Valerie Day

The Refreshing Voice that Gets You Every Time

The American pop and jazz singer, Valerie Day is a perfect example of rare talent and dedication. She made her debut in the 80’s with the dance band Nu Shooz, founded by her and her husband John Smith. Since then, she has performed with a number of renowned artists such as pianist Tom Grant, guitarist Dan Balmer, pianist Darrell Grant, celebrated jazz artist David Frishberg, and many others.

Early days for her

She is a highly skilled percussionist and advocates arts education with passion that is truly commendable. Her voice has both modern and traditional notes that leave you wanting more, every time she performs. The NU Shooz performances garnered mixed reactions, although the couple was praised due to giving R & B a facelift. Seattle Times carried a review that her wholesome image was tough and feminine, and her dancing and conga playing was also great, but there was a problem with the over use of a particular vocal hook. It said she was too focused in being the star of the group.


Other notable works

For 4 years, from 2010 to 2014, she taught Contemporary/Jazz Voice as an adjunct professor at Portland State University. Valerie also created a show called Brain Chemistry for Lovers with Darell Grant. It incorporated cabaret, concert, and science lecture to create a unique way to explore one of the best human experiences, Romantic Love, by utilizing music, film and the latest discoveries in the world of neuroscience. Needless to say the idea is unconventional, yet intriguing.

What is Valerie Day up to now?

Valerie’s goal is to be a better musician, improviser, and performer. Despite her accomplishments, she believes there is a lot more to learn from music, which makes life beautiful and interesting. She considers herself to be lucky because she got to play and perform with some incredible jazz musicians and looks forward to making more records with them. As of now, Valerie and John are busy in their respective careers, while their son Malcolm seems to be following in their footsteps. The proud parents are gushing about him every chance they get, and he is said to be extremely talented too, which is hardly a surprise considering who his parents are.

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