadelphia is during the spring and fall. During these seasons, the temperature is moderate and suitable for travelers. When it comes to things to do in Philadelphia today, the list is never ending. Check out the places mentioned below. We recommend not missing any of them to get the true Philadelphia experience!

  • Take a picture with the Liberty Bell: Known as the symbol of freedom, this bell does not make a sound but gives a clear message indicating liberty. The bell became a symbol to all the freedom seekers, suffragists, abolitionists all over the world. This is one primary reason why this bell asks for a photo. If you are visiting Philadelphia, take some time to visit this place. There is no need to purchase a ticket. However, currently entry is limited to 60 people at a time.
  • Pose with the Rocky Statue: The first run of Rocky, starring Sylvester Stallone on the big screen, was in 1976. Since then, the famous movie has been seen across the world by millions of people.  The Philadelphia Museum of Art has become very famous. There is a large bronze statue of, you must snap a picture with, followed by the 72 steps up to the museum that were filmed in the movie. Anyone visiting the city shouldn’t miss exploring this museum and its grounds. Travelers from all over the world walk up the stairs and spend time at and around the museum. 
  • Do not miss the Love Sculpture: A number of events in Philly each night take place at the love sculpture. This place is one of the best landmarks known in Philadelphia created by Robert Indiana. It is located in the John F. Kennedy Plaza (or LOVE Park). In the year 2018, this place was completely refurbished. This was done to make the place more beautiful and greener. So if you are in Philadelphia or planning to visit anytime soon, do not miss visiting this Spanish edition of love.
  • Visit a theatre or comedy show: If you are a big fan of music, performing arts and/or comedy shows, visiting a theatre is a must. The city has numerous theatres including Walnut Street, Memam Theatre, Forrest Theatre, and many more. For tickets, visit www.eventsfy.com or visit the theatre’s website. 

Where to Stay in the City

Now let’s discuss some places to consider staying at during your visit. After exploring around the city and experiencing the happening nightlife in Philadelphia, you might be looking for a comfortable place to retire. Check out the couple places mentioned below.

  • One of the best hotels in Philadelphia: Rittenhouse Hotel – Luxurious Guest Rooms This absolutely beautiful hotel is designed by the experts keeping in mind the modern look and comforts of home. For anyone who is visiting the city for the first time, this hotel is located just across from Rittenhouse Square. The best part about this hotel is that the local market is just next to the doorstep.
  • Apple Hostels of Philadelphia: Situated on a very quiet street, however, this hostel is located very near some fantastic museums, bars, and restaurants. The hostel is known to have very comfortable and cozy beds.

If you are visiting Philadelphia anytime soon, we know you will have a wonderful experience.