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About Lubbock

In the northwestern part of Texas is the beautiful city of Lubbock. This multi-county region has economic, educational, and healthcare hubs, and hence is referred to as the “Hub City.” The history of Lubbock Texas, and its origination dates back to 1876, when Thomas Saltus Lubbock combined forces with Monterey, a neighboring small town located to the south of the canyon, to create a unified entity.

Here are some weather facts about Lubbock: the weather channel had named it the “toughest weather city” as the summers here can reach as high as 90 °F (32.2 °C). Moreover, this region is the 10th windiest city in the US, with an average wind speed of 12.4 mph (20.0 km/h; 5.5 m/s).

The city is best known for its wineries, which have been integral to Lubbock’s history. It is also known for its scrumptious high plains cuisine, the Rawls golf course at Texas Tech University, and holding the title of most live music venues per capita in the state. For those seeking an adrenaline rush, Lubbock offers various options like go-karts, a ropes course, and a zip line. You can also enjoy mini-golf, arcade games, equestrian trails on horseback, disc golf, and prairie dogs at MacKenzie Park.

What are 3 facts about Lubbock?

The three most surprising facts about Lubbock are:

  1. The city is home to acclaimed wineries and is responsible for over 80% of Texas’s wine grape production.
  2. In 1951, engineering professors spotted V-shaped green-blue lights, the “Lubbock Lights,” prompting a U.S. Air Force inquiry doubting it to be a UFO.
  3. Buddy Holly, a legendary ’50s Rock ‘n’ Roll icon from Lubbock, is commemorated through a statue, the Buddy Holly Center Museum, and an annual Bud Fest birthday celebration.

Stay in Lubbock

  • Luxury Hotels in Lubbock
  • Hyatt Place Lubbock

Hyatt is one of the best 5 star hotels in Lubbock TX. This luxury accommodation is the first choice of visitors as it’s located at the premier location near Texas Tech University. The Hyatt Place Lubbock offers nightclubs and DJs along with many amenities and stunning suites. You also get a fitness center, gym, and pool to enjoy your stay there.

  • Cotton Court Hotel

The Cotton Court Hotel provides a city-inspired boutique hotel experience in downtown Lubbock. The place ensures a comfortable stay for the guests, along with a special evening entertainment program. They even take care of the transport and hence offer bicycles as well. 

  • Family-friendly hotels in Lubbock
  • Holiday Inn Express & Suites Lubbock Central

The lively gaming area of the hotel makes it the perfect spot for a family stay with kids. It is located near Jones AT&T Stadium and the United Supermarket Arena, where you can watch exciting Texas Tech football or basketball games. Moreover, it is the best hotel for an extended stay in Lubbock TX.

  • Hampton Inn & Suites Lubbock Southwest

Another family-oriented stay on the list is Hampton Inn & Suites Lubbock Southwest. The accommodation offers a comfortable stay and a luxurious experience with indoor pools and hot tubs. You can even enjoy free breakfast here.

  • Resorts and Spa Lubbock
  • Comfort Inn & Suites

This upscale resort and spa is a perfect place for relaxation. With a large spa and a minibar, it’s ideal for travelers looking for both fun and rejuvenation.

  • La Quinta Inn & Suites by Wyndham Lubbock Southwest

One of the premier hotels in Lubbock is the La Quinta Inn & Suites, with an extensive spa. It offers a business center, free Wi-Fi, free breakfast, gym, laundry, and other services to make your stay a comfortable one. Thinking about extended stay in Lubbock TX, this is your best bet.

Is Lubbock Texas worth visiting?

Yes, Lubbock Texas is worth visiting. It stands out as a vibrant urban center in the area, offering fantastic dining options, thrilling music and arts culture, and numerous enjoyable, family-friendly attractions. Lubbock is most famous for being the welcoming home of Texas Tech University, a hub for renowned musicians, and the location of wineries on the High Plains. With its resorts and hotels in Lubbock, you get a comfortable stay. 

Things to do in Lubbock

Looking for fun things to do in Lubbock this weekend? Well, we have made a list of some places and adventures you can be a part of when in the city.

  • Museum of Texas Tech University

The Museum of Texas Tech University has a direct association with the popular Texas Tech University. It includes the main museum, the Moody Planetarium, the Natural Science Research Laboratory, Lubbock Lake Landmark’s research and educational components, and the Val Verde County research site. The museum showcases anthropology, fine arts, clothing, history, natural sciences, and paleontology collections.

  • The Buddy Holly Center 

The Buddy Holly Center, a historic place, serves two purposes: preserving and showcasing Buddy Holly’s legendary ’50s Rock ‘n’ Roll icon from Lubbock’s legacy and Lubbock’s music. It also features exhibits on modern visual arts & music to educate and entertain the public.

  • 4ore! Golf

In your list of Lubbock things to do, you should definitely add 4ore! Golf. This family-friendly golf stadium offers live games and entertainment facilities for all its guests. 

  • Prairie Dog Town

Prairie Dog Town in Mackenzie Park has been one of the biggest Lubbock attractions since the 1930s. These friendly squirrel rodents are quite entertaining to watch.

  • Cactus Theatre

If you are a fan of live music concerts, plays, drama, or comedy shows, one of the fun things to do in Lubbock, TX, is to visit the Cactus Theatre. It is known to hold various bog events and concerts from popular artists from varied regions. 

  • McPherson Cellars Winery

Lubbock is known for its winery and fine wines. One of the original wineries in the city is the McPherson Cellars Winery. You can experience winemaking & tasting and even learn about its history from the place.

  • Escape rooms

You will definitely be missing out on something if you are not visiting the escape rooms in Lubbock. You can solve amazing puzzles and riddles to get out of the locked room with your friends and family.

What is Lubbock, Texas, best known for?

Lubbock is known for its museums, culture, fun gaming zones, golf, theatre, etc., but it is best known for being home to the world’s largest windmill museum, the American Windmill Museum. This destination showcases an impressive collection of over one hundred windmills, offering a unique opportunity to explore the history and evolution of wind energy.  So, one of the free things to do in Lubbock is to visit the American Windmill Museum.

Current Lubbock Events, Places to Visit and Tickets Availability

The Hub City is known for its exciting music festivals and Lubbock events. The city calendar is packed with live music performances, theatrical plays, and much more. reflecting its vibrant culture. Today, you can catch fantastic shows at Buddy Holly Hall, Level Nightclub (a top live music Lubbock venue), and Cactus Theatre (known for comedy and drama). Stay informed about current events to enjoy these incredible experiences to the fullest.  

Furthermore, if you wish to enjoy live music, sports, theatre, or performing arts events, visit the official website of Eventsfy, learn the venue details, and book your tickets instantly.

Most Visited Event Places/Venues in Lubbock


  • The Buddy Holly Hall of performing arts and science

The Buddy Holly Hall is the biggest performance venue housing Lubbock’s lively performing arts groups, such as the Lubbock Symphony Orchestra and Ballet Lubbock, as well as hosting many touring music and theater shows.

  • Level Nightclub

Level Nightclub is the biggest upscale top 40 nightclub on the Mississippi Gulf Coast! With the hottest DJs playing music for all tastes, from top 40 to Latin to country. Level offers top-notch entertainment, concerts, and services.

  • Cactus Theatre

Catus Theatre is home to varied live shows, such as music concerts and theatrical performances, for audiences to enjoy cultural entertainment.

  • Texas Tech University

City Bank Coliseum, originally Lubbock Municipal Coliseum, on Texas Tech University’s campus is home to Texas Tech’s basketball teams. It hosts significant NCAA basketball games. Next to it is the City Bank Auditorium, a venue for stage shows and concerts with shared concession stands.

  • Firehouse Grill & Bar

A restaurant and bar that provides a relaxed atmosphere, often hosting events, live music, and social gatherings.

  • John Walker Soccer Complex

This is a dream place for all soccer heads! John Walker Soccer Complex is a sports complex primarily used for soccer events, providing a dedicated space for soccer fans and athletes to enjoy the game.

Events in Lubbock  – Current and Upcoming Events Calendar

Check out the current events happening in the Lubbock area and book tickets now at

Live Music Events in Lubbock

Comedy Shows in Lubbock

Theatres in Lubbock

Sports Events in Lubbock

Nightlife in Fort Lubbock

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