James Kemp is a Freelance At Large Music Journalist and Photographer located out of Portland, Oregon. He has been featured in several publications, toured with several bands and has a world of stories to tell from his camera and computer. Follow along with his Reviews, Stories and Blogs about how the world of Music is changing right before our very eyes. If you can catch James out at an event, you can always spot him in a Vest and Tie. If you ever see the him feel free to approach him to take a Selfie with you or pick his brain about photography. James is also involved with several other production and management aspects with in the Portland Music Scene. Endorsed by FATBOL CLOTHING SKULLFACE PROJECT VORTEX MAGAZINE SWAGGNATIONMAGAZINE.COM PORTLAND METRO RECORDS FIRST LOOK PORTLAND ALMA RECORDS PERSONAL PHOTOGRAPHER -Only One (Rap) -The Bar Pilots (Rock) -Object Heavy (Funk) -Brass Tacks (Country) -Alma Recording