Chataeu Ste Michelle | Woodinville WA

A concert in a winery – now that sounds like an intriguing event, one that is certainly worth purchasing tickets for well in advance! The Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery in Woodinville, Washington is hosting a special evening on the 5th of September 2015, with Pink Martini, a musical group that was formed a couple of decades back by pianist Thomas Lauderdale in Portland, Oregon. It dabbles in music spanning multiple genres such as classical, Latin, jazz and classic pop.

The History of Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery
A common belief about wines was that the best ones were available only in California or Italy, but ever since Chateau Ste. Michelle was built more than 100 years ago, they have continued to push past this stereotypical mindset and their award winning wines are the biggest testament of the fact Washington can hold its own and how! It blends Old World winemaking customs with New World techniques to create some of the finest red and white wines in the world. There are separate breweries for the red and white – they are made in Chateau Ste. Michelle and Canoe Ridge Estate winery (East Washington) respectively.

Pink Martini – A Heady Cocktail
When you combine music with wine, the result is bound to be exhilarating and one that is not to be forgotten. You get a great opportunity to learn more about the history and rich cultural heritage surrounding wine making while listening to some wonderful music. Pink Martini features a 13-member little orchestra as they like to be referred, with lead vocalists China Forbes and Storm Large. Their multi-lingual prowess is more than praiseworthy and they have performed on concert stages and with symphony orchestras throughout Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Northern Africa, Australia and New Zealand and North America. They have had a great run since 2003 with several concerts being sold out, and impressive events such as shows at Carnegie Hall, opening party of the remodeled Museum of Modern Art in NYC, Governor’s Ball at the 80th Annual Academy Awards, and Sydney Festival in Australia (2008).

The Pink Martini event will no doubt be amazing and the seating arrangement is perfectly put together, so you have a clear view from every spot. You get to enjoy beautiful music while sipping on some of the finest wines. Please keep in mind you can’t bring wine from the outside, although they sometimes make an exception for their own bottles. There are several options when it comes to food and basic amenities like clean bathrooms, cooling stations, and so on. Book your tickets without further delay to avoid disappointment – hurry!

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