Nightclubs in Denver

Denver’s nightlife is as diverse and exciting as the city itself, through which dance clubs offer something for every musical flavor. Whether you are a party animal who loves deep EDM, a chill person who craves salsa dancing, or a sophisticated person who always wants to be in an elegant lounge, Denver’s club scene is where you should go. In this blog post, we will take a look at the top 10 nightclubs in Denver that are worth visiting if you want a night that you will not forget soon.

Hold on while we give you a tour of the best drinking spots in Denver with the help of our section on planning your nightlife, and make sure you know what to wear, when to go, how much are the tickets, and what are the options.

Down Nightclub Denver: Soon to be unveiled

Nervousness and eagerness about the first show at the brand new arena.

On the heels of Denver’s lively club scene, the opening gets even more exciting with the upcoming opening of Down Nightclub Denver. Bound to be the hit of the night at 2100 Larimer Street, the club is set to bring an entirely new dimension to the city’s nightlife with its cutting-edge sound systems and stylish setting. Although the specific details are still to be disclosed, the rumor is that the high-class dance hall of Down Nightclub Denver will be the new place in town for those who want to experience the liberty of a premium dance floor.

Temple Nightclub Denver

For Music Fans, It Is A Mecca.

A prevalent club at 1136 Broadway is Temple Nightclub Denver and it is a place with an up-tempo ambiance, and the best DJs spin the decks. A multi-level club dedicated to electronic music with a mind-blowing light show and a heavy sound system, that’s the place where you can always find a true worshipper of electronic music. However, the review can differ from person to person; still, the always-blowing crowd and non-stop music are a must for anyone on the dance floor.

The Church Nightclub

An extraordinary shelter that makes your soul vibrate

On top of the 1160 Lincoln Street venue, the Church Nightclub is distinguished by its amazing dance floor and stunning stained glass windows. It is the Gothic architecture that serves as a historical background and is a great space for dancing. Open from 9 PM Thursday through the weekend, this house of worship turned dance haven attracts revelers who are ready to confess their love for transcendent beats.

Club Vinyl

Four Floors of Dynamic Beats

Club Vinyl, situated at 1082 Broadway, is an expansive nightclub known for its industrial-chic design spread across four levels, each with its music flavor. From rooftop views to a booming basement, Vinyl’s varying DJ acts across genres ensure every night is a different auditory adventure. Their Friday and Saturday nights are especially renowned for bringing out Denver’s enthusiastic party crowd.

Milk Bar

Retro Vibes and Eclectic Tunes

Milk Bar, at 1037 Broadway, is a celebration of different eras with themed rooms dedicated to ’80s pop hits or Gothic subculture. Known for its more laid-back ambiance and diverse selection of music, this lounge-style club offers an alternative to the typical high-energy club setting. It’s a place to groove to nostalgic hits in an unpretentious environment, opening at 9 PM for those ready to dance to a different beat.

Show Pony Denver

Denver’s Up-and-Coming Nightlife Star

Located at 1518 N Marion Street, Show Pony Denver is a relatively new addition to the nightclub landscape, presenting an intimate setting with a welcoming vibe. This venue has quickly gathered a loyal following, hosting nights where the music ranges from top-chart hits to underground tunes, promising a personal touch to Denver’s nightlife.

El Fiesta Nightclub

A Sizzling Spot for Latin Beats

At 718 Sheridan Boulevard lies El Fiesta Nightclub, a lively bar that transforms into a hotbed for Latin music lovers as the night progresses. With a casual atmosphere and a schedule featuring different themed nights, it’s where you can salsa and bachata the night away with both newbies and dance veterans alike.


The Heartbeat of Denver’s LGBTQ+ Scene

Tracks at 3500 Walnut Street is an inclusive gay dance club known for its spirited theme nights and vibrant drag shows. Opening its doors at 9 PM Thursday through the weekend, Tracks sets the standard for diversity and acceptance in Denver’s nightlife with electric energy that welcomes everyone to the dance floor.

Club Dubai

A Lavish Escape into Nightlife Luxury

Club Dubai, located at 2915 W Mississippi Avenue, presents a unique blend of Middle Eastern allure with Denver’s modern club culture. Opening at 9 PM Wednesday through the weekend, it offers a luxurious experience with plush seating and exotic decor, where you can revel in a mix of international beats and contemporary chart-toppers.

What to Wear

Dress codes can vary widely from one Denver nightclub to another. Think smart-casual for a laid-back bar or upscale chic for a high-end club. Remember, comfort is key to enjoying a long night of dancing.

Best Time to Go

Arriving early can mean avoiding long lines and may even snag you reduced entry fees in some venues. Generally, the scene picks up around 10 PM and goes strong until closing time.

Tickets, Entry, Couple Entry Options, and Criteria

Most clubs have a cover charge, which may be higher on weekends or for special events. Check online or call ahead for ticket purchases and table reservations. A couple of entry options often come with perks like line bypass or special seating. Entry criteria can include age restrictions, usually 21+ with a valid ID, and adherence to the dress code.

The Denver nightclub scene is ripe with options to suit your vibe on any given night. Whether you’re in the mood for an elegant evening or a wild dance party, you’re sure to find your spot in this city’s diverse and dynamic landscape.


Q: Are nightclubs in Denver open to those who are 18 or older or strictly for those who are 21 years of age and above? 

A: All the nightclubs in Denver have licensed the serving of alcohol; as a result, most clubs require 21 years and above as their minimum age policy. On the other hand, there might be some places or clubs that are open only to those who are 18 years old and above. It’s always better to double-check the club’s policy beforehand to avoid any confusion.

Q: What genre of music are you going to hear in the clubs of Denver?

A: Denver’s nightlife attracts partygoers who are looking for all kinds of music, from EDM, house, and techno played at clubs such as Temple Nightclub Denver and Vinyl, Latin rhythms at El Fiesta Nightclub, and old-school retro beats at Milk Bar. There’s always something you’ll crave.

Q: What about dress codes for clubs in Denver?

A: Indeed, most nightclubs instituted a dress code, which might range from casual to formal. Establishments like Club Dubai, which attract high-class patrons, could ask for refined attire, while Milk Bar, a more relaxed place might not have such a dress code. It’s a good practice to read the venue’s policies ahead of time.

Q: What do you think is the best time to visit nightclubs in Denver?

A: It is up to you, what you are looking for in this role. The weekends everywhere have long been known as busy and vibrant with the arrival early bringing advantages such as lower cover charges. While some people may be looking for a more calm sense, weeknights may provide a different adventure.

Q: Do you allow online purchases of Denver nightclub tickets?

A: Numerous clubs also create an option of buying tickets online, particularly for special shows or on the nights when guest DJs are playing. The fact that you purchase tickets online, sometimes, can be a perk that will get you a shorter line.

Q: Are Denver Club VIP services available? How could one obtain these items?

A: Yes, clubs such as Temple Nightclub Denver and The Church Nightclub have a variety of VIP services including reservation of a table, bottle service, and even a separate VIP area. Directly approach the club to make your reservation which is one of the services the club also does.


The Denver nightlife scene is a mosaic of cultural and musical experiences, overflowing with clubs that can transport you to worlds of rhythmic beats and high-energy dance floors. Whether it’s the excitement of an upcoming venue like Down Nightclub Denver, the unique ambiance of a converted church at The Church Nightclub, or the inclusivity of Tracks, the city pulses with nocturnal thrills after dark.

Remember that the key to a successful clubbing experience lies in preparation. Knowing the club’s music genre, dress code, and entry requirements ensures a smooth experience upon arrival. If you’re heading out as a couple or a group, looking into couple entry options or table reservations might enhance your night. And don’t forget, while spontaneity can lead to memorable adventures, purchasing tickets in advance may secure those added benefits that make your night out feel extra special.

For anyone ready to dive into Denver’s club culture, it is essential to keep these frequently asked questions and tips in mind. They can guide you toward the perfect venue for your night out on the town and ensure that every second spent under the vibrant lights and amid the resonating bass is nothing short of magical.

In summary, embrace the diversity of Nightclubs in Denver, dress to impress, and let the city’s beat guide you through nights of joy and celebration. With some research, a spirit of exploration, and maybe a new outfit or two, you’re all set to experience the best Denver nightlife offers. So, put on your dancing shoes, gather your friends, and prepare to discover why the Mile High City’s clubs are celebrated by night owls far and wide.

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