The Easiest Way to Find Live Events on Your Smartphone


Jacksonville, the largest city in the continental US, is a world-class arts destination. From Jacksonville Jazz Festival to Art Walk, the city offers countless reasons to be in the city. Apart from these popular art destinations, there are many live events in Jacksonville that you can attend during weekdays or weekends. How can you locate and book tickets for them? 

In today’s COVID-19 affected world, going out just to collect information on upcoming events near you may send a chill down your spine. The good news is that now you can find events near you online. Also, you can book tickets for them. How?

You can go to Google and search ‘live events near me’. Here, the only problem is that all the upcoming events near you may not be listed on the search engine. For accurate results, find a dedicated platform that allows artists to list their events. Using the network, art lovers can find events near them. 

Features of a Dedicated Platform for Live Events Near You

  • Information on Local Events

Finding popular events across the US is easier using Google. However, when it comes to local events, you need a dedicated platform that lets both renowned and amateur artists list their upcoming events on the online website and provide important information around them. This allows art lovers to explore local talents. 

  • Shortlist Events

At a good event platform, you can find live events in the US on your smartphone. Although you can locate events throughout the nation, the dedicated platform makes it easy to discover live events in a specific location. For example, if you only want to see events in Jacksonville, the online site provides you with a range of tools to find events according to a region. Apart from that, you can shortlist events based on their dates. 

  • Detailed Information on Events

In addition to the event name and its date, the platform offers detailed information, which also includes direction to the venue. Also, artists can add trailers to let people know what they expect at the event. 

  • Ticket Booking

One of the most amazing features of a dedicated platform is that, in addition to information on local events, it allows users to book tickets for an event they want to attend. In just a few clicks on your smartphones, you can gather information on an event and book your tickets. It means you don’t need to go out to know where you should go for live events and don’t require to stand in lines to book your tickets. 

In the End

If you are looking for a reliable, dedicated platform online to find live events in Jacksonville, come to Eventsfy. Here, you can discover local events and upcoming events throughout the US. Also, you are offered many tools to easily shortlist events as per your choice. Find your event and book tickets online!