Anthony Evans

Anthony Evans

God is With Us at All Times

Gospel singing was wasn’t exactatly  a “conventional” genre when Anthony Evans first ventured into it. Even so, he never looked back. Though life was tough, this singer, songwriter & worship leader, stayed true to his craft, which resulted in his calendar being packed with dates at churches, concerts, and major conferences. Quickly gainig attention for his passionate and versatile voice, which was perfect for recording in several Christian music formats.

One should “let go”

Letting Go, one of his sophomore releases, is considered to be an extremely prestigious project. Evans, who is widely known for his dynamic vocal presence, his joyful expression of passionate faith and for his insatiable thirst to understand matters that are important in his relationship with God, has lent his voice to an album full of songs that explore God’s grace and invokes deeper faith and understanding. After so much time, he has quit being self-sufficient due to his belief that God doesn’t abandon us in both good and bad times.

His journey begins

Evans stepped into the limelight after appearing on Season 2 of the hit NBC singing competition show The Voice, where he was chosen by Christina Aguilera to join her team. He carved a niche for himself due to a much talked about “battle round” performance that many still view as one of the greatest vocal moments of the series. In fact, the supervising director of casting for NBC had even asked him, why Evans was 30 years old and hadn’t been heard of. That is when he realized that his talent shouldn’t be confined within a church.

…and a star is born

The Voice catapulted him to instant stardom, and he was asked by L.A. producer Adam Anders to go to Lose Angeles and record guide vocals for CeeLo Green. The 3-month stint stretched for over 2 years, within which, he worked with Celine Dion and Mariah Carey. He was asked to return to The Voice as a talent producer too. He had to divide his time between his hometown of Dallas and the far-outside-the-Bible-belt surroundings of L.A. All of this served as platform for him to interact with people outside churches.

Anthony’s unwavering belief in himself and God has brought him where he is today, but he is still discovering new horizons. Want to catch an Anthony Evans show live? Here’s how you can book tickets in advance before they are sold out!

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Alvin Risk

Alvin Risk

Time to Take a “Risk”

Marcio Alvarado is better known to adoring fans, as Alvin Risk. Alvin hasn’t restricted himself to any particular genre of music. Alvin is an electronic music producer, singer and DJ. It seems as if the talent is in the genes, because he is the brother of well known Painted Face, singer and producer Allie Alvarado!


Alvin Risk’s endless talents

Risk is known for dabbling in bass powered dance music and he shot to fame with what is considered to be one of the most unique sounds in this particular genre. He has incorporated and mixed countless bass styles including dubstep, electro, trap and more to create something that is aptly named as Junk Food. The song “Put Em Up” is being used by artists like Skrillex, Kill the Noise, 12th Planet and the whole OWSLA crew all over the world. He has a solid resume of remixes for Matt & Kim, Ali Love, Example, Skylar Grey, and Jamaica.


Are we safe from ourselves?

Alvin’s special track ‘Safe’ was touted to be a song with an assortment of themes like chipmunk voices and broken hearts. The song, from the pseudonymous producer and singer, is at first svelte and impressionistic, but takes a straightforward lyrical turn and a discomfiting musical one. Of course, this is deliberately done to invoke the emotion of loss in your heart. Risk’s goal was to emphasize the fact that when we decide to open the door to someone and get to know them, it is already too late, and in reality we don’t’ know anybody. His quote basically states you are left with “nothing but a hole in your heart”. He has a strong opinion about infidelity. Risk feels that the moment you start trusting someone; you give them the power to take advantage of you, and consequently, to hurt you. The song wants you to imagine yourself in the role of tormentor and not the victim – it is about the wrong you did rather than the deeds of others. The dark tone is inspired by David Fincher movies. However, you don’t have to be melancholic – Safe is conceptualized purely from a lyrical perspective.

Alvin has garnered massive popularity since he posted his very first songs in the year 2011, which catapulted him to the pinnacle of fame. He performs on a regular basis, and has certain productions and collaborations to his credit. Wish to attend his performance? All you need to do is get the tickets online at Eventsfy – Or Click the follwing link to connect with Alvin Risk





The Breman Museum (Atlanta, GA)

The Breman Museum Atlanta

Travel Back to the Holocaust Era  at the Breman Museum

Learn all about the Holocaust and the experience of Jews in Georgia at the William Breman Jewish Heritage Museum, situated in the Selig Center in midtown Atlanta. A hub of fascinating cultural artifacts, archives, souvenirs, and related items from Jewish history.

The Breman Museum: A Brief history and inception

The museum opened its doors in 1996, and is currently the largest of its kind in the Southeast. The name “Breman” pays homage to the well-known Atlanta businessman and philanthropist who was instrumental in endowing several other religious, educational, and social service agencies for the Jewish community of Atlanta. The Lillian and A. J. Weinberg Center for Holocaust Education housed here offers the Annual Summer Institute for Teaching the Holocaust and a bureau comprising survivors and educators who speak at mostly at schools.

What is there to see at the Breman Museum?

The museum has two of the most famous and permanent exhibitions – Creating Community: The Jews of Atlanta from 1945 to the Present and Absence of Humanity: The Holocaust Years 1933-1944. Quite a lot of programs and special tours are organized just like the event on the 8th of October, 2015, where the focus is on the Holocaust exhibition, designed by Benjamin Hirsch, a child survivor of the Holocaust and an Atlanta architect. Creating Community is a joint collaboration between Breman Museum and Atlanta History Center.

What can you expect from the Breman Museum?

The museum’s primary objective has always been to celebrate Jewish culture, and promote diversity and social justice, which is wonderfully accentuated via the Holocaust exhibition. Check out the current special exhibition, “Where The Wild Things Are: Maurice Sendak In His own Words and Pictures”, where you can see glimpses of Sendak’s life and some of his most popular work consisting of preliminary sketches, finished artwork and interactive exhibits. You must also visit the Museum Library and Ida Pearle and Joseph Cuba Community Archives and Genealogical Center for Southern Jewish History. These archives contain more than 2,000 manuscripts and 15,000 photographs, ever since its inception in 1985.

There are a myriad of miscellaneous items collected and preserved from Jewish families in Georgia. The Jewish Cemetery Association of Georgia is also worth a mention, which is a list of cemeteries and burial sites.  The Breman has always portrayed the relationship between minority and majority cultures in a positive way, while encouraging individuals to make decisions for the society by looking at the bigger picture. To learn more about the breman, click here.



KidLitCon 2015 | The Hyatt Place (Baltimore)

KidLitCon 2015 | The Hyatt Place

The KidLitCon 2015 is Here!

We come across so many gatherings, seminars, and conferences when it comes to book launches and promotions for adults, but the scope for children’s books is severely limited. People are gradually warming to the idea, but more needs to be done. KidLitCon strives to make a difference by hosting a meet comprising bloggers who talk about kids’ and young adult books with numerous librarians, authors, teachers, parents, booksellers, publishers, and readers joining in.

What is KidLitCon?

This event deals exclusively with books of a particular genre. The attendees, despite loving children’s’ books, are also heavily involved in promoting the right books for young minds. Common topics of discussion might include the dynamic between publishers and bloggers, pros and cons of penning critical reviews, and combating blogger burnout. It is a fantastic platform to network with like-minded indviduals who share their love for children’s literature.

What can you expect this year?

According to a notice sent to publishers, the focus this year will be on the criteria of a good children’s book, professional blogging tips, career development sessions, celebrating authors and illustrators who are attendees, and talk to judges involved in different award programs. Keeping in line with the theme of 2014, diversity will occupy a significant portion of the conference. Sheila Ruth and Paula Willey of Wands and Worlds and respectively, are the co-organizers for 2015. Even though the main events are on Saturday, some sessions will be conducted on Friday too, and since the dates clash with Columbus Day weekend, a tour day is being planned on Sunday for those who can stay back. It is a great opportunity to visit this wonderful city and check out historic landmarks, including some that will pique your literary interest. The Cybil Awards are also turning a decade old, so there might be some sort of celebration for that as well.

The Hyatt Place Baltimore Inner Harbor has garnered a lot of praise as a top-class hotel with amazing facilities. The Kidlitcon 2015 is being held there because of amenities like built-in AV in meeting rooms, spacious guest rooms with ample scope for sharing, Wi-Fi, and so on. The prices are quite reasonable and if you are lucky, you might get a significant discount too!

So what are you waiting for? Reserve your spots today!

The Secret Affairs of Mildred Wild | Ben Lomond, CA (Park Hall)

The Secret Affairs of Mildred Wild

Say Hello to Mildred Wild!

At first glance, there is nothing special about “The Secret Affairs of Mildred Wild”. It seems to be an ordinary story about a slightly loony girl living in her own bubble of movie fantasies in a dilapidated apartment above her husband’s candy store, which isn’t doing well either. However, what makes it special is the treatment of the delicate theme of “dark comedy”.

It’s a mad mad mad world…

Paul Zindel certainly deserves credit for this production, which had a brief run on Broadway back in 1972. Even though it has been restricted to performances in schools and community theaters, it has a strong presence with each character outlined vividly. The setting is in Greenwich Village, with interesting characters such as Mildred’s milk duds popping husband, her sister-in-law who is quick to criticize, the hard-nosed landlady, the butcher from next door, etc. Mildred’s only escape is into the virtual world, which she has created from her experience of watching 3000 movies.

Worthy performances

The transition between the two worlds is handled beautifully by director Frank Latson, so you don’t feel confused while watching the protagonist’s imaginary affairs with stars such as Rhett Butler or Fred Astaire. She also pictures herself as Vivien Leigh or Ginger Rodgers complete with similar makeup and hairdos. The music does a wonderful job by impart the right type of ambience and playing to her varied moods and kooky attitude. Marcia Carroll has given a great performance as the sharp-tongued and feisty Mildred, a dedicated fan of movies, who utilizes them to temporarily escape from her rocky marriage. At times, you might be surprised why this bubbly, free-spirited woman chose to marry Roy, played by Scott Latham, who is best described as being a non-entity with the ridiculous toupee to hide his baldness. Marisa Diotalevi is also good as the tough and bossy life coach, Helen, who is Roy’s sister.

As the plot progresses, it becomes clear that she will never let go of her fantasy world, because it is all she has. An eccentric mix like a bulldozer, a nun, King Kong, and an efficient, but overly curious TV camera crew, is also thrown in to serve their specific purpose. You will admire Mildred’s approach towards the different crises that she has to face, as the story moves towards an unpredictable climax.

The duration of the show is approximately 2 hours. CLICK HERE to Book your tickets at the Park Hall in Ben Lomond.



Cash Cash and Tritonal |The Showbox Sodo (Seattle, WA)

Cash Cash and Tritonal |The Showbox Sodo

Music has the ability to accomplish unlimited objectives. For instance, music has the ability to put you in a good mood when you are down, help you relax after a long hectic day, provide entertainment, and a host of other good stuff. So when you get the chance to witness iconic names in the world of music sharing a single stage, it is one spectacle you should definitely not miss out on!

Meet the Titans

What could be better than some of the best DJs, belting out fantastic tunes and music? Fall is approaching soon, and October 9th will be a remarkable day at the Showbox Sodo in Seattle, when Cash Cash and Tritonal turn up to give one of the most versatile and dynamic performances you have ever seen. They are known as an Untouchable set of dance-music destroyers due to their talent of combining talent and skills from vastly different perspectives and mixing it to create something unique and beautiful. Cash Cash has been in the news thanks to its brotherly trio and infectious, energetic hooks, while Tritonal carved its own niche as a hype-drawing duo with an unquenchable thirst for dance music. Their show is bound to be an event that you won’t forget for a long time, especially due to an overly positive vibe that practically radiates off them!

Untouchable and More…

Cash and Tritonal’s collaboration, “Untouchable” has generated tremendous response and garnered praise from thousands of dedicated fans. If you haven’t listened to it yet, you don’t know what you are missing! Untouchable is the result of fusing the talent of these big league names that feature amazing male vocals and bright progressive house drop. Tritonal has hits like “Anchor” and “Now or Never” under its belt, while Cash Cash is known for “Surrender” and “Take Me Home.” This North American Tour by them is to celebrate the resounding success of Untouchable. It begins in New Orleans this September, and covers major spots in US & Canada, all of which haven’t been divulged. Party Favor, gladiator, and Yogi will also join them sometime during the two-month long tour.

You are certainly lucky this fall – book your tickets right away to avoid disappointment, as the show is going to be choc-a-block with eager fans. Getting the tickets in advance is all the more important if you plan on attending in a large group. For more details about dates and places covered, you can go to their Click Here to See Tour Dates

Or click here, to purchase tickets. 

Children of Eden | PERFORMING ARTS SAN ANTONIO (San Antonio, TX.)

Children of Eden | PERFORMING ARTS

Children of Eden Imparts Values to be Cherished Forever

The Children of Eden was initially penned in 1986 by Youth Sing Praise, which was a high school theatre camp that placed great emphasis on religion. Back then it was titled Family Tree, with its first performance at the National Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows in Belleville, Illinois. It was Stephen Schwartz who adapted the script and music of the original story and conceptualized the delightful musical fare we see today.

Brief History

Developed as a Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) workshop and directed by John Caird.  After severe budget cuts, it opened at the Prince Edward Theatre in London’s West End on January 8, 1991. Unfortunately, it lasted only a little over 4 months due to poor reviews, dampening all dreams of a switch to Broadway. Even the original London cast album being released on CD and LP, faced problems as the CDs were full of manufacturing glitches rendering the discs unplayable.

Revival of the Musical

Till date the only reminder of the original cast of the show exists in a playable copy of the disc that features Stephen Schwartz playing the piano. Very few people have the CD or a digital copy in possession, which includes Schwartz himself and Michael Kol. This rare recording was done before the Paper Mill Playhouse production, so all rewrites and revisions could be reviewed properly. During the 1990s, there were several production houses that tried to revive Children of Eden with revisions, editing, and introduction of songs and scenes. Papermill opened the play in Millburn, New Jersey, featuring Stephanie Mills, which is the licensed version for production in the United States. It is also referred to as the Paper Mill version.

Life lessons and more…

The story revolves around biblical stories of Genesis interweaved with personal interactions within a family. This is an amazing musical that has featured up to 60 members at a time! It starts with the creation of the universe, where Father gives life to his children Adam and Eve, and is faced with the pain of sacrifice when he has to let them go. The same lesson is integrated into the parenting of Cain, Abel, and Seth and Noah when it comes to his sons Shem, Ham, and Japheth. The musical teaches you various emotions, evaluates choices you make, risks that have to be undertaken, and consequences that can’t be avoided.

This musical is coming to San Antonio in October, so make sure your tickets are booked well in advance.

The Musical Illusionist TOMMY WIND | Theater & Event Center (Las Vegas, Nevada)

The Musical Illusionist TOMMY WIND

Experience Mystery, Enigma and Harmony

When the music and magic are blended together, the outcome is expected to be thrilling and compelling to say the least. The best part is that Tommy Wind’s performances are enjoyable and well-liked by all age groups. After all, who wouldn’t want to watch a young illusionist with amazing stage presence who combines magic with his musical talents?


The seed takes root

Tommy’s association with magic commenced when he was just 7 years old when his grandfather showed him his very first trick, the Vanishing Hanky. Right at that time, this then Staten Island resident fell in love with art and spent every free minute trying to absorb as much knowledge as he could about magic. His sources were diverse from to master magicians like Jeff McBride. When he turned 19, he became one of the youngest magicians to receive the prestigious title of Master Illusionist.


Name and fame

He went on to perform at a myriad of venues such as New York City, Atlantic City, and Las Vegas. He has charmed thousands worldwide and even entertained at the NFL. He has also appeared on Criss Angel’s “Mindfreak” and the hit NBC show, “I Do.”  His powerful, large-scale illusion, remarkable close up magic, marital arts, mentalism, and humorous interactive moments are what makes his show brilliant. His musical side is revealed when he plays several objects such as the electric guitar, harmonic, piano, and violin. The drum sequence is fast paced and a must-watch.


Why watch his performance?

Tommy’s shows are a perfect example of how rock ‘n’ roll can be infused with magic – no wonder the Las Vegas Strip is always packed whenever he puts on a show, not to mention the fact he is one of the youngest illusionists to have a show on the Strip. Jet airplane and Lamborghini appearances have been lauded worldwide, with Time Out Magazine calling him “mind boggling”, while Awe Magazine quotes, “he takes the audience to another place.” Daring escapes, spectacular comedy, a floating guitar, a harp player vanishing in the blink of eye, dancers appearing and disappearing – the performances are a treat indeed.

With so many illusionists and magicians around, Tommy could have disappeared into the crowd, but his uniqueness has helped him to create a permanent niche in the world of magic. The versatile performer and accomplished musician, has won numerous awards and accolades, and will continue to do so, if he keeps delivering intriguing shows like these. So what are you waiting for? Get your tickets now!

Get Tickets to See
The Musical Illusionist TOMMY WIND

Gigantic Bicycle Festival | Centennial Fields Park (Snoqualmie, WA)

Gigantic Bicycle Festival | Centennial Fields Park

Ready for the Big Ride Along?

The Gigantic Bicycle Festival 2015 is set to commence in August, but the excitement and buzz have already started. It is a wonderful event for Pacific Northwest’s annual summer celebration of bicycle culture. The festival goes on for two days with amazing, yet diverse forms of recreation such as live music, hand-built bicycles, visual & performance art, film, comedy, guest speakers, sculpture, and interactive installation pieces.

What does it entail?
The 2015 Gigantic Bicycle Festival is held in Centennial Fields Park in Snoqualmie, Washington. A supported road bike ride departs from Magnuson Park on the first day of the festival, with riders arriving shortly after that. The weekend passes of the festival is included in the registration fees the riders need to pay for participation. They get free admission to all Bike Reels and Inky Spokes events, along with a full zip bike jersey with the Gigantic Bicycle Festival poster design.

The fun ride begins!
The rides are generally divided into two sections – 77 and 100 mile riders who are supposed to follow small spray painted anteaters who direct them about the turns and stops. For the 100 mile riders there were 5 stops while the 77 mile participants had 4. Each stop has mouth-watering goodies, and people wolf them up immediately! Gatorade, fruit, bagels, nut butters, granola bars, and chocolate filled tents – who can resist such temptation, especially when you are constantly moving your legs up and down?

Face the music…
The music part of the festival is also interesting. There were tents showcasing hip and trendy bike products and giveaways as well as healthy on-the-go bike food, as mentioned before. There is usually one big stage where bands play for an hour at a time. In the past, Hey Marseilles, Menomena, Telekinesis, Moondoggies, have performed there, along with well-known local DJs. They mostly have rock and rock crossover bands due to the makeup of the crowd, which usually consist of bike enthusiasts rather than fans of music. This doesn’t mean the performances are not worth mentioning – they play catchy tunes and keep the audience entertained for hours.

If you love biking and/or music, you should definitely come to this event from 21st to 23rd August. The transportation, camping, and registration costs are affordable, and quite easy on the pocket. But the popularity of this festival has skyrocketed, so you should get your tickets right away before they get sold out. Get ready for a weekend of fun, excitement, music, and entertainment.


The Fantastiks | Snapple Theater (New York)

The Fantastiks | Snapple Theater New York

A “Fantasticks” Spectacle Indeed

When a show moves into the 20,000 performance range, there is no doubt regarding its popularity and acceptance. It truly becomes a legend, like The Fantasticks, which is the world’s longest running musical and even if you are not much of a theatre person, missing a live performance of this caliber is a crime!


The simplistic backdrops
The USP of the show is its “old wine in a new bottle” format of boy meets girl with a fresh style of storytelling. The Narrator and other cast speak to the audience directly throughout the duration of the play. The small, simple stage with a bench, a chair, a trunk and a sheet displaying logo of the show, makes up the entire setting. Pierce Cravens is amazing as the Mute and wall that fills up all visual voids. The music is great, especially the customary “Try to Remember” and “Soon It’s Gonna Rain” by Harvey Schmidt. The two-member orchestra with Robert Felstein at the piano and Maria Banks at the harp do a great job as well.


Captivating performances
The present cast comprises 8 members with MacIntyre Dixon, turning in a brilliant performance as The Old Actor with his charm and persona that combines traits of being world weary and flamboyant at the same time. The Man Who Dies, whose forte lies in faking deaths using create methods has excellent timing, which is augmented by his spontaneous personality – Michael Nostrand more than does justice to his role.

Talent galore
The crafty co-conspirators, the two fathers – Don Sharkey and Kevin R. Free, have powerful chemistry, which can be experienced first-hand on the stage. Their duets deserve a special mention as they are infused with modern musical comedy finesse and vaudevillian style. Michael Sharon as the Narrator bewitches with his dimple grin and cunning mannerisms. As for the protagonists, The Boy and The Girl played by Max Crumm and Samantha Bruce respectively set the stage on fire with their romance and witty comedy. Bruce’s sincerity shines through, as does her wonderful voice, while Crum has an off-handed, low-key delivery and a nice singing voice. Overall, you root for these characters, even though you are already aware of how their story concludes.

The musical does have its off moments when its mysticism becomes slightly self-aware, but this can be attributed to the show being conceptualized in the early 60s, when everything was drastically different. Nevertheless, you should definitely watch this iconic show at the Snapple Theatre in New York.