Top Fun Things To Chill Out In San Francisco In Night | Tourist Guide

All you need is a fun night time in your life!

Have you ever felt a strong desire for having a whale of time under the shine of stars and the brightness of moonlight? Night events in San Francisco are all you need to be a part of. From music to the deliciousness of the food, the city is all about fun and frolics that will let you embrace the best moments of your life.

There are plenty of other things that you can count on your bucket list other than club nights and bar scenes. In the other words, San Francisco is a store of blissfulness that will feast your eyes once the sun goes down.

Jump in and delve into the top five fun things that you can try in the city of delights!

Catch A Glimpse Of Bay Lights On Bay Bridge

There is no more beautiful scene than a sky covering into the hues of yellow and red when the sun is about to set. Being in San Francisco, you cannot miss the world’s most eye-catching sunset at the city’s Bay Bridge.

The computer programs and LED light sculpture set at the venue makes the bridge look all shiny and sparkling in the evening. You can enjoy such an alluring sight either from the Ferry Building or from the top of Telegraph Hill’s Coit Tower.

Have The Time Of Your Life With Comedy Tour

Comedy events in the US fall under the category of best events that are worth giving a shot for extra cheerfulness in life. If you are in San Francisco, you have the opportunity to go on a happy ride with the original San Francisco comedy tour. As a part of the tour, you will be taken to the beautiful places in the city where the local comedian on board will make you roll on the floor laughing.

Chill Out In Chinatown

Be it your wish to enjoy the world’s flavorsome Chinese cuisines or do crazy shopping, Chinatown is the perfect place to explore at night. From the assortments of unique items to a bunch of popular restaurants, the place is people’s most favorite in San Francisco. Besides, you will surely be full of the joys of spring after catching the colorful and bright streets of Chinatown in the evening.

Go With Bells On For Alcatraz Night Tour

San Francisco events are all about fun and unique activities to be enjoyed to the fullest at the most popular tourist location, Alcatraz. What’s special about this place is the hues of history that you can experience the most of it at night. It’s a unique island where the notorious prisoners were captured. Grabbing the tickets for Alcatraz’s night tour can let you enjoy those stories and have little scary moments by accessing the areas of prison in the dark.

Dance Your Heart Out With Cabret And Drag Show

Just like the amusement of music, the thrill of Cabret and drag shows are highly popular in San Francisco. You can experience the world’s best Cabaret performances along with some delish meals and cocktails at popular venues. Some of these include Oasis, AsiaSF, The Stud, and Beaux.