Minneapolis- Tourist Attractions, Things To Do, Hotels, And Restaurants

About Minneapolis

Minneapolis is the largest city in Minnesota, surrounded by water, embarking thirteen lakes that make it quite popular among tourists. The remarkable feature about Minneapolis is the Chain of Lake, which happens to be the most famous three inter-water connecting bodies. The city’s riverfront is part of the Mississippi National River and Recreation Area driving people worldwide. 

The city rose in terms of population and growth from the late 19th century to the mid-20th century, touching a peak of 521,718 in 1950.

One fascinating fact about Minneapolis is that the first bridge to cross the Mississippi river was built in this city in 1854, and the remains of the bridge are still preserved in First Bridge Park. 

Summer, especially during the months of June and July, is the best time to visit Minneapolis as it offers many possibilities to partake in festivities, road shows, and much more.

Stay in Minneapolis

Below mentioned are some of the best hotels in Minneapolis, have a look!

Hyatt Centric Downtown Minneapolis

If you seek a luxurious stay in Minneapolis while venturing into all the happening places, this is one of the best hotels in Downtown Minneapolis. It is a 154-room upscale lifestyle hotel with 22 suites situated in the heart of Minneapolis. The contemporary design used in the hotel fascinates guests, and amenities prove to be the cherry on the cake. While staying in Hyatt Centric, help yourself to the in-house facilities like the Buttercup salon, an indoor running track, and a restaurant serving North-American cuisines. Some prominent attractions nearby this hotel include the US Bank Stadium, First Avenue, and Target Field.

Hilton Minneapolis Bloomington

Saving money and time is usually a major concern while traveling but imagine if you achieve both simultaneously. Park-and-fly hotels in Minneapolis, like the Hilton Minneapolis Bloomington, enable you to save precious time and make the most of your vacation. It is just six miles from St. Paul’s International Airport and is quite famous for its package deal, which offers stay and airport parking. For this reason, it is termed one of the best places to stay in Minneapolis. In addition, the hotel provides an indoor pool and a modern exercise center, elevating your overall vacation mood. 

Kimpton Grand Hotel Minneapolis

This magnificent building designed in Victorian style is a sight for sore eyes. The reason behind its categorization amongst the nicest hotels in Minneapolis is that the walls are embellished with wood panels, and the floors are graphically marbled. All the basic amenities, like an inside pool, a fitness center, and more, are complimentary, along with giant rooms and elegant velvet draperies. 

Things to do in Minneapolis

Below are some of the fun things to do in Minneapolis. Check out:

The Minneapolis Institute of Art

All those who want to endeavor the treasure in artifacts, paintings, and sculptures must visit the Minneapolis Institute of art. It is one of the free things to do in Minneapolis and is a masterpiece among comprehensive fine art Museums of America. The facility showcases everything from classic to contemporary art, making it an amazing option for the best things to see in Minneapolis

Minnehaha Park

Among the most cherished Minneapolis attractions, Minnehaha Park always stands out with the bounty of nature and the pleasing scenery. It is situated on the banks of the Mississippi River and is a perfect getaway to enjoy outdoor activities in Minneapolis on weekends with family and friends. With plenty of picnic areas, biking and jogging trails, and the majestic Minnehaha Falls, visiting Minnehaha Park is among the Best things to do in Minneapolis. 

Live entertainment at Lake Harriet Bandshell Park

You should definitely not miss this particular event in Minneapolis on weekends. Lake Harriet Bandshell Park is located in Southwest Minneapolis. The grand bandshell stage and huge space around to relax and picnic is one of the most adored fun things to do in Minneapolis. Additionally, music concerts of different genres, like jazz and classical, are conducted at this facility. 

Current Minneapolis Events, Places to Visit, and Ticket Availability

The wide variety of art and spaces in Minneapolis is just not what all this city has got to offer. With a long standing history of Art festivals happening annually to car shows witnessing crowds, Minneapolis is undoubtedly a hub for adventures and remarklable trips. So do not wonder back, expand the horizon of fun with art, entertainment and music in Minneapolis. Furthermore, if you wish to enjoy live music, sports, theatre, or performing arts events, visit the official website of Eventsfy, learn the venue details, and book your tickets instantly. 

Annual Minneapolis Tattoo Arts Festival

This tattoo festival is the highlight of events in Minneapolis that happen annually. The event is assembled by some of the finest local, national and international tattoo artists.  It is typically a tattoo competition and welcomes artists willing to showcase their talent and win a prize. Coverage of not just tattoo artistry, but you can also witness so much more like clothing and jewelry.

So if you are wondering what all you can do when in Minneapolis, never miss attending this event in Minneapolis on the weekend.

Minneapolis Mile Car Show

The extraordinary Minneapolis Car Show is a treat to all the automotive enthusiasts in the city. It began with the idea of bringing together all the car clubs and forming a platform where even small businesses could showcase their contribution. This way, the purpose was to promote the arena of the automotive industry in the city. So book your slot for this unique event at Minneapolis Convention Center and dive into your happy hour in Minneapolis.  

Minneapolis Pride Parade

Minneapolis Pride Parade is an event in celebration of the LGTBQ community. It is run by the Twin Cities – Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota. The pivotal feature of the parade is the marching of more than 40,000 people focusing on the LGBTQ community. 

The parade involves LGBTQ food vendors, and a beer garden. Well, the fun just doesn’t stop here!

There are arrangements for music as well, offering a push to tourists who want to see live music in Minneapolis, along with other colorful processions!

Events in Minneapolis- Current and Upcoming Events Calendar

Lay your attention on the upcoming events in Minneapolis, and book tickets now!

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The graph of your adventure must not end here with Minneapolis. You can keep it heightened by visiting Chicago the next time! Book your tickets beforehand!