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About Long Beach

Long Beach is a city in Southern California, located to the south of Los Angeles. Declared a Californian city in 1897, it is a council-manager form of government that comprises of nine elected council members and a mayor. The city of Long Beach later became the seventh most populous city. The port of Long Beach is the second busiest port in the US, having minor wells beneath the city and offshores, inviting thousands of tourists each year. Though most of the tourists plan their vacation to Long Beach between May to September, its warm temperature places it as a year-round destination.

Tourists visit this city for its waterfront attractions, such as the RMS Queen Mary and Aquarium of the Pacific, which are the top-ranking famous places in Long Beach. Diving into the city, you will find culturally indigenous theaters and museums that reflect its rich heritage. Tourists adore becoming a part of cultural events and fests held at the Belmont Shore Car Show and Long Beach Sea Festival. Wondering what else this beautiful city has to offer to its tourists? Take a look at the following famous places to visit and hotels for comfortable accommodation during your vacation.

Stay in Long Beach

Hyatt Regency Long Beach

Among the most luxurious resorts in the city, Hyatt Regency is a leading 5-star hotel in Long Beach, offering a great view and premium services. Enjoy taking a dip into the facility’s pool or continue your workout routine in their fitness center. Hyatt Regency offers dedicated pet-friendly rooms so that no loved one is left behind on your trip. 

Famous tourist attractions such as Disneyland, Knotts Berry farm, Universal studios, and Aquarium of the Pacific are within close proximity of the hotel. The place is ideal for people who are particular about their luxe residential facilities. 

Golden Sails Long Beach

It is an ideal mix of comfort and convenience with its spacious rooms and waterfront location. Spread across 7 acres of property, this hotel has beautiful round boundaries with a view of the harbor, allowing residents to enjoy the sunset. If you want to make each moment spent in Long Beach count, residing in Golden Sails is perfect to get tranquilized with the ocean and beach breeze. Each room is furnished with air conditioning, a mini refrigerator, and a microwave, along with complimentary wifi. Become a part of live music at their in-house club or spend a blissful time dipping into the facility’s pools and hot spas. 

Vagabond Inn Long Beach

Well known for its ocean view, Vagabond Inn is a comparatively affordable hotel booked during your extended vacation in Long Beach. If you are a Grand Prix enthusiast, this place is going to be the perfect place to stay nearest to the track to commute conveniently. Along with offering clean and sanitized rooms, Vagabond is claimed to be the most energy and carbon-efficient hotel chain in the country. Just a mile away from the historic Queen Mary, it is one of the closest accommodations to the Long Beach convention center. Tourists appreciate exploring Pike outlets nearby to delight their taste buds with delicious cuisines at any hour. 

Things to do in Long Beach

Aquarium of the pacific

This is one of the best tourist attractions in Long Beach, possessing 100 exhibits and breeding 1200+ marine species, ranging from small fishes to full-grown sharks. It usually takes around 3 hours to explore the entire aquarium, which can extend if you want to watch the special shows organized by the trainers. It is recommended never to miss out on sea otters, seals, penguins, and octopus encounters. 

Queen Mary

Once ruled the Pacific as a British ocean liner, the Queen Mary is magnanimous, even bigger than the Titanic. It participated in the second world war and retired in 1967. It was instantly converted into a high-end hotel offering luxurious accommodations within. Tourists highly admire visiting the museum inside Queen Mary to learn about its rich background. Moreover, it also has restaurants and shops that are completely open to visitors to treat themselves

Long Beach Antique Market

One of its kind, the Antique Market is a paradise for people interested in collecting souvenirs from every vacation spot. It possesses great antiques and decorative materials to add aesthetic elements to your home or present as a gift to your loved ones. Though it is only functional on the third Sunday of every month from 6:30 am to 2 pm, tourists shop here with high zeal. 

Catalina Express

One of the most relished Long Beach water activities, Catalina Express is a company offering a ferry service to reach the Catalina island. On reaching, you will find the diverse species of flora and fauna flourishing on this island. It is a one-hour tour, and the cruise runs all day long, making around 30 trips each day. Being surrounded by water, taking the cruise can be the most cherishable part of your vacation. 

Museum of art

The museum of Art holds a collection of 4000 paintings, drawings, and decorative art objects from around the world, assembling many artistic wonders under one roof. It has a sculpture garden at its entrance which is a wonderful sight for art lovers. Book your tickets and visit this amazing museum from Thursday to Sunday anytime between 11 am to 5 pm. 

Downtown Long Beach

Downtown is highly ranked in the list of fun things to do in Long Beach. You can readily enjoy the city’s nightlife with stunning outdoor attractions spread across the area. There are abundant magnificent sights to visit and shop on the waterfront that will make your trip worthwhile.

Current Long Beach Events, Places to Visit and Tickets Availability

Long Beach has positioned itself at the top of most visited places in the US as it offers numerous exciting places to visit. Ranging from musical concert halls to artistic museums to botanical gardens to famous eateries, you will highly appreciate strolling around the city and exploring every tourist site. Furthermore, if you wish to enjoy live music, sports, theatre, or performing arts events, visit the official website of Eventsfy, learn the venue details, and book your tickets instantly.

Most Visited Event Places in Long Beach

Shoreline drive

Shoreline Drive has enduring broadway with an oceanic view beyond the railings. It hosts the majority of events and enables visitors to make the most of the nightlife in Long Beach. It is spacious enough to welcome thousands of people and has a stretched market of food and shopping stores. 

Art Theatre of Long Beach

Art Theatre of Long Beach is one of the few remaining screenings that promote independent and local cinematography. It recently got renovated and now possesses a wine and coffee bar, enhancing the audience’s experience while enjoying the cinema. 

Convention and Entertainment Center

With a widespread area, the Convention and Entertainment Center has showcased many successful Long Beach concerts, special events, conventions, and tradeshows. Tourists can readily book and attend exhibits or other events at any time of the year.

Events in Long Beach – Current and Upcoming Events Calendar

Check out the current events happening in the Long Beach area and book tickets now.

Events in Long Beach

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Sports Events in Long Beach Today 

Plan a splendid vacation to Long Beach and enjoy the ocean view at its best. The location is filled with spectacular natural sightings and hosts a number of events, such as the Long Beach Grand Prix, to keep you engaged throughout your vacation. For spectating next-level racing, visit Indianapolis, which hosts the greatest Grand Prix Formula One race of the United States. Update your bucket list with this family-friendly city to visit further.